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James Tanner Chambers

Education 204-01

Professor Fegely


Technology Enhanced Blended Learning Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Late Night Kick and Strike

Context: This lesson was created to build off the students previous knowledge when it

comes to basic fundamental movements and add on to them. This lesson will be taught after

we go over brief instructions and visual demonstration of how to properly do the activity.

Objectives: 1. Students will be able to kick a soccer ball being rolled to them and

understand the mechanics of proper form

2. Students will be able to hit a foam ball being tossed to them with a bat and

understand the mechanics of proper form

State Standards: 2-1.6 Adapt kicking and striking to simple, changing environments (for

example, kicking a moving ball, striking a friendly toss).


10 Soccer Balls
5 Baseball bats
5 softball size foam balls

Introduction: (10Mins) I will begin the class by taking the students attendance. I will

explain what the activity that we are going to be doing today is and rules behind them. I

will then split up the classes into groups of four (One to hit or kick, One to toss or roll, And

then two to retrieve the ball) Then we will divide up and go to the assigned cones that I

have laid out for the groups.

Teacher Directed: (20Mins)

As a class divided into the groups, I will give each a soccer ball, a baseball bat, and a foam

ball. I will them direct them through a YouTube tutorial video on how to properly kick and

strike the ball. I will ask and answer question the students may have about the video or the

mechanics. After all questions are asked and answered, they will then have the rest of the

time allowed to practice on their form for each.

Collaborative: (20Mins)

I will now bring the students back together and call up the groups one by one and allow

them to demonstrate to me the proper form to use on kicking and striking the ball. While
each student is going I will have the others watch and state whether he or she striked or

kicked with proper form and why. We will then go why they believe that and make sure

they understand the mechanics that is needed for the proper form. I will also make sure the

students understand the step by step basics and why the mechanics are needed in order to

perform the movement correctly.

Independent Digital Content: (10 Mins)

Students will now test their understanding of the material by taking a five question quiz on

the website called Kahoot. It will be covering the basic fundamentals of both striking and

kicking. By having this quiz it will allow me to see the students understanding of the

material that we have covered in the lesson. This allows me to see the areas that the

students need to improve on as well as letting me know the areas I need to work on as their


Closure (10Mins)

To close the class I will have the groups I assigned go and pick up their areas that have the

cones. I will also allow them time before leaving class to ask any questions or concerns that

they may have on the material we covered in the lesson or on the quiz itself.

YouTube: The two videos that I will be using are (How to Kick a Soccer Ball Football

Soccer Kicking Shooting Technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmeEVsRv5xA)

and (Six Steps to a Great Swing https://www.youtube.com/watch?

v=P1a_T1SKqzM ).These videos will help grab the attention of the students at the

beginning of class, as well as show them step by step instructions of the mechanics on

proper form before trying in their groups.

Kahoot: This website will allow me to create a mini quiz on the proper mechanics of

striking and kicking. By having this I will be able to understand what my students know

and what we need to continue to work on as well as what I need to work on with my

teaching. https://create.kahoot.it/