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Stanford Night Market

Winter 2017

Booth Participants Guidelines

4 March 2017 5pm-8:30 pm

Taiwanese Cultural Society at Stanford University
Vivian Xiao, Night Market Logistics Chair
vxiao@stanford.edu (609) 903-3539

Sarina Wu, TCS Vendors Communication Chair

swu5@stanford.edu (214)335-3726

Thomas Nguyen, TCS Co-chair

Tcn0204@stanford.edu (832) 641-8833

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About the Stanford Night Market and the Taiwanese Cultural

Night market brought the delights of delicious food and culture for everyone to enjoy.
Charles Chen, class of 2014
The Stanford Night Market began as an idea by the Taiwanese Cultural Societys
founders to try to bring a bit of Taiwanese everyday life on campus. As years passed,
the Stanford Night Market grew to become an annual tradition held in the Tresidder
Student Union, and then in White Plaza as its size grew. The Stanford Night Market is
also supported by the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association and
TaiwaneseAmerican.org, as well as the respective Taiwanese Student Groups from the
University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, Davis. Each year, the
goal of the Night Market was not to only provide delight to its visitors, but also expose
them to the vibrant beauty of the variety of cultures representing the Asian-American
community at Stanford University. Subsequently, we generally receive positive reviews
and continuously strive to improve the Night Market experience.
In 2014, the Stanford Night Market hit a historic milestone with over two thousand
attendees visiting the various food and activities booths as well as performances set
up by 19 student groups. By working with and adopting implementation ideas from the
University of Washingtons Night Market in Seattle, the 626 Night Market in Arcadia,
and the Richmond Night Market near Vancouver, British Columbia, we are working to
create a unique experience that most accurately reflect the festive atmosphere of night
markets in Taiwan.
The Taiwanese Cultural Society at Stanford University is Stanfords undergraduate
Taiwanese American students association. We are proud of the diversity of our
members, united by our love for and interest in Taiwan and its culture. The Taiwanese
Cultural Society aims to parse our knowledge of our cultural identity into terms to
which second-generation Asian Americans can relate. As an AASA subgroup, we host
and participate in various events on campus, including Listen to the Silence, Taste of
Taiwan, SVSA Lunar New Year, and much more.
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Stanford Night Market Event Map

Below is an overview of where things are the day of the event.

A larger version can be downloaded at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zv3bljopfmhl7vs/150508

Vendor Map?dl=0
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Stanford Night Market Day-Of Logistics

Inventory: How much to bring? In the past, weve had over 2000+ attendees and
everyone has sold out, but this year, there are two things that we would like to bring to
your attention. 1) This is the first time weve hosted the night market so early in the
year, when its still cold. 2) We didnt host a night market last year so some of the
momentum might be gone. Our recommendation is to check our facebook event page
and plan accordingly. TCS will do our best to continue marketing and advocating for
our event, but the risk is on you. Student groups: We will have a dedicated vendor
selling boba that day for their normal store prices, ShareTea, so please keep that in
mind if you are planning on ordering many drinks.

**Vendors and Student groups should plan to arrive at White Plaza AT 4:30**.
Please accord time for traffic. For quick service and smooth moving, you should be
here no later than 4:30, else you will not get set up in time. If you would like to unload
food next to your booths, please call Vivian Xiao at (609) 903-3539 to lower the bollard
at Lagunita Drive. Please keep on the pavement when driving in White Plaza. For safety
reasons, vehicles cannot be parked in White Plaza, and it is difficult to allow vehicles in
after 6 PM.
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Parking is free in the Tressider Parking Lot next to White Plaza. If there is difficulty
finding parking there, please see the above diagram for other nearby lots - parking is
free as long as it is marked A, C, and generally, P. If absolutely needed, please contact
Alex for a residential permit to park in any WE, SO, SJ, EA, or ES spot.
Your Food Booth Locations!

There will not be a ticket system. Participants can pay you directly, so please have a
cashbox available. TCS will have a change station available.
Food Packaging- **pay attention STUDENT GROUPS who might be new to this
and dont want to be shut down**
YOU MUST LABEL the food times, please say that food is packaged at around 4:00
PM. Food and drinks should be labeled with something similar to the following:

Scallion Pancakes
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Taipei 101 - Starting time: 4:00PM (or 3:55PM 4:05PM etc)

Labels can be handwritten or stuck on as a sticker. This is because food is allowed to

be out of temperature control for a maximum of 4 hours. Cold food should still be kept
cold, and hot food should be kept hot.
A health inspector will come by the event sometime in the evening. All food MUST be
prepackaged individually- nothing should be prepared onsite other than reheating.
Prepackaged is defined as being in a state where the food or drink is simply handed to
the person - no scooping, ladling, and similar is done. Please e-mail us at the
addresses on the cover if you need more storage space. We will do our best to
If the health instructor shuts you down, theres nothing we can do about it. Please
follow our guidelines
Utilities, Restroom
There will be electric outlets available. If you need electricity, we would suggest
bringing an extension cord. There is at most 1 outlet per booth. We will provide tents,
chairs, and a table for each booth.
There will be free Internet on campus, but wireless Internet and cell coverage may be
spotty with the amount of people on campus during the event. Nonetheless, joining the
"Stanford Guest" network will allow you to connect your device online.
Restrooms are located at Tresidder Union and the Student Center (Old Union)
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your
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Stanford Night Market Day-Of Checklist

Please check the list below to see if you have everything for the day of the event.
Prepackaged food with labels.
Cooler(s) with ice/blue ice/similar if you have food meant to be serve chilled.
Trays and racks with sternos if you have food meant to be served hot.
Utensils (forks, napkins, etc).
Large poster to act as a menu with food items and their price in tickets. An A-
stand is fine as well. Posters can be handwritten - it should be visible when
taped to the top of the tent.
Cashbox and change (we will have some as well)
In the past, vendors also brought business cards or flyers for guests to take.
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Links and References

Stanford Night Market Facebook shortlink: https://stanfordnightmarket.org/fb
Stanford campus map: http://maps.stanford.edu/sites/all/lbre-