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Shabab Didar

A short biography of Richard III

Early Childhood
Richard III was born on the 2nd of October 1452, in
Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire. He was born into the
House of York. His father was the 3rd Duke of York, Richard
Plantagenet and his mother was Cecily Neville. He also had
13th siblings, but only 7 of them survived into adulthood.
When Richard was young his house (House of York) and the
House Lancaster, were at war for the English Throne. The war
was dubbed the "War of Roses" and was a gruesome civil war.
A consequence of this he lost his father of whom died at the
Battle of Wakefield, leaving eight-year-old Richard to become
the ward for his older eighteen-year-old brother, presumably
Edward IV.
The war was took turn for the worst, Edward made great
victory against the Lancastrian Henry VI, but ultimately lost in
1470. Though there was hope, Henry VI reign lasted only a
year before Edward was on the throne again. Richards's
loyalty to his older brother was rewarded, he received vast
amounts of land and wealth. Two years later in 1472 he
married Anne Neville, the daughter of the Earl of Warwick. His
influence and power started to grow when helped his brother
in a Military Campaign in Scotland.
Rise to power
When Edward IV in 1483 died he passed the crown to his
eldest son Edward V. Though considered to be a myth it was
told that Richard became lord protector and placed Edward
and his brother Richard in the Tower of London. Thus making
it easier for him to become king. He eventually became king
on July 6 1483.
Fall, Death and After Death
Shabab Didar

Even all his effort Richard lost the throne and reigned king of
England for a short time. Later he died in the Battle of
Bosworth on August 22 1485, he was defeated by Henry
Tudor and suffered major injuries. However after his death a
played was made by Shakespeare, depicting him as a cold
blooded killer. This play became a hit and survived to the
modern day.