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Multimedia Project Summary Sheet

Erin Lay
DMET 262 Lab
Professor Kistler

1. The Topic- The PowerPoint presentation is on Plant Parts. The

parts of the plant are each separated on a different slide, which
includes information on the part and what the parts function. The
presentation will teach each student in my first grade class how
the parts play a role in the survival of the plant. It is important
that kids learn the parts of the plant at a young age.

2. The Audience- The class learning about plant parts is the First
graders of Ms. Lays class. It is an elementary school in Cedar
Grove, New Jersey. The elementary school is in a suburban area.
The class consists of seventeen students: seven girls, ten boys.
They are between the ages five and six. Students are all different
ethnicities and backgrounds. The class has no previous
knowledge on this subject.
One student in the classroom has autism. He has a hard time
keeping up with the rest of the class, and learns differently. This
student has an aid with him at all times. His aid sits next to him
in class, helps him stay focused on learning, and helps him with
his worksheets and homework. Every Monday I give him and his
aid the lessons for the week.

3. The Objectives:
a.) Given the plant parts, students will be able to identify the parts
discussed in the lesson.
ii. The objective will be met in slides 2-7 where the parts of
the plant will be shown.
b.) Given the functions of the plant parts, student will be able to
recite the functions of the stem, roots, and leaves
ii. The objective will be met in slides 2-7 where the
functions will be shown.
c.) Given names of plants we can eat, students will be able to name
iii. The objectives will be met in slide 9 where I show
students the plants they can eat.

4. Support Media- The support media I used was a video from

www.youtub.com. This video is shown after I introduce the parts
of the plant. The video has a song in the background that
explains the parts and there functions of a plant. The purpose of
this video is to show the students the parts in a fun way; the
song will catch the students attention and help them remember
what each part of the plant does.

5. ISTE Standards:
4C.) Critical thinking, Problem solving, and Decision making,
Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/ or make
informed decisions
Students will analyze information from the PowerPoint
slides, and the video shown to identify plant parts functions to
things they can relate with
2C.) Design and Develop digital Age learning Experiences and
Assessments, Customize and personalize learning activities to
address students diverse learning styles, working strategies, and
abilities using digital tools and resources.
Students will learn off the PowerPoint slides, but will also
learn from the YouTube video. This helps with students that
cannot pay attention to long in class and do not catch thee
information off the PowerPoint slides.
6. Follow up Activities-
1. Since we learned about plant parts, we are going to do a
worksheet on labeling the parts of a plant.
2. We will also go outside as a class and look at the plants
around the school.
3. We will have a class discussion where I will ask questions
about the plant parts and what they do.