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There are a couple of great training opportunities coming up that can

put enthusiasm and passion into your ministry. The Leadership

Putting Passion and Enthusiasm Into Your Ministry Summit™ on August 5-6th offers you an opportunity to experience
high level training in multiple areas of leadership. Designing My
I had just read the following article and then fielded a phone call.
Direction associational training conference on September 30th is a
The voice on the other end of the phone said, “I am so
great way to get ministry training and development. Take advantage of
disappointed in our volunteers. We can’t get them to do
these training events and realize satisfaction in your toil for the Lord.
anything this year.” Does that sound familiar to you? Are you
struggling with enlisting and keeping volunteers? Take heart, Much Love, Dennis
you’re not the only one nor is this a new problem. Quickly read
Brother May’s article and then check out my comments below DMD’10 Workshops - See ad on front page.
his article. Growing Christians through Your Small Group/
Sunday School Ministry by Ken Marler
HAPPY AT WORK - Ecclesiastes 3:21 — Steve May Church Evangelism by Randy McWhorter
Personal Evangelism by Randy McWhorter
“A 2003 survey by the Society of Human Resources
Children’s Ministries by Jan Marler
found that that eight out of ten workers wanted to leave
Introducing Peacemaker Ministries to Your Church by Bill Grant
their jobs. And according to motivational coach Ed
Information Technology for Today’s Church
Foreman, more heart attacks happen on Monday
Developing a Security Mindset for Your Church by Duane Tadlock
between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. than at any other hour. No
Responding to Muslims by Sammy Tanagho
doubt every one of us knows what it's like to wake up
Sharing Jesus Effectively with Muslims by Sammy Tanagho
thinking, "Not another day. Not another week. Can I
What 50”s & 60”s Youngsters Need to Know about Social Security
somehow get out of it?"
by Bruce Traub
There's a verse in Ecclesiastes that says, "So I saw What 60”s & 70”s Youngsters Need to Know about Social Security
that there is nothing better for people than to be happy by Bruce Traub
in their work. That is why we are here!" (Ecclesiastes 3:21) Addressing Women’s Ministries & WMU by Linda Clark
Youth Ministry by Like Gertner
Here's a key distinction: Solomon didn't say, "There is Building a Community Impacting Website for You Church
nothing better for people than to have work that makes by Rob Weideman
them happy." The emphasis is on you being happy in Keeping Your 12th Graders Around by Bethany Bohrer
your work, not on your work making you happy. Transitioning Your Church: Redream the Dream by Richard Dwyer
Slavic Leadership Training by Ivan Melayhev
In my experience, some people get bored with great
Preschool Ministry by Ron Turner
jobs, others approach the most mundane tasks with
Evangelistic Block Party Trailer Training
passion and enthusiasm. It's not really about one's job,
it's about one's attitude in doing it.

Your job is what it is, and that won't change. But you
can take steps today to change the way you approach
your work, steps that empower to find (in Solomon's
words) satisfaction in your toil.”

It’s been my experience that people won’t volunteer due to fear Leadership is a key element for church health and growth.
Sacramento Association of Southern Baptist Church is ded-
of failure because they think might not be able to do the job. I icated to help the leaders of our local churches become
know I have even felt that way. For others it might be what strong vibrant change agents. The Leadership Summit©
Steve May is saying, it’s about their attitude. So, how can we offers a great opportunity for all church leaders to experi-
ence dynamic training and skill development.
help them “change the way they approach their work (ministry)
and find satisfaction”? Dennis Fredricks, To Register: $165
Director of Missions Make Checks Payable to:
I believe it can be accomplished by equipping our leaders and
Fellowship Church. Write
workers for the ministry God has called them to do. I can
“Summit 2010” on the
remember some firsts in my life. The first time I milked a cow. Memo Line.
The first time I drove a car. The first time I rode a horse. The For Information Contact
first time I taught a children’s Sunday School class. I can Mike Harrison:
remember the first time I preached. I can remember the first 916.791.4418
time I served in my local association. Every one of those firsts or
were frightening and challenging for me. With encouragement Mike@gofellowship.org
Page 2 and training the tasks went from fear to enthusiasm.
Woodland United Fellowship is looking for a new
music director effective August 8. This is a part-time position
for now. Salary negotiable. For information: www.wufonline.org
Placer Height Baptist Church has called Mark
Standridge as pastor. The Georgian native arrived in California in time or call 530.662.2773.
to preach his first sermon on the Fourth of July as the new pastor of
Placer Heights Baptist Church, Placerville. Mark, his wife, Debbie, and Hillsdale Boulevard Baptist Church is excited
to announce a Family Fun Day with a country fair atmosphere
their high school son, Andrew, moved to California from Bowdon,
and lots of wholesome fun on September 11, 10 AM - 4 PM.
Georgia, where Mark had most recently served as a pastor. The
There will be a variety of things for people to see and do:
couple’s two older children, Cory and Sarah, remained in Georgia to
Vendor displays (tables are still available), games, contests,
continue their education. Pastor Mark, who received his M.Div. from
live music, car show, water slide, BBQ, tractor hay ride, jump
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, has 22 years of senior
house, raffle drawing, prizes and much more. Everyone is
pastoral experience. Prior to Bowdon, he served churches in Houston,
invited. Donations and funds raised will be used for the replace-
Texas and Leadville, Colorado. Sensing a call to move further west,
ment of the sanctuary building Heat/AC units. For more infor-
Mark is excited to be ministering in Placerville. Welcome Standridge
mation visit website www.hillsdalechurch.com.

First Baptist Church Pastor Wil Nuckolls of Fairvale Baptist

Winters remodels. FBC Church has two free offers:
1) To lead a condensed 3-hour study of angels on a Saturday
Winters just finished remodel-
or Sunday afternoon for the first two churches who ask. With
ing their facilites insdie and out.
outlines and hourly breaks we’ll cover the major themes of the
It looks really great! Congratu-
300+ Bible references to angels. The more we know about
lations FBC! James Allen is
angels the less mysterious is God. Subjects to be covered:
Their Origin, Hell’s Angels, Heaven’s Angels, Guardian Angels,
and The Angel of the Lord.
2) To do a full Passover Seder (audience participation) in early
First Baptist Church Fair Oaks has Women of Faith spring. Your cost is printing the story (“haggadah”) or purchas-
November 12-13, 2010 tickets for sale. Contact Lollis at ing for $1.50 per person. Offer good for three churches. No
imaphen@closecall.com or 916.425.5278. Imagine what it would be ulterior motives. A brotherly offer. Call 916.967.8361.
like if the God who created us was willing and able to provide exactly
what we need. Why would He do that? Because He loves us. He loves
YOU! Imagine that. Imagine having 2 days focused on God, His love
for you, fun with friends, music, drama and laughter. Ladies- on Friday GOING GREEN and
November 12th and Saturday November 13th we have an incredible
opportunity to praise the Lord together at Arco Arena. $89 covers the
cost for both days (all sessions) and gives you lunch each day. The
Women's Ministry Council of First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks created SASBC staff is doing everything possible to keep our ministry
an affordable payment plan of 3 easy payments if desired. Tickets are cost down. With much prayer we have come to the conclusion
limited and final payment is due on September 5th, 2010. For more that the ministry dollars required to print the Capital Baptist
information please contact Terri Johonnot at 916-723-7252 or e-mail News is not wise stewardship. Publishing and mailing the CBN
her at tajohonnot@hotmail.com or Lianne Hooper at 916-488-4096 or consumes $8,600 ministry dollars and 360 man hours annually.
e-mail her at liltann@pacbell.net. The increasing price of paper and postage will increase the cost
of publishing and mailing. In October 2010 we will no longer
St. John Baptist Church will celebrate their 65th Church
Anniversary. Pastor Darryl B. Heath has announced that the celebra- be mailing the newsletter to your physical address. The
tion will feature a "St. John Church Family Reunion" August 14 and 15. CBN is available on the SASBC website and it’s in color! More
Anyone who has ever been a member of St. John is encouraged to and more associations and churches have come to this same
"come home" for this weekend. A picnic and softball game will be held decision.
Saturday August 14, 10 AM at William Land Park. Celebration services
We understand about those who are tactile and there is just
will be held August 15 at 10:45 AM and 3 PM. Contact the church,
something about holding the CBN in your hand. There are two
916.446.7198, for information.
options, you can print it yourself or pick up a copy at the
Temple Baptist Church Music Department is looking for association office. If you have any questions, contact Debbie
instruments of all kinds (except keyboards) to start a beginning music Everhart, SASBC Office Manager at 916.863.5426.
class for their youth. If you have any instruments to donate, contact
Debbie Nelson at 916.955.6731. Send us your email address and once a month we will email you
the E-News, a link to the CBN on our website. Page 3
Remember our volunteers and children in 2010 June YTD JUNE’10

prayer as they share the love of Jesus. Anna Street 129.57 960.36
Bayside 0.00 0.00
June 7-9, 6-8 pm, St. John Holy Missionary Baptist Church Capital City 528.66 2,581.06
Clay City Church 0.00 125.00
June 14-18, 6-9 pm, El Camino Baptist Church Cornerstone 0.00 8,247.00
June 14-18, 6-9 pm, New Home Missionary Baptist Church Country Oaks 100.00 650.00
June 20-24, 6-9 pm, FBC Orangevale Cypress Ave. 656.00 4,050.00
El Camino 844.97 5,185.39
June 21-25, 5:30-8:30 pm, FBC Rancho Cordova
Emmanuel 119.22 419.98
June 21-25, 6-8:30 pm, Twenty-fourth Street Baptist Church Emmanuel Korean 20.00 60.00
June 21-25, 6-8:30 pm, Lifepoint Christian Fellowship Esparto 71.60 434.80
June 27-7/1, 5:45-8:15pm, Capital City Baptist Church Evangelical Baptist Ukrainian - Spring of Life 50.00 300.00
Fairvale 290.40 716.38
June 28-7/2, 5:30-8:00 pm, New Home Missionary Baptist Church Family Bible Fellowship 0.00 224.26
June 28-7/2, 5:30-8:30 pm, Signal Heights Baptist Church Fellowship Church at Granite Bay 200.00 800.00
July 6-10, 6-9 pm, Temple Baptist Church FBC, Del Paso Heights 120.38 631.98
FBC, Elverta 727.36 2,170.24
July 11-16, 5:30-9 pm, Hillsdale Boulevard Baptist Church FBC, Fair Oaks 500.00 3,000.00
July 19-23, New Testament Baptist Church FBC, North Highlands 0.00 1,802.27
July 19-23, Twin Oaks Avenue Baptist Church FBC, Orangevale 300.00 1,950.00
FBC, Rancho Cordova 0.00 1,500.00
July 19, Paradise Missionary Baptist Church
FBC, Winters 347.21 1,924.86
July 25-28, 6:00-8:30 pm, FSBC Roseville First Slavic Evangelical 0.00 500.00
FSBC, Florin 93.96 579.78
July 26-30, 6:30-8:30 pm, Madison Avenue Baptist Church FSBC, Rio Linda 366.42 2,177.41
FSBC, West Sacramento 0.00 636.67
July 26-30, 6-9 pm, Temple Baptist Church
For His Glory 101.00 619.66
Aug. 9-13, 6-8:30 pm, Fairvale Baptist Church Fourteenth Ave. 0.00 3,033.96
God's Joy Korean 0.00 0.00
Aug. 9-13, 6-8:30 pm, Fourteenth Avenue Baptist Church Grace Missionary 0.00 0.00
Grace Romanian 0.00 0.00
Aug. 9-13, New St. Bethel Baptist Church Gracepoint 150.00 900.00
Great Harvest 0.00 0.00
Aug. 9-14, 10am-3 pm, St. James Holy Missionary Baptist Church Greater Hill Zion 25.00 150.00
Greater Light of Life 0.00 60.00
Hillsdale Blvd. 100.00 600.00
Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New Testament Baptist Church Iglesia Bautist El Faro 0.00 0.00
Iglesia Bautista El Rey 0.00 0.00
and Signal Heights Baptist Church need VBS volun- Iglesia Bautista La Familia 0.00 0.00
Iglesia Bautista Northgate 0.00 900.00
Iglesia Bautista Principe De Paz 0.00 0.00
Iglesia Cristiana Canaan 0.00 0.00
International Family Christian 200.00 700.01
Laguna Chinese 300.00 1,800.00
Lifepoint Christian Fellowship 0.00 180.00
Light of Salvation 42.60 232.65
Macedonia Baptist Church 0.00 200.00
Madison Avenue 200.00 800.00
Hello Saddle Ridgers! Madison Avenue Slavic 50.00 100.00
Are you doing the Operation Christmas Child mission project? Do you wonder Mount Pilgrim 0.00 0.00
Natomas 80.89 432.16
where to drop off the massive amount of shoeboxes you’ll be assembling? No New Direction 0.00 50.00
New Home Missionary 0.00 100.00
worries! Cypress Avenue Baptist Church in Carmichael will be having a New Hope 250.00 500.00
New Hope Community 0.00 0.00
special collection time during August for you to drop off your Christmas New Pleasant Grove 500.00 500.00
shoeboxes. Friday, August 20: 4pm – 8pm New Providence Missionary 0.00 0.00
New St. Bethel 0.00 0.00
Saturday, August 21: 10am – 2pm New Seasons of West Sacramento 0.00 0.00
New Testament 0.00 0.00
Sunday, August 22: 1pm – 3pm Oakside 0.00 0.00
Paradise Missionary 0.00 0.00
We accept any amounts of shoeboxes during that collection time. If you need Placer Heights 112.25 531.85
Pole Line Road, Davis 646.86 2,151.96
to drop off boxes prior to this appointed time, call Cypress Avenue Baptist River City Christian Fellowship (Madison) 0.00 0.00
Church, 916.972.8200, to make arrangements. For information, call Kate Romanian Speranta 0.00 0.00
Russian Baptist Church (West Sac) 50.00 300.00
Radford at 916.247.1347. We look forward to hearing of the amazing thing Sacramento Korean 0.00 77.00
Salem/All Nations 0.00 0.00
God does through your VBS!!! Seven Stars 0.00 0.00
Shalom La Israel 0.00 0.00
Signal Heights 0.00 590.18
Slavic Baptist Church "Bethel" 0.00 0.00
Southside Community 0.00 0.00
St. James 135.00 1,068.25
Bible stories, St. John’s 0.00 250.00
Games, St. Mark Missionary 0.00 0.00
St. Matthew 0.00 0.00
St. Paul 50.00 350.00
Toy and School Supply give-a-way! Temple 159.65 1,235.46
Contact Pastor Armando Mendoza, True Light Missionary Baptist 0.00 0.00
Twenty-Fourth Street 100.00 650.00
916.379.0696 or email joyland123@att.net. Twin Oaks 0.00 0.00
Vibrant Life Ministries 50.00 300.00
Contributions Needed! Vietnamese Hope 0.00 0.00
Woodland United Fellowship 304.86 1,363.19
Backpacks TOTAL 9,073.86 62,353.77
Page School supplies and Toys.
You can grow into these qualities. Effective leaders love people. Some effective leaders are extro-
by Church Central verts; they are energized when they are around people. Other
effective leaders are introverts. Put them in a crowd sharing small
Leadership resources abound. There are books, courses,
talk, and they will be drained by the end of the day. But both types
conferences, coaching, and mentoring.
of leaders have a love for people. They truly care about others.
I can't even pretend to make any significant contribution to They embody servanthood.
the discussion. But there is one area that fascinates me.
Effective leaders are tenacious. You rarely hear about them
It's the matter of the leader's personality. Again, I know that
giving up. While others may view a setback as failure, effective
a plethora of materials and data exist on personality as-
leaders see it as an opportunity to move in another direction.
sessments and characteristics, so I'm probably not going
to make any new discoveries. But in the process of over They can be learned .
two decades of research and consultation, I've seen and
Notice what is not on the list. There is no mention of charismatic
worked with a lot of leaders, most of them in churches or
personalities. And though most of the effective leaders I have
other Christian organizations.
observed are pretty smart, they are not necessarily the most
Some of them are effective. Some are not. intellectual people I have known.

And I've found that some of the most effective leaders The good news is that these seven personality traits can be
share common traits. That is not to suggest that they are learned. Sure, some traits come more naturally for some people
personality clones. They do, however, have some things in than others. Still, none are beyond the capacity of any leader.
Do you really desire to be an effective leader? Maybe you need
Seven common traits a personality change. Well, at least in part. Effective leaders are
relatively few in number. But, in God's strength, you could be
Since my research is more subjective than not, I don't want
added to a group who are really impacting the world with their
to suggest that this list of personality characteristics is
great leadership personalities.
exhaustive. Nor do I want to suggest that the order is one
of a particular priority. But enough disclaimers—here's my Thom Rainer is the president and CEO of LifeWay Christian
list: Resources. © 2009 ChurchCentral.com

Effective leaders are loyal. They are loyal to God, their

families, and the places where they serve. They are loyal
to friends. And their loyalties are intense and obvious to
everyone who knows them.

Effective leaders are joyous and fun. One of the main

reasons that leaders are effective is because they have Effective Leaders (are)
eager followers. People like to follow leaders who are fun
and demonstrate obvious joy in their lives. Who wants to Loyal
follow a grumpy, joyless leader? Joyous and fun
Effective leaders have a strong work ethic. In fact, one Self-aware
of the greatest challenges of these leaders is maintaining
balance. They are prone to be on the task 24/7.
Have a strong work ethic
Effective leaders are self-aware. They are able to see
their strengths and weaknesses with a great deal of objec- Take initiative
tivity. They seek out critical evaluations from people they Love people There is no
trust to tell them the truth. Because they are self-aware, mention of
they are constantly seeking to improve. charismatic
Effective leaders take initiative. These leaders do not
need to be prodded to complete a task. To the contrary,
they go well beyond others' expectations. Good managers
complete an assigned task. But good leaders are regularly
envisioning a better way and better strategy. Effective leader personality traits
Can Be Learned.

Page 6
Leaders take action. They know how to get things done and deal Encourage accountability. Each class or study group
constructively and positively with people and opportunities. Real should move toward personal and spiritual growth. Each
leaders step forward and meet the need. committee should move toward completion of an assign-
ment. If class members decide they want to set spiritual
Remember that followers come to leaders for solutions, guidance,
growth goals, gently hold people accountable – in positive
motivation and help. If you are a teacher, committee chairperson or
ways of course – for achieving their goals. Regular com-
professional staff member, people look to you for guidance and
munication about the material and the goals will encour-
direction. If you don’t provide what followers seek, your ability to
age accountable behavior.
lead is questionable. Here are some tips to help you become a
leader people willingly follow. Explain expectations. Never expect people to pick up on
your ideas through mental telepathy. Clear goals and
Understand the team concept. Become one of the group, even
defined expectations enable people to achieve their goals
though sometimes you need to exert leadership. Keep people
and complete their tasks. If you teach young and median
focused on visions, goals and solutions. Help others understand
adults using the Family Bible Study Series, encourage
the benefit of the group process, yet help participants know that
learners to complete the daily follow-up activities in their
each individual is important. Help people understand how to dis-
learner guides. Contact them occasionally to ask ques-
agree and come to consensus without being disagreeable.
tions about the material or help them solve problems.
Keep people on task. Leaders need to stay on task when they
Create a learning environment. Set the pace by reading
meet. Identify why the group comes together, determine where the
leadership development materials and expanding your
group should go, and get there. Encourage participants to stay
leadership skills. If your task is teaching adults the Word
focused. If someone seems to be chasing the proverbial rabbit,
of God, become a specialist in the Word and how to
redirect the group gently and positively back to the task.
communicate it. Dig deep and discover the wealth of
Maintain communication. Let participants know what is expected inspiration and instruction God has for you. Share your
of them and contact them regularly to see how they are proceeding. ideas and help others become continuous learners.
Most people will do what comes to mind and is most important to
Leaders are made, not born. You will determine to great
them. Your communication efforts will assure them that your group
measure how – or whether – people follow with excite-
and its purpose are important.
ment or acceptance. God created you to be a lifelong
learner. Great leaders are always learning leaders. Ask
outstanding leaders in your church how much time they
spend learning compared to the time they spend leading.
You might be surprised.

The Bible is filled with illustrations of what God wants us

to become. Paul is an ideal example of how people can
Strong Leaders refocus their efforts in new and powerful ways. Encourage
adults to discover and use their gifts and talents as Paul
Understand the team concept
did through the study, Paul on Leadership – Servant
Keep people on task Leadership in a Ministry of Transition.
Maintain communication By Richard E. Dodge
Encourage accountability 2001-2009, LifeWay Christian Resources
Explain expectations For more information or help, please contact CSBC’s
Church & Pastoral Care: Peter Celum, pcelum@csbc.com.
Create a learning environment

Leaders Take Action

Page 7
Looking for a way to help those in your community that are hurting
financially? Consider partnering with The Treasure Box.

This Christian based ministry is based in the L.A. area and are just
about to start distributing food in the Sacramento Area. Doug Metcalf
is the sales representative for Northern California. Doug is a Southern
Capital Baptist News
Baptist pastor from Georgia. CAPITAL BAPTIST NEWS (USPS 701760) is published monthly
by Sacramento Association of Southern Baptist Churches, 5056
This is a great opportunity for churches in our
Sunrise Blvd., Ste. B-3, Fair Oaks, CA 95628-4943. Periodicals
association to do something for people in their Postage Paid at Fair Oaks, CA and at additional mailing office.
communities and it doesn't cost the church any POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to: Capital Baptist
money. In fact, the churches are paid 75 cents News, Sacramento Association, 5056 Sunrise Blvd., Ste. B-3, Fair
for every box they distribute. Basically, a Treasure Box is a box of food Oaks, CA 95628-4943.
worth about $100 that is sold for $30. People preorder and prepay for
the food during the first part of the month. The menu for the month is
listed on the website so people know what they are purchasing before
they buy. At the end of the month they pick up their order. The church
is responsible for receiving the orders and distributing the boxes of

If your church is interested in partnering in this ministry go to their

website: www.thetreasurebox.org. They have a video from KTLA on
the website so you can see the food that is in a typical treasure box.
(click on the "see what's up at the treasure box" link). They've already
had media exposure on two local TV stations.


August 2010 October 2010 Continued...
2 Retired Pastors & Wives Luncheon, 1:00 PM, Hometown 21 SASBC Annual Meeting.
Buffet, 7028 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights . (1st Mon. Monthly) 26-27 CSBC Annual Meeting, Clovis Hills Baptist
5-6 The Leadership Summit, Lakeside Church, Folsom, Church, Clovis.
register mike@gofellowship.org or 916.791.44189.
www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/2010 November 2010
10 Minister’s Monthly Fellowship, 11:30 AM, First Baptist 6 Northern California VBS Jump Start, 9 AM, Four-
Church Orangevale. Brown Bag. (2nd Tues. monthly). teenth Avenue Baptist Church.
12 WMU Council Meeting, 6 :00 PM, E l Camino. (2ndThurs.Monthly) Sacramento Association
27-29 Man of God - Men’s Advance, Jenness Park. of
December 2010
28 Festival en Agosto, Migrant Ministry. Southern Baptist Churches
9 International Mission Rally, 6-8 PM, El Camino
Baptist Church.
September 2010 5056 Sunrise Blvd, Ste. B-3
27-29 Tsunami Student Conference, Long Beach, CA.
6 Retired Pastors & Wives Luncheon, 1:00 PM, Hometown Fair Oaks, CA 95628-4943
Buffet, 7028 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights . (1st Mon. Monthly)
February 2011
9 WMU Council Meeting, 6 :00 PM, E l Camino. (2ndThurs.Monthly) Office Hours: Monday-Thursday
26 State VBS Clinic, El Camino Baptist Church.
14 Minister’s Monthly Fellowship, 11:30 AM, First Baptist
7:30 am- 6 pm
Church Orangevale. Brown Bag. (2nd Tues. monthly).
14 Executive Board Meeting, 7 PM, Association Office. April 2011
Next Meeting 10/5. 29-30 Healthy Church Multiplier Training, Trinity Bap- Tel: 916.863.5426
25 Minister’s Wives Fellowship - Summer’s End BBQ, 11 AM. tist Church, Fresno. Fax: 916.863.5428
30 DMD’10 - Designing My Direction, El Camino Bap- sasbc@sacbaptist.org
tist Church. May 2011 www.sacbaptist.org
13-14 Women’s Retreat, Camp Alta.
October 2010 20-23 Ministers Wives Retreat, Jenness Park.
Dennis Fredricks,
1 WMU Mission Banquet & Installation, 6:30 PM,
First Baptist Church Fair Oaks. Executive Director of Missions
July 2011
3-5 Senior Adult Conference, First Baptist Church of 15-16 Migrant Ministry - Christmas in July. Deborah Everhart,
Orangevale. Office Manager
5 Executive Board Meeting, 7 PM, Association Office.
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