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Book Review Introduction/General information about the book Tite: The mmomk whe seld Jhig ferrari Author: Robim S. SHARMA Date first edition: 4999 Genre (fantasy, humour, science-fiction, mystery, biography, non-fiction, etc): t's a non-ficion tory Setting Desoribe the time and place of the story: The stow, Jhappamed in dha XX\"cenbuny din the USA. Comment about the setting (examples: the setting makes story exciting, the setting has an important effect on main character, the setting is/is not exciting or new, the setting increased my knowledge of something) TH sotting rmalter rtouy Jnspitoticnal simee the pick Cranackor wuenk tin done tam ‘Sovssptroec kha mountain, ci tn and the gieot AwadL fakes y “2 yiain character Main Character: uubiom NAWTLE Describe this character: He's a. Lauyor uaho Loels ovarwnadrmac bay na roubles of anauday Life. The main character changes from Quin Quwaworkod srroun, to ety the end of the story. Other cl icters (2 minimum — 6 max.) Another character: Toten, Detais: be Fuliom's Priomd. He wom bo vnan fos. Subiom's Leip chirm compiakoly. John de momied ard ic Sotho. Anoher character: WLI man 64 Siva peal: eae ako Jransind ed tha way thay Lived Jo dubia, "ESGinakinng ram, sho Amon Oe pnoter charac o oi Seen ree Me Details: Another character: Details: Another character: Details: Another character: Details: Theme What is the author trying to say in this story? What is his lesson in life? Is there a moral to this a “This Stow Js absobitdy o Jessom akact she Qife ,espacioMly im Our, socidhy wwe Nobody Omjay sta mom and GieLke Jthings ard purjer ske poskicipake gm tha smady consumption, " “The author, auitn this romakius, Shak’ to the Sem to ccreanirote us with He This is a story about what ? (Courage? Working hard? Doing the right thing? Greed? piosanr (wosmanh, Importance of friends? Jealousy? Love? Caring? Happiness? Sadness? etc) ky GO stouy Okouk the fadius Bhimising , happiowss asd. theinner peace. aa ATHY This book showed meil learned from this story: “The. bool, totally sine | posiFivaness, Wwsia of She wuadd and the caption Sionca cena Jaaddiong, 1 bana fit Biot e PAM ree piadoa mtnonnenis, The Action: Summary of what happens in the story (list up to 6 events that happened in the story - keep them in order): Fhiom HAM, a smidioraiua Qwyar hod a heost adback. Wis Pricrd Cohn yuan to dale mows im Sudiamts Jane ABeeR tha miraculous chaalling o} stro Sasuyan. These, Jann is ‘