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Closing Statement

Mr. Mabo is not guilty for the crimes that he was brought before you today. He
has never conscripted children under the age of 15 into armed groups and most
certainly never enlisted children into them. Children did participate in armed conflict, but
like the father who let his son borrow his car, he was not the one at fault for the crimes
his son may commit. This is the case for Mabo, who put his second in command
Charles Yitu in charge while he went to tactical meetings and other areas of importance,
and therefore the implications of Alia Rutu that Mr. Mabo is responsible for the death
and suffering of her sons must be false.

Mabo stated he wanted to reclaim his land and take vengeance but it was not
children that he had a qualm with. What he aimed to do was relocate and protect these
children, allow those who were down troughton like he and his people were, to help
those who have yet to commit crimes against anyone. Sadly, Charles Yitu, took the
opportunity and twisted it. Against Arthur Mabos wishes, Mr. Yitu enlisted, conscripted
and committed true crimes that should be tried by this court. Our opponents will claim
command responsibility, that since Yitu was under Mabos command, that it is Mabo at
fault. This, I then ask you, if a father lets his son drive his car, and lets him drive the car
to a party, is it the father's fault that the son drove drunk? Is it the fathers fault that the
car was crashed? Should the father be responsible for his son's poor decisions that
ended someone's life?

The prosecution used the statements of Anna Kabolo and Patrick Bateman to try
and determine command responsibility. They use a traumatized PRISONER OF WAR
and a man with post traumatic stress disorder as their witnesses. Such things can
affect one's mental faculties yet still they helped us. There was ambiguity, her
statement to Bateman was one without names. She knew mr. Mabos name yet did not
say it. I ask the court why would she do that? If she knew who forced her to do these
terrible things, why not tell the UN? And who determines whether a kid is saved? Mr.
Bateman could have just as well been hurting her.

There was another man who lead the PFLS. He defied orders, and committed
such despicable crimes. Mr. Yitu lead the training camps when Mabo was else where,
and without the knowledge of Mr. Mabo, called child soldiers to arms. It was Mr. Yitu
who forced children to fight. I tell the court, Mr. Yitu is the one who should stand trial
today. He was the atrocious human and it is insulting that the prosecution would attack
a man who just wants his home land back. It is insulting that they claim that a man
should be responsible for being lied too.