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Observation 3

II. Grade
First Grade

III. Students
9 boys, 8 girls

IV. Setting
Kingwood Township School District
Multi-Age (7-8 years old) classroom, 17 students, 1 head teacher

V. Pre-Observation
Before being able to construct and complete this observation, I research many different
says teaching can make lesson plans. I also researched the difference between purchase
and set curriculum. On the site, We Are Teacher, there is an article called 50 Tips, Tricks
and Ideas for Teaching 1st Grade. One this website it gives you many lovely ideas for
your classroom and lessons. My favorite was teaching word families with visuals and
stories. Another website that help me conduct and gather information was on PBS Parent.
This site gives you information about what first graders should know and what they will
learn through English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Vocab words into a story

VI. Data Observations were conducted on March 17, 2017.
Mrs. Michael was very happy and welcoming to allow me to see her lesson plans. When I
asked her what her planning techniques are for her daily lessons she told me she use any
different techniques. Mrs. Michalski told me she tries to make every active have a choose
with it for the children. For example: During reading the children could either read with a
friend or use the iPad to read to themselves. She said, This lets the students feel like
they are in charge, but at the same time, the student is still completing the active. Mrs.
Michael also told me the more hands on you can make an activist, the more the students
will be engaged.
When asking Mrs. Michalski if her curriculum is purchased or a set curriculum, she
told me that her curriculum is mostly set. Mrs. Michalski works with Mrs. Taffeta, the
other first grade teacher, to create the first grade curriculum. Though Mrs. Michalski told
me has the same curriculum as Mrs. Taffeta do didn't assignment and active with the
lesson. All teachers have to post their lesson plans so that they can be reviewed.

VII. Analysis
Being about to talk to Mrs. Michalski about her lesson plans was amazing. I never knew
that Mrs. Taffeta and her meet weekly to talk about their different lesson plans idea.
Before this observation, I did not know that purchase curriculum was a way teacher
taught. As a future teacher, I really like that fact that Mrs. Michalski gives the students
choice with most of the activities and units she has the children complete. By observation
the students, I saw that they enjoyed being able to pick. I never thought that the students
would do better academically by having the chance to choose the activities they would
like to complete.

VIII. Recommendations
As a future teacher, the only recommendations I would make for Mrs. Michalski is meet
with Mrs. Taffeta more than once a week. I believe that the two first grade teachers met
up more, maybe their children would be academically in the same spot because they
would be teaching more alike. After also talking to Mrs. Taffeta I would recommend
adding more chooses for her teachers to do.

IX. Post-Observation
By having Mrs. Michalski show me her lesson plans was great to see as a future teacher.
I never knew that teachers had to post their lessons plans to be review. By completing
this observation, I have learned so much valuable information. When i run my
classroom, I will allow my students to have as much choose that is possible in the
classroom. I love the way the children feel important and involved in the learning.
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