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Desalitech The Performance

Benchmark for Reverse Osmosis

Feedwater A high-pressure pump The membranes allow Purified water

enters the pushes feedwater against water to pass through flows through the
system. the membranes. but hold back dissolved membranes
salts and contaminants. continuously.

The brine flush Concentrate is

valve opens at recirculated to
peak recovery, the membranes
letting fully with a pump.
concentrated brine
out of the system, Concentration
then closes when increases with
recirculation resumes. each recirculation.

Desalitechs ReFlex products with patented CCD technology establish a new benchmark for reverse osmosis performance.
ReFlex systems incorporate standard RO components in revolutionary process designs that significantly improve RO efficiency,
flexibility and reliability.

The CCD systems work by circulating water through a single stage of membrane elements until the desired recovery level
is achieved instead of using complex traditional multiple stage methods. Brine is periodically replaced with fresh feedwater
without stopping permeate flow. Recovery is flexible and can be set at the system control panel. Over 97% recovery has been
demonstrated in single stage ReFlex systems, reducing brine waste by 50% - 75%.

ReFlex products operate reliably on feedwaters that challenge traditional RO systems. The cross flow required for ReFlex RO
membrane operation is controlled with an internal circulation pump. Frequent and complete brine flushing prevents scale
precipitation and disrupts bio fouling, making very high recovery rates possible even from mineral-laden or contaminated
feedwaters. In addition, ReFlex products offer unmatched flexibility. Permeate flow, cross flow velocity and system recovery
are independently controlled, supporting process optimization.