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Progress test Unit 4 Test A

Name: ___________________________________________

1 Write questions for the underlined answers.
1 Im reading a fashion magazine. _____________________________________________
2 Hes arriving at 9.30. _____________________________________________
3 Barbaras wearing a new skirt! _____________________________________________
4 Im smiling because Im happy! _____________________________________________
5 Hes sitting at his desk. _____________________________________________
6 Shes meeting Robert Pattinson tonight! _______________________________________
7 They're going out for a meal at the weekend _______________________________________

Mark: ___ /7

2 Choose the correct verb forms.

1 Tom doesn't go out / isn't going out tonight because he has to study.
2 I can't answer the phone! I have / I'm having a shower!
3 Always check for cars before you cross / are crossing the road.
4 Sorry, he can't talk to you now. He drives / He's driving the car.
5 He likes food, but he never cooks / he's never cooking!
6 How often do you eat / are you eating fish?
7 Can you phone back later? I prepare / I'm preparing dinner at the moment.

Mark: ___ /7

3 Complete the dialogue. Use the words in brackets to write questions or sentences.
Dylan Hey Charlie! Can you hear me?
Charlie Yes! Who 1_________________ (call)?
Dylan It's me, Dylan. Where are you? What 2_________________ (you / do)?
Charlie I'm at a party at Ben's flat! 3_________________ (you / want) to come?
Dylan No thanks, I can't. Is Beth with you? I 4_________________ (need) to talk to her.
Charlie I 5_________________ (not know)! Wait a minute. Ah, yes she 6_________________ (sing) at
the moment!
Dylan Can you ask her to call me back?
Charlie Yes, sure!

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Progress test Unit 4 Test A

4 Complete the sentences. Write the adjectives in brackets correctly.
1 Look at the bride in her wedding dress! She's ___________! (fitluueab)
2 There are lots of things to see and do there. It's an ____________ place! (maziagn)
3 Fancy dress parties? I love them! They're really _________! (nuf)
4 A weekend for two in Paris or Venice? How ___________! (amcitnor)
5 I like watching documentary films. They're usually very ____________. (retgnitseni)
6 Not many people get married underwater! I think that's very ___________. (lasnuuu)
7 This book has everything: love, war, life and death. It's really _____________! (iticgenx)

Mark: ___ /7

5 Complete the sentences with the words below.

bride ceremony costumes graveyard groom guests venue
Gothic Wedding is a new film from Denmark about a wedding. The 1__________ for the wedding
2_____________ is an old 3____________ in a small village. The 4___________ all wear scary
5_____________ and the 6____________ and 7 __________ look like ghosts. And that's only the beginning!

Mark: ___ /7

6 Complete the dialogue with the words below.

about afraid anything idea shall up
A What are you 1_________ to this weekend?
B I'm going shopping on Saturday.
A Are you doing 2_________ on Sunday?
B Just the usual things.
A How 3__________ playing tennis?
B I'm 4__________ I can't. I've got a problem with my knees. 5___________ we have a picnic near the river
A That's a good 6__________!
B I hope the weather is nice!

Mark: ___ /6

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Progress test Unit 4 Test A

Use of English
7 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
1 Our school _________ (PLAN) a _________ (LEAVE) party for our English teacher this Friday.
2 I _________ (WEAR) a large hat because its very bright and I _________ (NOT / HAVE) any sunglasses
with me today.
3 Im _________ (CONFUSE) I _________ (NOT / UNDERSTAND) your message. Are we meeting at 9
oclock in the morning, or 9 oclock at night?
4 My cousins hair is straight, but she _________ (WANT) to have _________ (CURL) hair.
5 I _________ (INVITE) all my best friends to my _________ (ENGAGE) party in July.

Mark: ___ /10

8 Listen to the conversation at a party. Match the names with the descriptions.
1 Molly ___
2 Fiona ___
3 Susan ___
4 Ewan ___
5 Billy ___

A is wearing a green dress.

B is wearing a pink T-shirt and a hat.
C goes to school with Cameron's sister.
D is wearing a yellow cardigan.
E puts photos on her website.

Mark: ___ /5

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Progress test Unit 4 Test A

9 Read the text.
December 29
Hello everyone! Here I am on a weekend trip to Prague in the middle of winter. People are wearing their
best winter clothes. Lots of heavy jackets and coats for the men, and long skirts and boots for the women
because it's not easy to walk in the snow in normal shoes! People in the park are doing exercises in
tracksuits and trainers, but with a sweatshirt on top!

February 7
Today's report is from a fancy dress party to celebrate Carnival here in the south of France. I notice that
nobody's wearing hats, maybe because it's quite warm. And I can't see many coats either. Lots of colourful
tops and comfortable, informal trousers like leggings and joggers a few men are even wearing shorts!
Everyone's having a great time, dancing in the streets. And if you don't wear a hat, it can't fall off when
you're dancing!

July 12
Hello again now I'm in Berlin in July. Everybody seems to have a message on their T-shirts, and in all
kinds of different languages! Young people are wearing shorts, skirts, jeans and trainers really casual
clothes. But it's easy to see the business people in their suits and ties and shiny shoes! They look so serious!
Orange seems like a popular colour this summer, especially with the women. Men seem to prefer greens and
Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1 Normal shoes are common in Prague in winter. ___
2 People are jogging in the streets at Carnival. ___
3 People with hats are dancing at Carnival. ___
4 Business people in Berlin always wear very smart clothes. ___
5 Men and women in Berlin aren't wearing the same colours. ___

Mark: __ /5

10 Imagine you are arranging a party for a friend. Write an invitation to your other friends. Give
information about:
Which friend the party is for.
Why you are organising it.
The date, place and time of the party.
What you want the guests to bring or do.

Mark: ___/10

Total: __ /70

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Solutions 2nd edition Elementary 4