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‘WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY AHS PROGRAM ‘SITE SUPERVISOR EVALUATION OF THE STUDENT Name of Student: CA@\ET WE Gro were Date:_ 412.1 = Name of Ste Supervisor: : I Metiage ea ei ‘Check Practicum/Cupstone Project Period: Name of Agency/ Fall eptember-December) _W Spring anuary-Aprit) Summer (ey August) Directions: Please indicate your rating of he student In each ofthe aras listed below indicating this performance ‘using the following scale ‘3 performance is consistently above expected level of graduate education and experience 2 performance js consistently at expected level of graduate education and experience = performance is consistently below expected level of graduate education and experience N/A= not observed or not applicable endability (atendance & puncusl 3 Appropriate dress (for your work environment) 2 Exhibits postive antude and good work eshic (works aia lean memba). Responds positively to supervision 2 Ts receive to suggestons/consrviive citcisn 2 “Aceepis responsibility for own actions 2 and procedures z L Follows agency's poli Demonstrates itmgnt to self direetcdness, sel discipline, and lifelong learning as @ ioner in human services Demonstrates willingness io learn the job Generates high quality work products/activives/events ‘Works efficient ‘Works independently “Takes initiative, when approprlaie added bility will Demonstrates advanced written communication sills ‘Demonstrates advanced oral communication skills ‘Under the direction ofthe site supervisor, networks with agency and other service providers ‘Uses sound ethical decision making and problem solving sills Integrates theories, knowledge, skills and valves of human services into the operation oF ‘human service organizations, in a manner that demonstrate flexible thinking, "Analysers and uate the Fegan tial ues that ise and intluenee Jnuman series, and demonsiate an untangle thea stan land the field ea { Culiaral Awareness CURES aM Vall A OPHRESS. marginalize and ponser 2 snd derstanding ofthe structure an! dsnamies of tas ‘ganizations al communities i diverse environments in plorlistie soviet that reflects sespsst for our mail world Demeter Deanonsrates the aii to Sign. ct SST and Awa he noel wl human services opnnaniics al onizations a Danskin oetion managment anormal oc cto human service divers systems (compute livre appt z [Penis hnoiee of iam hae ad ya lige] | fundraising. as ic applies to a nonpnotit or 4, Drom knot semen human ability and sili 0 vices organization cout level of what percentage (#2) of completion? pubes Hens tke Funciwens cf Wepadimends Lean mex aia Gears ary Trawleet Soppein plane Pac inwpatr ; Metin, ave! J 4 1 sufficient progress toward the above objective(s) has not been met, please explain. (Please discuss shit ih the student daring the evaluation meeting) CnC Sane Uo io bath dhe mde le 1G, , SEM ay eeridethet Ame SECUces hepa ments 10 oe Nadas bard Seevices 7 wae “he opeecion es ots Ries a hic Sewices ‘apa tre, spend OW See and fi cooRei arn Ohart See ates led ages Wes va ‘6%, FE oe fet oe, kee ehient pases and Catieed Mem app hy in le ke pearl ea a hell Soe ae eld BSE, sane ol —Woees weer wrt team memizes from mulhele decadent. — Woks Geet wocpeneriy. ~ATonoMe § PuncualwLy What res do you identify as needing more development forthe student? In Pre cue THI CHaISTINE ERAmECD IN cor MCLE SHE me § Excemen ePcoms Site Supervisor's Signature: ‘5 indicated by my signature ae: Hoot {have reviewed the final evaluation document with my ste supervi low. Student's Signature: 4s