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Todays issue of PD
Pharmacy Daily today has
MediTracker app rollout
two pages of news plus full Patients who visit IPN Medical Practices using MedicalDirector,
pages from: Centres across Australia will soon Best Practice or Zedmed can also
be able to access their own medical offer MediTracker to their patients.
Pharmacy 4 Less
data - including medication lists - MediTracker claims to collect
Wizard Pharmacy Services
via a smartphone app. more information than the
IPN, which operates in about current My Health Record being
Soft drink stroke slam 180 practices across Australia implemented by the government.
Drinking artificially sweetened servicing 2 million patients, said For example, with My Health
soft drinks has now been linked to a the integration of the Australian- Record any shared health summary
higher risk of stroke and dementia. developed MediTracker app uploaded by a GP is only available
The analysis, published in Stroke, would give live access to health as a static PDF document, and is
was conducted via a large study of summaries, while medication lists not updated unless the GP chooses
older people with 12 years of food could be shown to pharmacists to to upload another summary.
consumption survey data as well help avoid drug interactions. MediTracker, by contrast, is
as a further ten years of data on IPN Medical Centres ceo Gerard updated whenever a GP updates
stroke and dementia outcomes. Foley said the app will be most the medical record at the practice
The researchers found that, other useful to patients with a chronic so will always contain the most
things being equal, those who disease diagnosis because it allows up to date medications for the
had consumed more artificially them to navigate their care plan. patient the software firm said.
sweetened drinks in the last four Non-sensitive pathology results The app is charged via a
years of the study period, and that have been seen by the GP, subscription fee of $5.99 annually.
those who had more of them such as cholesterol and HbA1c,
overall, were more likely to have a will also be listed in the app, along
stroke or develop dementia. with allergies, immunisations, TGA determinations
However, sugar-sweetened drinks measurements and more. The Therapeutic Goods
were not implicated - CLICK HERE. Patients with more than one Administration (TGA) has posted
regular GP will only be able to its latest determinations around
download summaries from the foreign country prerequisites for
Opdivo MabThera nod practice they nominate when they local drug approvals, permissible
The PBAC has recommended set up the app, Foley said. ingredients for ARTG drugs,
streamlined authority listings for Its part of the future for us... manufacturing principles for human
cancer therapies BMS Opdivo we are moving into an era when drugs and definitions around
(nivolumab) and Roches MabThera there has to be increased sharing of biological products.
(rituximab) - see pbs.gov.au. information, he added. Visit tga.gov.au for details.

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Pharmacy Daily Monday 24th April 2017 t 1300 799 220 w www.pharmacydaily.com.au page 1
US opioid lawsuit
Americas Cherokee Nation Weekly
has filed a court case claiming
pharmaceutical manufacturers, Comment
distributors and pharmacists have
unjustly profited through over-
prescribing and sales of opioids. Welcome to PDs
CVS, Walgreens and Walmart weekly comment
Monday 24 Apr 2017 are cited in the lawsuit along with feature. This
McKesson Corporation, Cardinal weeks contributor
is Gerald Quigley,
CKD awareness low Health and Amerisource Bergen,
Dispensary With as many as one in 10
with the plaintiff claiming it was Pharmacist &
Master Herbalist.
the companies responsibility to
Corner people worldwide having chronic
kidney disease (CDK), around 90%
monitor opioid prescriptions and
Omega-3s the
orders in Cherokee Nation.
A WORD to the owls. of sufferers are unaware of their
Referencing animals when condition, according to a new
The case details the significant facts behind the
effects that prescription opioids
describing fellow humans is global report titled The Global
have had on the native American benefits
common but generally unwise Kidney Health Atlas presented THE benefits of omega-3
community, with annual deaths
- to Australians an owl may be at last weeks World Congress of supplementation seem
from opioid overdose doubling
considered wise but to an Indian, Nephrology in Mexico City. irrefutable. Health benefits
between 2003 and 2014 and now
owls are foolish. Among high-income countries, abound as we reduce
exceeding deaths from road trauma.
Psychologist Nick Haslam of Saudi Arabia and Belgium have the inflammation across our body,
the University of Melbourne highest estimated CKD prevalence
and offset some of the pro-
and colleagues published on the (24%), followed by Poland (18%), New trazodone role inflammatory lifestyle issues we
matter in the Journal of Language Germany (17%), the UK and Australian approved face each day.
and Social Psychology. Singapore (16%), the report reveals. antidepressant drug trazodone,
Refering to someone as a Norway and the Netherlands have
Emotional arguments have
a selective serotonin reuptake
sheep implies thoughtless the lowest estimates at 5%. driven concerns about the use
inhibitor, has been found to have
compliance while rats, maggots, The USAs estimated prevalence of krill as an omega-3 source,
the ability in vitro and in vivo to
leeches, dogs, toads or cows are is 14%, while Canada and Australia when compared to the ready-
reverse mouse-brain degenerative
straightforward derogatory terms, are roughly equal on an equally acceptance of fish as that
effects such as those in Alzheimers
Haslam explains. alarming 13%. source.
Disease, other dementias,
Calling someone a chicken or Globally, estimated CKD Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis and While some oils may be prone
mouse suggests fearfulness and prevalence worldwide varies from Huntingtons. to oxidation, krill oil has its own
timidity, and Haslam says all such 7% in South Asia and 8% in Africa The research out of UK centres, built-in astaxanthin antioxidant.
animal comparisons are at risk to as high as 11% in North America including the School of Pharmacy We worry about contamination
of being offensive, are usually and 12% in Europe, the Middle at the University of Nottingham, of fish oil krill is at the bottom
objectionable and in any case are East, East Asia and Latin America. has now recommended clinical of the food chain and has none
decidedly dehumanising. Chief outcomes of CKD were trial testing in patients, with the of those issues.
CLICK HERE for the research. described as cardiovascular disease, possibility of its availability for The whales? They do OK!
early progress to end-stage kidney patients within two years, given The Commission for the
disease and death, all of which that it is already approved for use Conservation of Antarctic
create a high cost burden. in humans. Marine Living Resources
CLICK HERE to access the Atlas. CLICK HERE to access the research. estimates the total annual krill
catch is a mere 0.14% of the
krill consumed by whales. Krill
GET on your bike - if you want to Win with harvesting could increase by
50-fold and still be within safe
lower your cancer risk, that is.
This week Pharmacy Daily and Australis are giving away harvesting guidelines.
Researchers in Scotland have
found that cycling to work is very each day a set of two Bae Watch Mascaras. Fish stocks on the other
good for your health with figures Australis Bae Watch Mascara will enhance your lashes hand are falling. Overfishing
suggesting bike riders halve their to new volumising, curling and lifting lengths. Australis is occurring, and fishing nets
risk of cancer and heart disease. Bae Watch Mascara builds and lengthens lashes without catch everything, including
A five year study of 250,000 clumping, lashes are left soft yet boast intense volume. Easy crustaceans. On average, fishing
British commuters said cycling to apply, the formula glides on effortlessly leaving lashes fleet quotas are 15 to 30% higher
to work was particularly good that are dark and defined thanks to the pigmented formula. than scientifically recommended
because once the habit was Available in one shade All in One Black and RRP $14.95. For safe limits. Fish farming
established it took little willpower. more information head to www.australiscosmetics.com.au. isnt an ideal solution. Local
Regular cycling cut the risk of To win, be the first person from NSW or VIC to send the
environments are threatened.
death from any cause by 41%, the correct answer to the question below to comp@pharmacydaily.com.au Statistics aside, the arguments
incidence of cancer by 45% and favouring krill over fish oil are
heart disease by 46%, according What does BAE stand for? logical and environmentally
to a BBC report. Check here tomorrow for todays winner. sensible.

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