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What do we call the extra money people usually give to

waiters and waitresses? (tip)
1. When you get lost, what do you do to figure out the way 29.If I had a pimple / zit here (point to the tip of my nose),
you need to take? where could I say that it were?
2. What was the last brochure youve read about? 30.What expression could you use to mean that you do know
3. How would be a thrilling vacation for you?
the answer, but you cant remember it? (Its on the tip of
4. What was the last movie that made you feel thrilled?
my tongue)
5. Have you ever met a foreigner?
31.If youre taking a test and you dont know the answer of a
6. Give an example of a posh model of car.
7. Are you used to traffic jams? multiple-choice question, do you take a guess or leave it
8. How would you take advantage of a hot sunny day? blank?
9. Would you and your family like to be the host family of a 32.And if its a discursive question and you have absolutely no
foreign student? idea what the answer is, do you take a wild guess or leave
10.Ask S if he/she is looking forward to the next holiday. it blank?
11.Ask S how he/she gets around Niteri. 33.If I dont know what the capital city of Estonia is and ask
12.Tell us a situation in which you felt overwhelmed. you if you know it, what expression could you use to mean
13.Ask S what he/she does to unwind on WKNDs? that you dont know it either? (your guess is as good as
14.What activity may be really tiring, in your opinion? mine)
15.Imagine that last class, S told you that she didnt know 34.Ask S if he/she could buy you a book if he/she happens to
what she would wear at a wedding party tonight. Ask her if go to the bookstore this week.
she has already made up her mind. 35.What expression could you use to mean that you really
16.Ask S if he/she has ever had an unbearable pain. want something to happen? (Ill keep my fingers
17.What would it mean if I said that I can barely walk? crossed)
18.Have any part of your body ever gotten swollen? Which 36.Do you think that education is an important matter for
one? society in general?
19.To what part of our body are our teeth attached? (gums) 37.What would be a matter of life and death for you?
20.What would probably happen if you accidently cut yourself 38.What stunt would you never do?
with a knife? (bleed) 39.If you were a movie director, would you hire S to be a
21.When you take a pain pill, how long does it usually take it stunt man or stunt woman?
to wear of? 40.What would be a dangerous career in your opinion?
22.Have you ever helped a blind person to cross the street? 41.Who had the big parts in Twilight?
23.What do you need to do with your hand when you meet a 42.What do you do when you are on a crowded bus, you need
person and want to shake hands? (hold out) to get off it, but the space for you to walk is too tight?
24.What was the hardest situation you have ever gone 43.Ask S if he/she is on a tight budget this month.
through at school? 44.Ask S if he/she will buy Apples latest model of smart
25.What do you usually do when you are feeling pain and you phone.
want it to go away? 45.If you wanted to buy a secondhand car, in what part of
26.How do we call the children of our uncles or aunts? the newspaper could you find some offers? (want ads)
(cousins) 46.Ask S if he/she hunts for bargains when he/she shops for
27.What do people usually use manila envelopes for? cLothes.
47.Ask S if he/she would run after a thief if he stole his/her 49.If a criminal decided to stop running away from the police,
cell phone. what can we say that the criminal did? (The criminal gave
48.Do you give up easily when you start doing something him/herself up.)

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