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Preparing for TOEIC

(source: http://www.goodlucktoeic.com/)

Learning Outcomes:
- Students know the tips to do Listening Part of the TOEIC .
- Students practice to do Listening Part of the TOEIC .
- Students know the tips to do Reading Part of the TOEIC .
- Students practice to do Reading Part of the TOEIC .
- Students practice to do TOEIC .

TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication. It

measures your ability to use English in daily business situations such as corporate
development, finance and budgeting, corporate property, IT, manufacturing,
purchasing, offices, personnel, technical matters, health and business travel. Thus,
the scores show how well you communicate with others in business, commerce,
and industry (Trew: 2007). In other words, it can be concluded that the TOEIC
does not measure what have you learned in one particular English class but
evaluates your general command of the English language in a business setting
(http://www.goodlucktoeic.com/). To provide you with the TOEIC preparation,
in this unit you are provided with the strategies how to do the test and the
exercises taken from the book Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test
by Grant Trew (2007).

English for Job Preparation 55 | P a g e

A. General TOEIC Strategies

In order to do the test well, you need to know the strategies. Trew (2007:8)
proposes strategies as follow:
1. Plan your time carefully.
Doing TOEIC test needs careful time management since there is a time limit
for each test. Therefore, you need to work as fast as you can. Do not get stuck
into a question that you forget to move on to the following questions. Do the
easiest questions first and go back to do the harder ones, if you still do not
know the best answer of each, you are encouraged to predict or guess the
2. Do not leave any questions unanswered.
In this test, you are suggested to answer all the questions because you will not
get a score reduction or penalty if you choose a wrong answer.
3. Do not spend too much time on the instructions for each part of the test.
You must be familiar with the test in the hope that you will understand the
4. Use the order of the questions as a guide.
Mostly the answers in the reading and listening test are usually arranged in
the same order as the questions. For example, the answer for the first question
is found in the first paragraph of the text, then the answer for the second is
usually found after the first, and so on.
5. Become aware of the features that can make incorrect answer choices
In this case you must be careful in tricky choices which you think is right.
The choices provided are usually confusing because they probably look or
sound similar.

B. Strategies and Practice Listening Parts of TOIEC.

English for Job Preparation 56 | P a g e

Strategies in doing Listening Parts (Trew, 2007:8)

- answer the question as quickly as you can.

- before each question is played, preview the answer choices or


- predict as much as you can about what you are going to hear
and what you need to listen for (only for part 1).

(source: http://englishworkshopmexico.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/tips-for-improving-your-

English for Job Preparation 57 | P a g e

Exercise 6a Photographs (Part 1 of the TOEIC): Use the photos to predict
what you will hear. First, put the verbs and nouns in the box provided next to
each picture. Then, add at least two more nouns and verbs to each picture.

Nouns Verbs
People briefcase meal eat sit type
Screen family keyboard hold look discuss

1. Nouns Verbs

2. Nouns Verbs

3. Nouns Verbs

English for Job Preparation 58 | P a g e

Exercise 6b- Photographs (Part 1 of the TOEIC): For each picture 1-4, you
will have two minutes to brainstorm vocabulary and predict possible statements
about them with your partner. Then you will hear the correct statement for each
pictures. Listen and write down the sentence.

1. 2.

_______________________________ ______________________________

3. 4.

_______________________________ ______________________________

English for Job Preparation 59 | P a g e

Exercise 6c- Photographs (Part 1 of the TOEIC): Now practice what you have
learnt at the actual test speed with questions 1-8.

Use any time available to skim the first pictures before the listening
starts. After that you will have exactly 5 seconds between each questions to
mark your answer and focus on the next picture

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

English for Job Preparation 60 | P a g e

7. 8.

Exercise 6d - Question-Response Question (Part 2 of the TOEIC): Match

each question 1-3 with two answers from a-f. Think carefully about what the
question is actually asking for. Some answers may closely relate to the topic in the
question, but not answer it directly.

1. What are you doing on Sunday? a. I heard Miller was chosen.

b. I always go to my brothers
2. Who is going to represent them at the c. Mary gave me a lift.
meeting? d. They havent decided yet.
e. Oh, I didnt. My trip was put off
3. How did you get to the airport? until next week.
f. Actually, I dont have any plans.

English for Job Preparation 61 | P a g e

Test Tips: To do Question Response session, focus on the key words and
avoid common distractors which may trap you into choosing ones you assume
best answer. Pay attention to the example below:

A. Same word unrelated meaning

If you hear the same word in the question Q. Has the sale improved profits?
and the answer choices, be careful! It could A. Yes, it i for sale
be a distractor

B. Related Subject doesnt answer the

question Q. Where can I buy a cheap air conditioner?
The test may use words that relate to one A. I agree that its very cheap
of the key words in the question, but dont
actually answer the question.
C. Similiar sound different/unrelated
word Q. Have you met the new staff?
Sometimesthe incorrect choices use words A. No, its not the same stuff.
that sound similiar to the ones in the

Exercise 6e - Question-Response Question (Part 2 of the TOEIC): Read

questions 1-3 and underline the key words. Then read the two incorrect distractors
for each question and mark the type A-C from the box from the previous. Look at
the example.

1. What did the customer cancel his C

He says he can sell it quite cheaply.
contract for? (cancel sounds like can sell)
My customers live in Boston.
2. Why did you buy a new car? No, traffic can be terrible in this

Yes, my wife usually drives the

3. How they are going to ship the Have you seen the notice about the
documents? shop?

I just love ocean cruises.

English for Job Preparation 62 | P a g e

Exercise 6f - Question-Response Question (Part 2 of the TOEIC): You will
hear six Part 2 questions. Identify the key wods and mark your answer choice.

Exercise 6g - Question-Response Question (Part 2 of the TOEIC): Now

practice what you have been learnt at the actual test speed with questions 1-12

You will have 5 seconds at the end each item to make your choice. You
must then be ready to listen to the next question

Exercise 6h - Conversations (Part 3 of the TOEIC): Match the statements 1-4

with those with a similiar meaning a - d.

1. You can run it with an AC a. The adapter is missing.

2. Look to see if they have the b. Buy the part.
3. The part wasnt included. c. Check the parts stock.
4. Purchase an adapter. d. You can plug it into a socket.

English for Job Preparation 63 | P a g e

Exercise 6i - Conversations (Part 3 of the TOEIC): Now listen to three more
statements, 5 - 7, and match them with the remaining three phrases with a similiar
meaning in e - g.

5. _________________ e. Provide a replacement.

6. _________________ f. The label is incorrect.
7. _________________ g. Its an expensive model.

Test tips: To do Conversations (Part 3 of the TOEIC), you have to be able to

predict the context of the conversation. Use the key information in the answer
choices to make a rough guess about what you are going hear.

Exercise 6j - Conversations (Part 3 of the TOEIC): You are going to listen to

a conversation. Focus on the answer choices as you listen and try to predict what
the conversation may be about.
1. What does the woman to do?
a) Buy batteries for her CD player.
b) Purchase an adapter.
c) Have a missing part replaced.
d) Check the part is in stock.
2. What does the man tell her?
a) It doesnt run on batteries.
b) The label is incorrect.
c) The adapter isnt included.
d) She should buy another model.
3. What does the man offer to do?
a) Order the item.
b) Check the box label.
c) Give her a new model.
d) Include the adapter.

English for Job Preparation 64 | P a g e

Exercise 6k - Conversations (Part 3 of the TOEIC): Now listen to two more
conversations. Before each conversations begins, use the time to predict the
context with your partner, and think of other ways to say the answer choices.

1. What are the speakers 4. How does the man feel about
discussing? their new training program?
a) The weather in Taylorville a) It is not good as the old one
b) A meeting with clients b) It is an improvement on
c) The fee for some repairs their previous one
d) A visit to branch office c) It does not have any
2. What is the problem? practical value
a) The head office air d) It is full of useful ideas
conditioner is broken 5. What did the woman ask the
b) Bill cannot do the job man about?
c) Karl is busy all next week a) How many trainees attended
d) The Taylorville office is b) A package she needs
closed c) The trainees practical skills
3. What does the man suggest? d) Comments from the
a) Going to head office on participants
Tuesday 6. What did some trainee criticize?
b) Changing the air a) There were tooo many ideas
conditioning unit b) There was no opportunity for
c) Asking someone else to do feedback
the job c) The training was theoretical
d) Delaying the trip to d) It was hard to say anything in
Taylorville the session

English for Job Preparation 65 | P a g e

Exercise 6l - Conversations (Part 3 of the TOEIC): Now practice what you
have learnt at the actual test speed with questions 1-12.

Use any time available to focus on answer choices before the first listening
starts. When you finish answering the questions about one conversation
immediately start previewing the questions for the next conversation.

1. What does the man want woman 4. What does the woman want?
to do? a) To share a ride
a) Visit some customers b) To go shopping
b) Send some packages c) To borrow Erics car
c) Attend a meeting d) To look at new cars
d) Give him some names 5. What is the womans problem?
2. What is the man problem? a) She has missed the bus
a) He cannot find the post b) Her car is broken
office c) She is late for work
b) He has to buy a present. d) She does not know the area
c) He does not know the well
womana address. 6. What will the man do?
d) He is late for a meeting a) Visit the womans company
3. What does the woman request? b) Show the woman to the bus
a) A list of addresses stop
b) The time of a delivery c) Repair the womans car
c) The location of a meeting d) Drive the woman to the
d) A map of the city central office

English for Job Preparation 66 | P a g e

7. What does the man suggest the 10. What is the problem with the
woman should do? mans watch?
a) Visit the theater a) It needs a new battery
b) Move her vehicle b) The glass is broken
c) Lock her car c) It does not keep time
d) Enter the building correctly
8. What does the woman ask? d) It is expensive to repair
a) Directions to a city park 11. What will cause the delay?
b) Assistance reading a sign a) There is a problem with the
c) Information about a theater battery
d) The location of available b) A strap must be ordered
parking c) New watches have not yet
9. Why was the sign not visible? arrived
a) It was around a corner d) The watch must be sent out
b) It had fallen over of town
c) It was hidden by a tree 12. When will the watch finally be
d) It was behind a van ready?
a) On Monday
b) On Tuesday
c) On Wednesday
d) On Thursday

Exercise 6m - Talks (Part 4 of the TOEIC): You are going to listen to a longer
talk. Focus on the answer choices and pick out the key words and predict what
you are going to hear.
1. Where is the announcement taking 2. What is the main purpose of the
place? announcement?
a) In a college classroom a) To summarize sales volumes
b) At a company board meeting b) To suggest areas for research
c) At a computer conference c) To advertise a product
d) In a department store d) To outline a business plan

English for Job Preparation 67 | P a g e

3. What is suggested about the 7. Who most likely is making this
EL401 standard desktop announcement?
computer? a) An automobile salesperson
a) It has become less popular b) A police officer
b) It has rises in price c) A weather reporter
c) It is popular with college d) An insurance company
students representative
d) It is exceptionally reliable 8. According to the announcement,
4. According to the announcement, what should drivers do in poor
why should discarded items be put weather conditions?
in bags? a) Adjust their driving to road
a) To keep city streets clean conditions
b) To reduce waste collection b) Listen to the weather report
costs c) Plan the shortest possible
c) To make materials safe to route
handle d) Pull into the side of the road
d) To avoid attracting hungry 9. When are listeners invited to
animal contact an Auto and Marine agent?
5. On what day are leaves and grass a) When roads are blocked
collected? b) When safety tips are unclear
a) On Tuesday c) When a vehicle needs
b) On Wednesday maintenance
c) On Thursday d) When a mobile telephone is
d) On Friday not working
6. By what should bags be placed
a) By 7:00
b) By 7:30
c) By 8:00
d) By 8:30

English for Job Preparation 68 | P a g e

10. What is purpose of this b) The opening an infected file
announcement? c) The failure to install company
a) To announce some important software
computer improvements d) The sharing of computer
b) To apologize for some passwords
incorrect information 12. What are computer users reminded
c) To explain the cause of a to do?
computer system failure a) Keep a record of all passwords
d) To describe how to send b) Open attachments only from
company e-mail familiar senders
11. What has caused a problem? c) Install a beter security system
a) The installation of computer d) Purchase new computers

English for Job Preparation 69 | P a g e

C. Strategies and Practice Reading Parts of TOIEC.

Strategies in doing Reading Parts (Trew, 2007:8)

- check time regularly.

- read the questions first then focus on what you need to


- answer the easy question first then come back later and
answer the rest of the questions.

- if you do not know for sure which is the correct answer,

make your best guess, and move on.

(source: http://pinterest.com/angela628/reading-strategies/)

English for Job Preparation 70 | P a g e

Test tips: Part 5-7 of TOEIC deal with Reading comprising Incomplete Sentence, Text
Completion, and Reading Comprehension. For Reading Comprehension, you are suggested
to answer easier questions first. Look at the list of question types below. The numbers
indicate the order in which you should do them to make best use of your time.

1. Specific Information (positive) 2. Main Idea/Inference questions

These are the easiest and quickest to Doing the previous question types first will
find the answer for. help prepare you for these.
Do these first. What is the purpose of this memo?
According to the author, who will Why is Mr. Jones writing this letter?
use x? What can be said/inferred about...?
Where did x come from? Who might read this advertisement?
Who will benefit from this change?

3. Vocabulary questions 4. Specific Information (negative)

These should be answered quickly. If These can be the most time-consuming.
you don't know the word or words, Leave them till last, when you may have
guess and move on. already got information help you with the
The word "x' in paragraph 1 line 3 is answers.
closest in meaning to...
Which of the following is NOT true?
Which of the following positions. is,
NOT available?

Moreover, when it deals with vocabulary questions, you should use context to answer them
and use what you have learnt to help infer meaning.

English for Job Preparation 71 | P a g e

Exercise 6n: Try to spend no more than about 60 seconds on each item; if you don't know
the answer, guess and move on. If you have time at the end review any answers you weren't
sure about.

Questions 1-3 refer to the following advertisement.

Printing for your personal & small business needs

Gaines Bros Printing
A commitment to quality and service since 1959
New opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 9 A.M. to 7 RM.

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Menus Announcements

June-only special offers:

Order 10 sets of letterhead and get matching envelopes at a 50%
Place an order worth over $100 and receive 2 business cards or
invitations for the price of 1
Make a purchase over $250 and you will receive a voucher worth 10% off
your next order during the coming year
Order by phone, fax or in person.
555-3467 9 FAX 555-3478
458 Notting Drive Unit 119 9 Alansburg

English for Job Preparation 72 | P a g e

1. Who would NOT be a potential 3. What will happen from July 1?
customer for this company? (A) The time the shop opens will
(A) A couple planning a wedding change.
(B) A major corporation (B) Fax orders will not be allowed.
(C) A local real estate agent (C) Discount vouchers will become
(D) A restaurant in need of new menus invalid.
(D) No bonus will be given for large
letterhead orders.
2. What could customers who spend $150
(A) A 10% discount
(B) Double the number of invitations
(C) A discount on envelopes
(D) Two free sets of business cards

English for Job Preparation 73 | P a g e

Questions 4-6 refer to the following notice.

Welcome to the Groveland library service

We would like to invite all Groveland residents to become members of the public library system.

Interested applicants should follow the procedure below to receive their library card promptly and make use
of the full range of facilities.

Please complete the accompanying personal information form and submit it to the applications desk in any of
the Groveland branch libraries or to your local ward office community service desk.

Within two working days (Monday-Friday) of the application being submitted:

You will receive a library barcode number via e-mail (enabling you to place reservations and access online
databases before collecting your card). Note: You will require a PIN to place reservations and to access
your record online. Please note that the default PIN number is the last four digits of your telephone
number. If you would prefer to specify a different number please do so on the application form.
Your card will be available for collection at the branch library you have nominated.

If you are under the age of 18, we require a parent or guardian's signature on a permission letter (Form 103)
which will need to be brought into the library when you are collecting your card.

4. Who would be most interested in this notice?

(A) Members of the public library
(B) Staff at the applications desk
(C) People who wish to borrow books
(D) All residents of Groveland
5. What will NOT be possible two working days after submitting the application?
(A) Reserving books
(B) Picking up a card
(C) Checking book availability online
(D) Changing a PIN number
6. According to the notice, what special condition applies to children?
(A) They need an adult to collect their card.
(B) They must wait until they are 18.
(C) They must bring proof of age.
(D) They must sign a form.

English for Job Preparation 74 | P a g e

Questions 7-9 refer to the following notice.

Online water/sewer payment

Welcome to the Worthwood Water/Sewer Account Payment System. You can now pay your bill online via credit
card using the most secure online payment system available.

Please enter your Worthwood Water/Sewer account number below, then click "Submit". Your account number
can be found in the upper left-hand corner of your bill. If you do not know your account number, please call 555-

If your door has been tagged for non-payment, you must call 555-0874 to stop termination of water service.

Please do not use this Web site if your payment is intended for overdue sewer charges related to sewer
certification. If you recently received a notice about unpaid sewer charges, please follow the payment instructions
on the notice.

Sewer payments can be mailed to Division of Water, P.O. Box 139012, Worthwood, South Dakota 57248.
Payments must be received by Feb 16.

A two dollar ($2.00) or two percent (2%) processing fee (whichever is GREATER) will be added to your payment.

All general inquiries should be addressed to the Information Section, Worthwood Public Works Section, P.O. Box
138976, Worthwood, South Dakota 57248, or call 555-2378 (ext. 124).

7. Who would be most interested in this notice?

(A) People who need sewer certification
(B) People who don't wish to pay additional processing charges
(C) People who want to pay by computer
(D) People who wish to receive a Water/Sewer account number
8. How can customers find their account number?
(A) By calling 555-0874 for information
(B) By clicking a button on the Web site
(C) By checking the corner of their bill
(D) By looking on their sewer certificate
9. What must people with overdue sewer bills do?
(A) Call the Division of Water
(B) Pay an additional processing fee
(C) Address their inquiries to the Information Section
(D) Follow the instructions given

English for Job Preparation 75 | P a g e

Questions 10-12 refer to the following agenda and letter.

Walken Student Empowerment Conference

Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 10

2:00 RM. Open Registration - Walken University Park

3:30 RM. Welcome and Introductions by Dean Alison Murret- Griffen Hall
4:15 RM. First speaker: Harry Lothian - St. Exupery Auditorium
Chair of Economics, Senior Student Advisor
"Transition from lecture hall to boardroom"
5:00 RM. Main speaker: Horst Van Buren - St. Exupery Auditorium
Chairman of Alliance Department Stores
"Making your way in the real world - struggles and successes"
6:00 RM. Reception with Horst Van Buren - Vimy Atrium
7:00 RM. Dinner at the Brownville Inn

Dear Mr. Van Buren,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very interesting and motivational talk at our
conference last Thursday. I am sure the students found it particularly inspirational as the y prepare to make
their way in the working world.

Thank you also for the generous award donation that you made and for agreeing to present the grand prize
during the reception after your talk.

I am sure I speak for the rest of the faculty and the student council when I say we would be honored if you
would consider speaking at future conferences.

With sincerest appreciation and best wishes,


Alison Murret

Alison Murret

10. For whom was the conference probably intended?

(A) High school students applying for university
(B) Students who will soon graduate from university
(C) Former university students who are now working
(D) Company workers taking university night school courses

English for Job Preparation 76 | P a g e

11. What is suggested about Mr. Van Buren?
(A) He has spoken at the university before.
(B) He is a teacher of economics.
(C) He attended Walken University as a student.
(D) He has given some money to the university.
12. In the letter, the word "rest" in paragraph 3, line 1 is closest in meaning to
(A) Relaxation
(B) Gathering
(C) Remainder
(D) excess

English for Job Preparation 77 | P a g e

Exercise 6o: Try to spend no more than about 60 seconds on each item; if you don't know the
answer, guess and move on. If you have time at the end review any answers you weren't sure


To: Marketing Department

From: Jo Worthing
Attention: URGENT

There has been a change of specification of our product, following responses from Wednesdays
presentation. Please come to my office and collect a copy of the document outlining the changes that
are being made, and see that all of marketing and PR outputs that you are involved with are updated
and correct. If you have any questions after reading the document, dont hesitate to contact me.

Jo Worthing
Product Development

1. How do the recipients find out what changes have been made?
(A) By reading a document
(B) By going to a presentation
(C) By asking Jo Worthing
(D) By checking marketing outputs
2. What does Jo Worthings job involve?
(A) Secretarial duties
(B) Selling products
(C) Developing products
(D) Marketing products

English for Job Preparation 78 | P a g e

Questions 3-5 refer to the following notice.

Fire Procedure

If you detect FIRE or SMOKE, do this at once:

1. STAY CALM and use common sense
2. Close the door to CONFINE the fire and smoke.
3. ACTIVATE THE FIRE ALARM a small red box located on the wall near each exit.
4. REPORT THE FIRE. CALL UAB Police at 911 or use HELP PHONE, identify yourself and tell the dispatcher
the exact location of the fire and what is burning.
5. EVACUATE. All building occupants should proceed to the nearest exit, move away from the building and
assemble in a location predetermined by your supervisor. This will provide a quick and easy way to account
for all personnel. It is also important that the fire department has clear and unobstructed access to the building.

3. During a fire, why should you close the door?

(A) To demonstrate that you are calm
(B) To help facilitate evacuation
(C) To give the fire department clear access
(D) To stop the fire from spreading
4. What is NOT something mentioned as something that you should tell the dispatcher after
dialing 911?
(A) Where the fire is
(B) What is on fire
(C) How the fire started
(D) Who you are
5. What you should plan before a fire happens?
(A) Where to go after evacuating
(B) Who is responsible for calling the fire service
(C) How to work the fire alarm
(D) What to take with you

Questions 6-8 refer to the following email.

English for Job Preparation 79 | P a g e

To : All employees
From : Jason Byrne
CC : Brian Weston
Subject : Software Training Session

Im sending out this reminder that we are holding Software Training Sessions this Friday in the
Computer Lab. There will be a morning session and an afternoon session, so be sure to sign up for your
preference in the IT office if you havent already. Each session should take about four hours.
Im sure you realize the importance of these sessions, as there has been considerable discussion of our
companys decision to change from Windows to Linux running systems, and concern about making a smooth
transition. I want to say again that we are not expecting any difficulties. Utrans is a very user-friendly program.
Dr. Brian Weston will be doing the training, and you will be in good hands.

Jason Byrne, Manager, IT Department.

6. What is the email purpose?

(A) An announcement.
(B) A reminder.
(C) A warning.
(D) A guide.
7. How do employees know which session to go to?
(A) They just turn up when they can.
(B) They ask at the IT office.
(C) They are informed in the e-mail.
(D) They choose themselves
8. Approximately how much of the workday do the training sessions fill?
(A) All day
(B) Half day
(C) A couple of hours
(D) Approximately four minutes

English for Job Preparation 80 | P a g e

Questions 9-13 refer to the following letter and insert.

24 Ravencroft Lane
Portland, OR 34227

Dear Sir/Madam:
We are contacting you to inform you that due to work on the electricity grid, your
area will be without electricity for approximately 4 hours in the morning of September
12th. We hope that you understand that tis maintenance is necessary and we suggest
that you read the insert on how to survive power cut in order to minimize your

William Tyler
Municipal Electricity


How you should prepare:

Have a battery powered radio tuned into a news station to receive updates.
Keep a supply of candles, but dont leave candles or heaters unattended. Place
them where you wont knock them over. A flashlight may be a safer alternative
and keep the batteries renewed.

If power is interrupted:
Switch off and unplug sensitive electronic appliances such as personal computer,
video players, satellite receivers, answering machines, etc.
Dont open freezers and fridges more than absolutely necessary.
Leave a light on so you know when the power has been stored.
Check to see if your neighbors are okay.
Keep a flask of hot drink near you.
Wrap up warm.
Keep on room warm and stay in it.

English for Job Preparation 81 | P a g e

9. What is the purpose of the letter?
(A) To sell a product
(B) To make an apology
(C) To give a warning
(D) To make a request
10. What is true about the power cut?
(A) It is due to an accident
(B) It is unknown how long it will last
(C) It was planned in advance
(D) It involves the whole city
11. What may not be completely safe?
(A) A battery-powered radio
(B) Leaving a light on
(C) A torch
(D) Candles
12. What should NOT be turned on during a power cut?
(A) Electric lights
(B) Computers
(C) Heaters
(D) The telephone
13. What is NOT recommended that you do during a power cut?
(A) Help your neighbors
(B) Defrost your fridge
(C) Keep warm
(D) Listen for updates

English for Job Preparation 82 | P a g e

Questions 14-15 refer to the following notice.


Metras Bikes on Trains Program is designed to enable cyclists to bring their

standard-form bicycles on board trains during weekday off-peak hours and on
weekends. Three bicycles are allowed in the priority seating area in each accessible
diesel railcar; two in each electric railcar. There is no additional charge to your
Metra fare to take a bicycle on board the train.

14. How many bicycles are allowed?

(A) Three in each train
(B) Three in each electric railcar
(C) Two in each electric railcar
(D) Two in each diesel railcar
15. How much do you pay to travel with a bicycle?
(A) Your usual fare
(B) Your fare and a charge
(C) You travel free with the bike
(D) You get a discount

Questions 16- 20 refer to the following newspaper article.

Job trends for the future emphasize careers in sales and marketing. Most of the growth will
come in international sales, high technology, and electronic marketing. Research shows that
overseas sales of high tech equipment and technology will increase 20% in the next decade.
The internet is the primary source for advertising and marketing to these overseas
customers. At the same time, however successful marketers must find new avenues to
increase customer awareness of their products. As some clients become inundated by
information on the internet, and as others are still just learning to navigate the Web, the
marketers of the future will have to be inventive.
More traditional sales skills, such as bilingualism and an agreeable character, are still
useful. Willingness to travel is also a plus.

English for Job Preparation 83 | P a g e

16. What kinds of careers show promise for the future?
(A) Research and development.
(B) Sales and marketing.
(C) High technology.
(D) Travel agents.
17. Why are these careers increasing in importance?
(A) Companies are trying to focus on profits.
(B) They address a neglected market segment.
(C) High tech sales are growing.
(D) Most marketing will occur on the Internet.
18. The word avenues in line 5 is closest meaning to
(A) streets (B) ways (C) stores (D) sales
19. The author believe that successful marketer must be.
(A) bilingual (B) overseas (C) a breast of research (D) creative
20. According to the article, why isnt Internet advertising always effective?
(A) Some users see too much of it; some see too little.
(B) Many users have limited English skills.
(C) Access to the web may be limited.
(D) Consumers are unaware of products advertised on the Internet.

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Questions 21-22 refer to the following order.

Order Sheet
Computer Support Services
Background: The 20 computer terminals in our office need a significant
memory upgrade. After computer Support Services Department installed the
new inventory programs on September 1st, we began to have severe problems
with memory capacity. At times we are unable to provide our customers
with accurate and timely inventory information and have even had to send
a messenger to the warehouse to check physically whether the needed
chemical product was available in the quantity requested.
Specific request: Installation of new memory chips into 20 computer
terminals, reconfiguration of programs, resetting of the computers,
general trouble shooting.
Date Requested for service: September 18
Scheduling: We expect that we will need one technician to spend one day
to complete these operations.
Request made on September 10 by: Eleanor Thompson, Director, Inventory
and Billing
Request approved on September 12 by: Ronald Lopez, Manager, and Computer
Support Service

21. Why is Ms. Thomsons department having problem?

(A) The computers do not have enough memory.
(B) Supplies of chemical products have run out.
(C) There are not enough workers on staff.
(D) An inventory program has not been installed.
22. What will Mr. Lopez probably do?
(A) Send a technician
(B) File complain
(C) Check warehouse inventory
(D) Request staff hirings

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Questions 23-25 refer to the following magazine article.

Lorraine Kulasingham has worked in the fashion industry as a stylist for ten years, choosing the clothing
that models and movie starts wear on-camera appearances. Im the one who decides how the actors
look, she says. I love it. Every day is different.

Although Lorraine routinely meets famous movie stars, there is a disadvantage to her job: she often works
to 18-hour days, and she as to accommodate everyones schedule. Its pretty tiring, she admits. But I
wouldnt change careers for anything.

23. What is indicated about Ms. Kulasingams job?

(A) She has recently changed careers.
(B) She often works very long days.
(C) She gets tired of doing the same thing.
(D) She recently received a promotion.
24. What does Ms. Kulasingam do in her job?
(A) Hires the model who appear in advertisement.
(B) Selects clothing for film starts and models.
(C) Organizes filming of television programs.
(D) Takes pictures for the fashion industry.
25. What would be considered a benefit of her position?
(A) Meeting famous people
(B) Receiving free accommodation
(C) Being able to set her own work hours
(D) Being in a management-level position

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