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Weight run-off
11 21
abiotic Volume Precipitation
2 12 22

Matter System Transpiration

3 13 23

Energy Gravity Collection

4 14 24

Interact Variable groundwater

5 15 25

Photosynthesis Constant Particles

6 16 26

Properties Texture Atoms

7 17 27

Vapor Data Hypothesis

8 18 28

Classify Evaporation Penetrate

9 19 29

Mass Condensation Sir Isaac Newton

10 20 30
having to do with life, or a measure of the pull of gravity excess water that runs down hill
caused by living things on an object to lower areas of land
1 11 21
non-living things in an any form of water that falls
ecosystem (sunlight, air, the amount of space an object
from clouds; such as rain or
weather, water, soil, etc.) takes up
2 12

anything that has mass and Things that work together to the process which plants give
takes up space perform a function water back to the environment
3 13 23

water that runs down hill and

the ability to cause changes in The force that pulls all objects gathers in other bodies of water
matter to the Earths surface such as lakes, rivers and oceans
4 14 24
water stored beneath the
When something changes likely to change or vary Earths surface
something else 5
15 25
the process of plants making
their own food using energy persistent, doesnt change or a very small piece, or part
from the sun vary
6 16 26

characteristics of a substance the way something feels: the smallest unit or part of all
that can be observed rough, smooth, etc. things
7 17 27

information gathered using

a substance in a gaseous state measurements and A scientific guess based on
8 observations evidence 28

to arrange or organize the change of a substance from a

to pierce, pass into or through
according to class or category liquid to a vapor (gas)
9 19

the amount of matter in an the change of a substance from the scientist responsible for the
object a vapor to a liquid (clouds) laws associated with motion
10 20 30