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Phases The original Real Meal Revolution

sold hundreds of thousands of

copies, inspiring a profound and
distruptive change in eating across
Observation Restoration Transformation Preservation
Find out your status Repair the damage Flip fat burning mode Preserve the good South Africa. Three years later
quo, understand that poor lifestyle and lose the weight work you have done its time for the next step.
what work lies ahead habits have caused while obtaining and enjoy a happy
and lay out your and prepare for high euphoric lucidity. healthy life. Welcome to Banting 2.0
plan for success. octane fat burning.

Colour Code
Green Orange Light Red Very Red Grey
Eat to hunger Exercise Hardly Ever Never Ever Its a grey area
Eat all of these Self-Control Eat freely during Eat Freely during Were not pro
ingredients until Orange A:  Observation, never Observation and then or against.
satisfied during all Follow limitations during Restoration never eat them again. This one is up
phases. during Transformation. and Transformation, to you.
Eat with restraint in with restraint during
all other phases.

Orange B:
Eat with restraint
during all except
Since their introduction in The Real Meal Revolution, weve continuously fine-tuned our lists by (p) prebiotic or high fibre
following the latest science, taking on board customer feedback and considering the negative
and positive health effects of foods beyond mere carb count. So there may be Green-listed foods (e) high in digestive enzymes
with higher carb (and sugar) content than those on the Orange or Red lists, but there is sound (n) Night Shades (see p151)
www.realmealrevolution.com dietary and nutritional reasoning for this. For more read Real Meal Revolution: Banting 2.0.

Green Eat to hunger Orange Exercise self-control light red Hardly

ever really red Never Ever Grey Its a grey area
Fruit & vegetables Proteins Nuts Drinks Vegetable Juices/ General Other grain-based Treats
All green leafy vegetables Free-range, organic and Closed handful (2 tbp) Tea (caffeinated) Smoothies Any food with added sugar products B anting baked goods,
Artichoke hearts (p) as natural as possible All raw nuts (p) Coffee Fruit or yoghurt smoothies Crisps  ll commercial breaded or
A including cakes, cupcakes
Asparagus (p) All meats, poultry and game H omemade or unprocessed without frozen yoghurt or Fast food (unless you trust battered foods (breaded or any sugar-free desserts
Aubergine (n) All naturally cured meats sugar-free nut butters Dried Legumes/PUlses ice cream the brand and you know the chicken nuggets, battered Sugar-free ice cream
Avocado (p) like pancetta, parma ham, All legumes (best prepared Vegetable juices with ingredients) fish, etc)
Bean sprouts coppa, bacon, salami, Dairy soaked before cooked or no added fruit juice S ugary condiments like All commercial breakfast Sweeteners
B eans such as green, runner, biltong, jerky sprouted) ketchup, marinades and cereals (muesli, granola, Erythritol
Unpasteurised is better
broad (p) All offal (highly recommended) Alfalfa (sprouts) (p) Treats and chocolate salad dressings unless they corn flakes, choco pops, Isomalt
(1/4 cup)
Broccoli (p) All seafood B eans (cannellini, kidney and Dates are free from sugar and cold porridges, etc) Stevia powder
Cottage cheese, cream,
Brussels sprouts (p) Eggs black-eyed) (fresh or dried) Dark chocolate (80% and other nasties All crackers and cracker Sucralose
cream cheese, full-fat
Cabbage (p) Chickpeas (sprouted or dried) above) breads Xylitol
yoghurt (homemade first,
Cauliflower (p) Condiments Lentils (sprouted or dried) Dried fruit Sweet things
commercial second), sour
Celery (p) All vinegars, flavourings Peanuts (raw or in shells only) Honey All confectionery and Drinks Drinks
cream/crme frache
Chard (p) Prunes (e) (non-dark) chocolates All energy drinks All alcoholic beverages
and condiments are okay Full-fat cheeses like brie,
Courgettes FertiliZers Pure maple syrup (including protein, energy All soft drinks, including
provided they are free from camembert, gorgonzola, Protein shakes
Cucumber or breakfast/snack bars) diet drinks
sugar, gluten, preservatives roquefort Water kefir Supplements
Endive (p) Gluten-free grains Artificial sweeteners Commercial fruit juices
or vegetable oils Milk Kombucha
Fennel (p) and grain Products aspartame, acesulfame K, Commercial iced teas
Tamari/fermented soy sauce M ilk substitutes: almond Vegetarian Proteins
Garlic (p) saccharin Flavoured milk and
milk, rice milk, coconut milk Fruits & Vegetables Amaranth Naturally fermented tofu
Gem squash Agave milkshakes
Fertilizers and hemp milk Apples (p) Arrowroot Pea protein
Kale (p) Canned fruit
All homemade bone broths S oft cheeses like mozzarella, Apricots Buckwheat Processed soy
Leeks (p) Coconut blossom sugar Dairy-related
Coconut yoghurt feta, ricotta Bananas Bran
Lemons & limes Cordials Commercial cheese spreads
Coconut kefir Breadfruit Gluten-free pasta
Lettuce Fructose Coffee creamers
Kefir butter/cheese Fruit & Vegetables Millet
Mange tout (p) Oats (must be gluten-free) Glucose
Kimchi Edamame Condensed milk
Mushrooms No more than half a closed Popcorn Jam Ice cream and commercial
Milk kefir Figs (only fresh)
Olives handful Malt
Naturally fermented pickles Granadilla Quinoa frozen yoghurt
Onions (p) Beetroot and golden beets Rice malt syrup
Sauerkraut Grapes Rices whole grain, arborio,
Okra B erries blackberries, S ugar white, caster, icing,
Guavas sushi, jasmine, Thai and rice Fats
Palm hearts (p) blueberries, gooseberries, light brown, dark brown
Fats Jackfruit noodles All industrial seed and
Peppers (all kinds) (n) raspberries, strawberries S ugar-cured or
Any rendered animal fat (lard, Kiwi fruit Sorghum vegetable oil derivatives
Radicchio (p) Butternut squash commercially pickled foods
Kumquats Tapioca Butter spreads
Radishes (p) tallow, duck and bacon fat) Calabash
Teff Golden syrup
Avocado oil (cold-pressed Carrots (p) Litchis Canola oil
is best) (e) Casava Loquats Cottonseed oil
Rocket (p) Foods containing
Butter or ghee Mangoes Flours Corn oil
Shallots (p) Celeriac gluten
Coconut oil (e) O ranges, clementines and Non-GMO and gluten-free Margarine and shortening
Spinach (p) Corn on the cob, baby corn
tangerines All flours and all breads made Rice bran oil
Spring onions Firm cheeses like cheddar, Hubbard squash should be a standard rule
Peaches and nectarines from grains containing gluten Sunflower oil
Sugar-snaps (p) emmental and gouda Jicama Almond flour
Hard cheeses like parmesan Pears and prickly pears Barley Safflower oil
Tomatoes (n) Papaya (e) Coconut flour
Persimmon Bulgur
Turnips and pecorino Parsnips Corn flour
Plums Couscous Proteins
Watercress (p) Macadamia oil (e) Peas (garden peas and Chickpea flour
Mayonnaise, free from Pomegranates Durum H ighly processed sausages
petit pois) (p) Maize meal
Potatoes (n) Einkorn
preservatives and seed oil Pineapple (e) Pea flour and luncheon meats like
Nut oils like groundnut oil Quinces Farina
drinkS Plantain Polenta polony
Starfruit Graham flour M eats cured with excessive
C affeine-free herbal teas (as long as theyre not Pumpkin Rice flour
Tamarind pulp Kamut
heated during extraction Rutabagas sugar
(with real slices of fruit Matzo
or cooking) Spaghetti squash (p) Watermelon
and herbs) Orzo
Flavoured waters from RMR Olive oil (extra virgin) (e) Sweet potatoes (p)
Seeds (p) Rye
recipes or other recipes that Taro
follow the lists Spelt
Water sparkling or still Triticale
Wheat germ