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Sept. 5-6, 2016 IV. EVALUATION

Multiple choice. Select the best answer.
1. Joan is using a compound microscope to
I. OBJECTIVES examine a drop of pond water. Which
1. identify the parts of the compound objective will she use if she wants to see the
microscope greatest number of organisms in her sample?
2. Recognize the importance of the a. high power objective c.
microscope in the study of biology oil immersion objective
3. Handle and maintain the microscope b. scanner d. low power objective
Topic: The compound Microscope
Materials: microscope, visual aid
Reference: Grade 7 Science LM

a. Motivation
Start the lesson proper with brief question
and answer sort of discussion on the early
beginnings and development of the 2. A student is looking at a pollen under the
microscope microscope. If the eyepiece of the
microscope he is using has the inscriptions
b. Activity 5x and 45x for the objective used, how many
Students will perform Activity times is the pollen magnified?
c. Analysis a. 9x
1. How many objectives does your c. 50x
microscope have? b. 40x
2. How are the numbers related to the length
of the d. 225x
objectives? 3.A researcher wants to study the
3. Which is the scanner? The low power mitochondria of the liver cells of the mouse.
objective (LPO)? The best microscope for him to use is the:
The high power objective (HPO)? a. scanning electron
In what direction must the coarse adjustment b. phase-contrast
knob be c. transmission electron microscope
moved to raise the body tube? d. binocular compound microscope
5.What is the function of the mirror? And how
do they differ? 4.If a microscope has an objective with an
d. Abstraction inscription of 100x or 97x, it is called the:
- The microscope enables one to study a. oil immersion objective
objects too small to be seen and observed by b. scanner
the unaided eye. c. high power objective
d. low power objective
-compound microscope uses light and lenses
to magnify objects/specimens. Total V. ASSIGNMENT
magnification of the microscope is computed Assign students to look for pictures of the
by multiplying the magnifying power of the different kinds of microscopes from
eyepiece by that of the objective. magazines, brochures or downloaded from
the internet to be mounted on cartolina or
e. application illustration board. These can then be
Why microscope is an important tool in the displayed on the walls or tables in the
study of biology? Explain. laboratory