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Lapidario 1

Deven Lapidario

Ms. Larson

English Period 2


Dear Reader,

Im Deven Lapidario. Im a junior at John F Kennedy High School. I wrote this novel for

National Write a Novel Month of 2016. My novel is titled Flight of the Reich, and it is a realistic

fiction. As Adolf Hitler rose to power, those below were both asked and forced to follow. The

men and women of Germany no different. A local town baker, Garrick Busch, is called to service

in the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich. Though he doesnt share the ideals of the Nazis, he is proud

of Germany. His position as fighter pilot will drag him through the war, through unimaginable


Writing this was quite a bit of fun and trouble. I just wrote whatever came to mind, about

certain battles the Luftwaffe participated in. I had struggled all over, having to research the real

combat and actions of the Luftwaffe and making it as historically accurate as I could. I believe I

had done a very good job of making it historically accurate, and trying to show some compassion

for these characters as people, rather than judging them for the country they fought for.

Personally I didnt care or gain much from participating online in discussions with the other

students also writing their stories. For this novel I had found, that I loved making the absolute

awful experience of being on the battlefield in the skies with planes just falling apart in the sky. I
Lapidario 2

always seemed to write the most at night, after doing some flight simulations with Nazi aircraft

to get the real feel of the combat going on.

Id say my writing has improved in the sense of description and for portraying characters,

as this was the first time I had really written a creative piece. Ive hardly ever written a narrative

in the past, never enjoyed writing them so I never put a whole lot of effort until now. I enjoyed

using repetition for effect particularly the most. I had used all that we were mentioned in class,

more similes and various other types of figurative language.

In February of 1945, at four thirty-five in the afternoon Garrick and Anselm were baking

with several people waiting in the storefront with them when a 2,000 pound bomb from a British

bomber smashed through the roof, smashed through the bedroom, into the storefront, through a

table crushing a woman as it came down, then exploding one second after striking the bottom

floor of the store.

Garrick saw the bomb smash through the flooring of the second floor, and said, Der

ench, as it really was the end.

The bakery was obliterated in a second, with no survivors. Garrick and Anselm, and the

people in the store were just collateral damage as well as enemies to the Allies at that point.

I found this part the most important in the story, and the most dark and heavy in terms of

story. Well not only is this the literal end of the book, but it's also the end to the lives of the two

main characters that had been through so much together that I hoped the reader would become

attached to. For these characters, they didnt die gloriously in battle either, they were killed with

civilians as collateral damage. I felt that the message of the pains of war and the loss would not

be complete, without the deaths of the main characters to send the final blow to the reader to
Lapidario 3

know that even after their service they hadnt escaped the war. I believe that for me it shows that

I understand some of these simple facts of war which are some of the hardest to really accept and

dismiss as something inevitable.

Ive spent a lot of time writing this short novel, I put quite a bit of effort into writing it. I

just overall enjoyed writing it and was happy to be able to write without any serious guidelines

confining my story and writing.


Deven Lapidario