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Homeschool Helpers

Issue 156, July 13, 2010
From Homeschool Helpers

By Dan L. White
In association with Pass It On Ministries

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Why did Al leave Tipper? If liberals know so much about running people’s
lives, why did the paragon of liberalism fail at his marriage?

Everyone has heard by now that Al Gore, global warming prophet, had such
a frigid home that it finally froze and cracked. As might be expected, both Al
and Tipper said that everything was still wonderful between them, they still
have the most cordial of relations and are just moving on without each other.
Then news came out that Gore has been accused of a sexual attack and is
now being investigated by the Portland police for that alleged crime. Al and
Tipper had been married for forty years. After four decades of left wing love,
they can’t stand each other.

If liberals are such wise people that they should be running other people’s
lives, why can’t they run their own? Or perhaps you would like to point to Bill
and Hillary instead?

The left wing socialists control the minds of nine out of ten of America’s
young people in the government schools. The left wing bureaucracy
continually tries to extend its control over America’s youth by constantly
lengthening the school day and the school year. The Parents as Teachers
program is an attempt to extend that government socialist control down to
infancy. The aim of the program is to get kids ready for the public schools.

This program goes beyond the walls of the institutional school and inserts
itself directly into the homes of American citizens, where bureaucrats march
into living rooms and kitchens and tell families how to raise their children.
The presumption is that those who run the program know best how to teach
children. However, the one thing they will not teach is God. Therefore their
teaching is fatally flawed. God is never to be left out. Any form of teaching
that leaves out God is not just neutral but negative and ultimately
destructive, as we have seen with the public schools. Any program that
leaves out God is inevitably against God. There is no middle ground.

Again, if the liberals know so much about life that they should teach
everyone else, why did Al leave Tipper?

I’ll give you a tip here. The liberals don’t know about life, because they have
left out the biggest factor, the giver of life.

Proverbs 1:7, The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of knowledge; but the
foolish despise wisdom and instruction.

Psalm 14:1, The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God.

Parents as Teachers does not teach the fear of Yahweh. Therefore it is a

foolish program.

At first, programs like Parents as Teachers start out on a voluntary basis.

Then, because of the “good results” and the “great need”, often such
government programs are made mandatory.

This is from the parentsasteachers.org web site.

“Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program enacted as

part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

(P.L. 111-148)

On March 23, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act into law. This landmark legislation includes an important provision
that established a home visiting grant program of $1.5 billion mandatory
funds over 5 years.

Although all states are eligible to apply for this funding, the bill does not
specify how the funds will be allocated between the states. As a condition of
receiving the funds, states must submit a needs assessment to the Secretary
of HHS no later than September 23, 2010.

The legislation does not specify a single state agency to administer the grant
funds and the bill states that one or more service delivery models can be
used as part of the state’s home visiting program.
The National Center for Parents as Teachers strongly supports granting
states the authority to identify an agency to administer the program,
thereby building on existing knowledge of home visiting services and
program implementation infrastructures.

Parents as Teachers, the nation’s largest evidenced-based home visiting

program, is uniquely positioned to help states realize measurable results in
the proscribed benchmark and outcome areas included in the new law, and
the National Center for Parents as Teachers is looking forward to the
opportunity to collaborate with every state as they expand home visiting
service delivery for families in their state.”

Even if you are a homeschooler, as part of the health care takeover, the
Obama government is laying the groundwork to come into your home to tell
you how to raise your children. And, not surprisingly, the Parents as Teachers
bureaucrats are ready to step in and do that job.

However, the Obama Depression may affect the Obama Socialist State.
Governments are running out of money to pay these burdensome bumbling
bureaucrats. Three of the most radical, socialist states are in severe financial
trouble. California, New York and Illinois are basically broke. As of this
writing, Illinois is not paying its bills.

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri recently reduced funding for the
Parents as Teachers Program in that state and set a proposition that parents
who want it should pay for it.

What a radical concept that is!

Instead of the government giving away money that they don’t have, to pay
for lifelong bureaucrats who many people don’t want, the people who use a
service should actually pay for it. Then that puts the bureaucrats on the
same basis as everyone else. They have to do something really useful to get

So the Parents as Teachers program has run into the reality of socialism. In
the long term, socialism never works. Is there a possibility, then, that we will
see a change in the whole socialist school system simply because the
governments can’t pay for their waste and inefficiency any more? Missouri
has cut back its funding for public schools by 650 million dollars this year.
Put another way, Missouri is saving its taxpayers 650 million dollars this
One large local school system is examining the money it spends on school
busses. Our local school has a whole fleet of busses, and at about three
o’clock the four-way stop in town will be clogged with all these school busses
going every which way – yet none of those busses will be anywhere near full.
Sometimes they’re almost totally empty to start their run. How many millions
of tax dollars have been wasted on near-empty busses?

Everybody, conservative and liberal, knows that the public schools are
inefficient and wasteful. As the money squeeze gets tighter, there will be
more of a push to end this socialist system. This trend is worth watching.

Economic depressions parallel the Biblical Jubilee cycle. The Jubilee year was
a year of freedom and release. Perhaps this Obama Depression will see the
release of America’s youth from the prisons of big government institutional
schools and give them much needed freedom from government control of
their lives.