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GOAL #1: Enhance Supervisory Skills

Core Competency Addressed: Organizational & Human Resource

Steps necessary to achieve this goal:

- Consistently ask for feedback from student staff supervised as well as feedback from those who
supervise me. Student staff will be able to point out areas of improvement and are likely to be the most
honest with their feedback. A current supervisor of mine will be able to tell me how their experience has
allowed them to improve throughout their career and provide insight as to how I may be able to use
similar techniques for improvement.
- Read literature regarding supervision and management. This may include articles or books within
education, or possibly business, that analyze ethical leadership and efficient best practices for
- Take advantage of webinars that focus on improving supervisory skills, especially those regarding
student staff supervision.
- Learn, in more detail, how personal and ethical foundations can better inform my role as a supervisor.
This may include learning more about how to remain effectively consistent throughout all processes and
- Learn, in more detail, how to effectively infuse the values, philosophies and history of higher education
into the work I do with students.
- Attend sessions specifically focusing on student staff supervision at conferences.

GOAL #2: Enhance Advising and Supporting Skills

Core Competency Addressed: Advising and Supporting

Steps necessary to achieve this goal:

- Attend at least two workshop opportunities on some form of advising within Student Affairs (e.g.
Academic Advising, Career Development, etc.) to improve my understanding of those advising skills
most pertinent to Student Affairs professionals.
- Continue to improve counseling skills by reading literature related to counseling. Specifically, learn a
more detailed approach to counseling and supporting students who are depressed or potentially suicidal.
- Continue to improve skills related to supporting students through emotional traumas (e.g. loss of a
family member, breakup with a significant other, loss of employment, etc.) by attending at least one
training or workshop provided by the Counseling Center or Health Center.
- Read literature that discusses how to counsel students who are experiencing stress due to concerns
related to gender-identity or sexual orientation.
GOAL #3: Enhance Understanding of Social Justice and Inclusion Efforts in Higher Education

Core Competency Addressed: Social Justice & Inclusion

Steps necessary to achieve this goal:

- Secure an internship for the upcoming academic year in a Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Office at
an institution other than Buffalo State College.
- Write a curriculum for a potential Ally Training Program for students (Additionally: develop learning
outcomes for student staff related to social justice and inclusion)
- Continue to read literature about the history of social justice in higher education and in the United States
(Consider: What has worked? What has not worked? How can Student Affairs professionals contribute
to meaningful causes related to social justice?)
- Read literature that discusses how to talk with students about experiencing stress due to concerns related
to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, gender-identity, sexual orientation, etc.
- Sharpen skills necessary to assess campus climate in a formalized report that can be shared with
administration if requested.
- Determine three progressive and tangible ways students can get involved on campus or in their
surrounding communities to make a difference/impact in a way that is meaningful to them.

GOAL #4: Enhance Student Leadership Training Skills

Core Competency Addressed: Leadership

Steps necessary to achieve this goal:

- Write a curriculum for a potential Leadership Training Program for students and include learning
outcomes in that curriculum.
- Read literature related to student leadership and involvement (e.g. Social Change Model for Leadership
- Present at a session for Resident Assistant training in August at Buffalo State.
- Learn at least three new ice-breaker activities or exercises that relate to leadership development.
- Research effective ways to educate student leaders about the importance of intentional programming and

GOAL #5: Enhance Understanding of Student Learning and Development

Core Competency Addressed: Student Learning and Development

Steps necessary to achieve this goal:

- Continuously review student development theories while seeking out current research on student
development to remain up to date with the latest scholarly work.
- Find unique ways to bridge theory to practice by writing down one way theory can be implemented in
the work I do each week and then assessing that implementation on a monthly basis.
- Practice comfortability with discussing student development theories by casually asking mentors or
supervisors how they have experienced being able to implement theory to practice.
- Continue to practice using learning outcomes for initiatives and programs in order to ensure that student
learning is central to the work being done.