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4/5/2017 Electricalcodesandstandards

Electrical codes and standards

These resources will help homeowners and electrical contractors to
install electrical wiring safely and in accordance with electrical codes. Read
about service applications, permits, and inspections.

Electrical codes, standards, and guides

Residential Wiring Guide, 12th Edition (PDF, 349 KB);

Manitoba Electrical Code, 12th Edition (PDF, 534 KB)
Manitoba Electrical Code Inspection Notice 26-1 Receptacles
for Buildings or Structures Associated with Residential
Occupancies (PDF, 84 KB);
Manitoba Electrical Code Inspection Notice 64-1 Solar
Photovoltaic Systems (PDF, 78 KB).
Customer Metering Standards, 3rd Edition (PDF, 780 KB);
Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Permit, Plan Review and Equipment
Specication Requirements (PDF, 94 KB).

Informative notes

Informative Note 64-0 Common Solar Photovoltaic System Labels

(PDF, 162 KB).

Permit application and fees

Electrical Permit Application (PDF, 30 KB);

Electrical Permit Fees (PDF, 38 KB).

Electrical contractor form

Registered Contractor's Declaration of Compliance (PDF, 21 KB).

Electrical contractor permits and programs

Permit account, ePermit, and Registered Electrical Contractor

Program (RECP).

Contact us
For general inquiries about electrical permits and inspections:

Email Electrical Codes and Standards.

Phone 204-360-7483.
Read about residential wiring inspections.

For inquiries about your commercial electrical permits and inspections:

https://www.hydro.mb.ca/accounts_and_services/permits_and_inspections/codes_and_standards.shtml 1/2
4/5/2017 Electricalcodesandstandards

Contact the Manitoba Hydro commercial electrical inspector in

your area.

https://www.hydro.mb.ca/accounts_and_services/permits_and_inspections/codes_and_standards.shtml 2/2