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Situation 1: Mary washed the car on Sunday.

When someone is not the author of the

As you can see, Mary herself washed the car. She action but caused it to happen by asking
is the author of the action. or paying someone to do it, we use the
structure below:
The verb to have is used in any tense,
according to when the action took place.
Situation 2: Mary had the car washed. The main verb (that represents the
As you can see, Mary neither washed the car nor is action) is used in the participle. We dont
the author of the action, but she caused the action mention the author of the action, either
to happen, either asking or paying for it. because its obvious or because its

Mom asked the boys Arnold will ask Sue Leila will ask her
to make the cake. to trim the bushes. brother to feed the A Use the structure youve just learned to
dog. describe what happens / is happening /
happened in the pictures:
Mom _________________________________.
Arnold ________________________________.
Leila __________________________________.
Monica ________________________________.
John _________________________________.
Monica asked her John has asked his Ann should ask the Ann __________________________________.
husband to take Bill brother to write his secretary to update Granny _______________________________.
to school. composition. her mail. Sarah ________________________________.
Dad __________________________________.

B Mark the answer that best completes the

1- Carl is having the car ______.
Granny should ask Sarah asked Victor Dad will ask Sonia to a) to fix c) fixing
Peter to turn on the to iron the clothes. fix the fence.
b) fix d) fixed
2- Gerald had the tire _______.
a) changing c) changed
b) to change d) change
3- Robert and I are going to have our apartment
a) painted c) to paint
b) paint d) paints
C Write sentences with the information given. Follow the model: 4- Sylvie has had his dog _____.
a) to feed c) feeds
Model: Susan / her dress / to wash / yesterday.
b) fed d) feeding
Susan had her dress washed yesterday.
5- You should have your eyes _______.
1- Lucy / the house / to paint / now.
a) checks c) checking
b) checked d) to check
2- Jeremy / his bike / to repair / tomorrow.
6- Mario is having his beard _______.
a) trimmed c) to trim
3- Lena / her homework / to do / before the class.
b) trims d) trimming
7- I dont want to have my clothes ______ in the
4- Jill / the dishes / to do / every afternoon.
a) washes c) washed
5- The girls / their hair / to cut / next Friday.
b) to wash d) washing
8- The next time we move, were going to have
6- The kids / their toys / to put away / this morning.
our furniture ________.
a) ship c) shipped
7- The teacher / the blackboard / to erase / now.
b) shipping d) to ship
9- Paul will have the cat ______ tomorrow.
8- My husband / his wisdom tooth / to drill.
a) Brushed c) brushes
b) To brush d) brush