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Lesson Plan Template

Student-Teacher: Laila Mohammed

Date: 9.3.17
Grade Level: KG2
Subject: Math and science
Strand: reviewing about the 5 senses+ 3D shapes.
Learning Outcome:
- The students will review with the teacher about our 5 senses.
- The student will be recognizing 3D shapes.

Resources (what materials/equipment Preparation (what do you need to make or

will you and the students use? Be check before class?)
- Check list.
- A4 papers. - The organization of material by each
- PPT that presents the lesson. center.
- Colors. - PPT and ready and ideas clear to the
- Scissors. students.
- Eyes stickers. - The PPT is prepared and the ideas are
- Plastic dishes. clear for the students.

Key vocabulary
- Five senses (Smell, Touch, Hear, See
and taste).
- Shapes (Sphere, cylinder, cube and

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small

Time:15 Whole Group

group activities)

The teacher will take the attendance by letting the students playing the
role of the mentor.
- The teacher will make the students sing days of the week song, and she
will pick three students to tell her (What was yesterday? What is today?
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)
- They will be creating their own face by using colors and materials that is
given by teacher.
- The face will be the plastic dish and the should drew their faces on it.
Independent Experience (small group activity 1)
- The same activity in each group.
Small -Group
The teacher should reinforce them by saying encouraging words. E.g.
High five me, nice job and good work.
Independent Experience (small group activity 2)
- The same activity in each group.
If some members misbehaved I can put them in computer center or put
them outside to continue their work without disturbing other students.

Independent Experience (small group activity 3)

Group minutes

- The same activity in each group.

Time: 5 WholeTime:10


- Put a cartoon TV show for them.

- Have a nice chat with the students?


- Review with them the shapes and the 5 senses.

- Ask them what did they learn from this lesson?