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KLA: Date: 11/03/17 Day: Monday Class: 3P School: Caningeraba

State School
3.1 Establish challenging learning goals
Set learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students of varying abilities and characteristics.

3.5 Use effective classroom communication

Demonstrate a range of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to support student engagement.

3.3 Use teaching strategies

Include a range of teaching strategies.

3.4 Select and use resources

Demonstrate knowledge of a range of resources, including ICT, that engage students in their learning.
General Capabilities (for the day):
Literacy Numeracy Information and Critical and Creative Thinking Personal and Social
Communication Capability
Ethical Understanding Intercultural Understanding

Cross Curricula Perspectives (for the day):

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Asia and Australias engagement Sustainability
histories and cultures with Asia
Timing Procedure Preparation / Differentiation Assessment students
Considerations Strategies
Syllabus outcome / Descriptor: ACELY1684: Write Handwriting Books Teaching -Observation
20 using joined letters that are clearly formed and Strategies: -Collection of books
minutes consistent in size. Individual Work
Objective / Learning intention: As a result of this -Did students come up
lesson students will be able to correctly join letters Specifically for with a word containing
with exits to e, such as ae, ce, ke and le. kinaesthetic and each join?
Success criteria: Students will write words visual learners. -Did students begin
containing the join correctly. their diagonal joins in
Provide models in the correct places?
Introduction (O): Handwriting rhyme and practice Lilys book. Lily will
join with finger. only write half a
Body (G): Model the joins on the blackboard, line for each.
pointing out the key points.
Body (E): Students write one full line of each join and
come up with a word containing each join.
Conclusion (R): Students circle their best join.

60 Syllabus outcome / Descriptor: ACELY1682: Plan, Flipchart Teaching -Observation

minutes draft and publish imaginative, informative and Butchers Paper Strategies: -Questioning
persuasive texts demonstrating increasing control Markers Discussion, -Work Samples
over text structures and language features and selecting Persuasive Devices modelling, direct
print and multimodal elements appropriate to the Posters instruction, whole -Did they show they
audience and purpose. Main Point Handouts class work and understood how a
Objective / Learning intention: As a result of this mixed ability group paragraph builds from
lesson students will be able to construct paragraphs work. their original main
for a persuasive argument. idea?
Success criteria: Students will understand the parts Specifically for -Did their paragraph
to a paragraph, use the IWB to unjumble a paragraph visual and auditory relate solely to their
and form one paragraph in groups. learners. main idea?
-Did they make use of
Introduction (O): Youtube paragraph song, revising To challenge and a range of persuasive
the structure of a paragraph. extend thinking devices?
Body (G): Using the IWB flipchart, explicitly discuss students from
how to form a paragraph. black reading
-Use the jumbled Lorax paragraph to order the group to come up
sentences into the paragraph. with a clincher at
-Model to students how they are going to work in a the end of their
group to form a paragraph relating to their main idea. paragraph.
Body (E): In groups, students will form one
paragraph, containing topic sentence and 3 Lily placed in
supporting sentences to support their main point. Pepper and Meis
Conclusion (R): Sharing of paragraphs. group as she
responds well to
their guidance.
45 Syllabus outcome / Descriptor: ACMNA055: Recall Whiteboards Teaching -Observation
minutes addition facts for single-digit numbers and related Whiteboard pens Strategies: -Questioning
subtraction facts to develop increasingly efficient Use Doubles, Use ten, Discussion, direct
mental strategies for computation Use counting on and instruction, large -Were they able to
Objective / Learning intention: As a result of this other posters. group work, explain the strategy
lesson students will be able to recall addition number individual work, 4 they used?
facts and add strings of single digit numbers. corners.
Success criteria: Students will use whiteboards to
respond to addition facts and show their thinking by Specifically for
moving around the room. visual/kinaesthetic
Introduction (O): Identify learning goal with
students. Lily will pair up
Doubles! Doubles! Song. with Mei to allow
Body (G): Students use whiteboards to record and Mei to challenge
solve the following problems. 4+1, 9+4, 8+8, 15+10, her thinking
6+4, 6+7. through explaining
-Encourage students to use familiar thinking to Lily, whilst
strategies such as counting on, doubles, use 10. providing further
Body (E): Solve 70+60- how can we use doubles? support to Lily.
-Solve 70+30- how can we use tens/rainbow facts?
-IWB Tens Dice- Students will add the values on their Billy can remain on
whiteboards and then move to the correct corner of the carpet, rather
the room that corresponds to their thinking. (Doubles, than move and just
rainbow facts, counting on, other) write on his
-Repeat to gauge strategies used. whiteboard the
Conclusion (R): Silent ball, but counting in 10s. strategy he used.

40 Syllabus outcome / Descriptor: ACHHK063: Days IWB Teaching -Observation

minutes and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia Yugambeh App Strategies: -Questioning
(including Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Harmony Week, Ngarila Matilda Song Discussion, whole
National Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week and Waltzing Matilda Song class work, group -Were students able to
National Sorry Day). work. identify something
Objective / Learning intention: As a result of this significant to them?
lesson students will understand what a celebration is Specifically for -Were students able to
and how different people celebrate. kinaesthetic/audito relate to how the
Success criteria: Students will learn how to greet ry learners. Bundjalung people
each other in the Yugambeh language and create a would feel celebrating
short song/rap. Billy may choose to their area through
work independently song?
Introduction (O): Discuss what a celebration is and to create his song.
list things that might be celebrated.
Body (G): Discuss the Bundjalung people and they Place Isla in a
language that the people from Burleigh spoke specific group with
Yugambeh. students who will
-Use the Ipad app to watch the video and learn how to work well with her.
say hello, how are you in the Yugambeh language.
-Listen to Ngarila Matilda and then Waltzing Matilda,
identifying the significance of the songs.
Body (E): Students in groups create a short song/rap
celebrating somewhere/something special to them.
Conclusion (R): Sharing of songs/raps.

Supervising teacher: Date: