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A cost-effective, automatic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) booking, leakage

detection and real time gas monitoring system is proposed in this project. A 28 pin
PIC16F883 microcontroller is used in this system which controls the whole system.
A 12V supply is used to power up the system. In this system, the dangerous LPG
leakage is detected through the sensor (MQ-6) and information is sent to the user by
Short Message Service (SMS) and using a GSM module (SIM300). The gas sensor
unit is incorporated into an alarm unit, to sound an alarm or give a visual indication
of the LPG leakage on to an LCD display. The additional advantage of the system is
that the quantity of gas in cylinder is continuously monitored using the load cell
(CZL601) which avoids the frequent checking of the gas manually, and is displayed
onto the LCD. If the weight is below 22kg it automatically books the cylinder using
a GSM module. Also when cylinder weighs less than or equal to 17 kg, it informs the
family members by sending a message to refill the cylinder. We also incorporate
details such as the level of LPG gas inside the cylinder (low, medium, high).

Krishnaprabha S Naik