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Learning Plan (Stage 3)

Where are your students headed? Where have In this unit, students will discover the meaning of st
they been? How will you make sure the students social connections through art. Some students will h
know where they are going? and principles of design and graffiti art, but students
depth discovery of history through street art. The te
questions for students to evaluate throughout the pro
be achieved will be discussed in relation to all essen
How will you hook students at the beginning of the Students will be introduced to relevant and exciting
unit? documentary and will discuss their reactions to this
on emotional and individual responses to street art a
discussion and reflection.
What events will help students experience and Students will make real life connections to social iss
explore the big idea and questions in the unit? to them and conforming their graffiti style to represe
How will you equip them with needed skills and Students will be required to research current social i
knowledge? response on their opinions of the subject matter. Stu
hands-on graffiti art lesson with a cooperating artist
art making in this style. Students will use tool Artis
works based on the elements and principles of desig
How will you cause students to reflect and rethink? Students will be required to displayed a well organiz
How will you guide them in rehearsing, revising, graffiti art through self and teach evaluations of the
and refining their work? also take part in weekly journal reflections, expressi
own art making process, art historical references and
will be asked to make references to posed essential q
How will you help students to exhibit and self- Students will exhibit their planning process and wor
evaluate their growing skills, knowledge, and where the class as whole makes responses on their p
understanding throughout the unit? own. Students must make references to art historical
Through constructive criticism of peers, students wi
their work to make changes or develop their ideas fu
How will you tailor and otherwise personalize the Understanding the integrity of street art is ultimately
learning plan to optimize the engagement and through differentiation of students making individua
effectiveness of ALL students, without ability and comprehension, success will be found in
compromising the goals of the unit? to make individual choice of a social issue they are m
style of graffiti they choose to complete their work i
How will you organize and sequence the learning Students will be required to complete reflection piec
activities to optimize the engagement and questions throughout entire project. Students will be
achievement of ALL students? journal pieces and complete assigned work on a wee
Classroom through the use of Google Docs, and sub
track individual planning process. These assignment
the project to gauge understanding of knowledge an
themselves based on personal planning experience.