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Other Activities and Important Dates

Date Event Time Venue

Sun 23rd April Community Caf 2-4pm Village Hall

Mon 24th April Natural Evangelism 8pm 22 Eversley Crescent To know Christ and to share Christ
Sun 7th May Church Prayer Meeting 7.30pm 3 Brayton Gdns, EN2

Sun 21st May Community Caf

Mon 22nd May Natural Evangelism


Village Hall

22 Eversley Crescent
Mon 5th June Natural Evangelism 8pm 22 Eversley Crescent
Summer 2017
Sun 11th June Highlands Street Party from 1.00pm to 4.30pm

Sat 8th July Just Onewith JJohn at The Emirates

Whats ahead...
Mon 4th July Gents Drinks 9.30pm Jolly Farmers

Sun 17th July Picnic & Dog Show After church Oakwood Park
Church Prayer Meeting 7.30pm 3 Brayton Gdns, EN2
Mon 3rd Aug Gents Drinks 9.30pm Jolly Farmers

Summer SeasonBook Club

For those who would like to continue meeting midweek

through the school summer holidays there may be a
Book Club. More details for follow or speak to Chris

Youth Football for Years 10-13every term-time Tuesday evening

from 7-8pm in Highlands School Sports Hall. All welcomeplease
speak to Dave Bennett or Jeff Hammer for details.

Contact details: Revd Andy Wadsworth

2 Firs Lane, Winchmore Hill, N21 2HU 020 8350 6946
Email: andy-wadsworth@btconnect.com
or Revd Chris Stead
christopher.stead473@gmail.com 07974 895751
Sunday Services at 10.30amSermons Branch GroupsMidweek Small Groups meeting in homes

23rd April Annual Meeting Andy Wadsworth Daytime Group At 38 The Chine Meets Mondays
Denise Roberts or AW 020 8360 2354 10.30am to 12 noon

God made known! Jesus in Johns Gospel Daytime Womens Group At 2 Firs Lane, Meets Tuesdays
Katie Wadsworth or 020 8350 6946 9.30am to 11.00am
30th April * Taking Jesus at his WordJohn 4v43-54 Chris Stead Sarah Stockton 020 8360 6393

7th May The kind authority of JesusJohn 5v1-18 Andy Wadsworth Evening Group At 93 Old Park Ridings, Meets Tuesdays
Paul Mason 020 8360 8527 8.15pm to 9.45pm
14th May The audacious claims of JesusJohn 5v16-30 Chris Stead
Evening Group At 9 Vicars Moor Lane Meets Wednesdays
21st May * Accepting the witness of the Word Chris Anderton Sally Reeve and 020 8360 9373 8.00pm to 9.30pm
John 5v31-47 Tracey Bloomfield 020 8360 3827
28th May One-Off Topic: PRAYER Andy Wadsworth Evening Group At 3 Brayton Gardens, Meets Wednesdays
Adrian and Anne Bailey 020 8363 0829 8.00pm to 9.30pm
4th June Jesus the prophet KingJohn 6v1-15 Chris Stead
11th June Jesus walks on waterJohn 6v16-24 Andy Wadsworth Evening Group At 5 Ruston Gardens Meets Thursdays
AA STREET PARTY Guest Service Chris and Abi Stead 07974 895 751 8.00pm to 9.30pm
in Village Hall
18th June * Food that lasts for lifeJohn 6v25-40 Jeff Hammer Evening Group At 14 Green Moor Link Meets Thursdays
(and visit from Si and Pip Wilson) Andy Kelman, Kevin and 020 8360 6305 8.00pm to 9.30pm
Carol Russell 020 8292 0993
Evening ServiceHighlands Village Hall Chris Stead
25th June Barriers to beliefJohn 6v41-71 Chris Stead Week beginning Monday Real Prayer (continued)

2nd July Hide and SeekJohn 7v1-24 Andy Wadsworth 24th April Praying confidentlyHebrews 10v19-22 and 4v14-16

9th July * Streams of living waterJohn 7v25-39 Andy Wadsworth 1st May Praying dependentlyJohn 15v1-17
8th May Praying in weaknessRomans 8v9-30
16th July No-one ever spoke like this! Chris Stead
Jesus the DividerJohn 7v40-52 15th May Praying to serve1 Corinthians 14v1-25
Life Explored

23rd July * Summer Sermons Andy Wadsworth 22nd May Session 1: The Good God
AA 29th May No meeting in Half-term
30th July Jeff Hammer
5th June Session 2: The Trustworthy God
6th August Chris Stead 12th June Session 3: The Generous God
19th June Session 4: The Liberating God
13th August Andy Wadsworth
26th June Session 5: The Fulfilling God
20th August Andy Wadsworth 3rd July Session 6: The Life-Giving God
10th July Session 7: The Joyful God
27th August Chris Stead
* 17th July Socials
* Services with Holy Communion AA All-Age