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4MAT Book Review

The Great Commission Worshipper

Submitted to Dr.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of


Laurie Pelosi

November 4, 2016




Application of the

Action Steps.



Both David Wheeler and Vernon Whaley in their Book, The Great

Commission to Worship: Biblical Principles for Worshiped Based Evangelism

focuses on resolving the misconception of worship and evangelism. Current church

practices have differing opinions on how these two subjects should intertwine which

has made worship, evangelism and the Great Commission a difficult task. According

to the writers, worship is a lifestyle of walking in submission to God and walking

with God.1 There appears to be a misunderstanding between these two concepts

which have not been properly identified until now. The author clearly demonstrates

that evangelism is a part of worship as they state, Many Christians idea of worship is

limited to an emotional high on Sunday mornings, yet during the week they ignore

Jesus mandate to go and make disciples of all nations.2 (Matt.29:10)

The writers illustrate the understanding that for centuries man has wanted a

relationship with Jesus. The authors mention that, men and women have sought to

know God in a relationship that transcends time and understanding.3 The book

presents the distance in relation to worship and evangelism as being both separate in

origin. T authors write, As with a number of other biblical constructs, evangelism

and worship share a symbiotic relationship, one does not rightly exist without the


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Stoughton, 2000)
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In summary, our discipleship is critical and we do not have to be scholars to

become involved. The authors are very clear, spiritual maturity that multiplies does

not occur by accident, it is done with intent in relation to the desires of Christ for His

church.5 The great commission and true evangelism is what really matters, the

authors relay true evangelism must always embrace the whole being in both words

and deeds. 6

Concrete response

While reading this book I specifically recall what a difficult time I had in my

spiritual life connecting to Jesus. My dilemma was while in prayer I could not stay

focused on Jesus. My pastor encouraged me by stating, Jesus has sent you a special

invitation, and he inspired me to train my soul. Strategies were developed such as

quiet places and ridding the area of distractions and within time I succeeded. He

further assisted me in training my soul he stated that evangelizing is not a gift and I

should look at this as a commandment!

Another intriguing aspect of this book clearly indicates that worship,

evangelism and even mission were all kept strategically on a different shelf. Of

interest I experience this concept at Church but not in my volunteering capacity.

Volunteering with a Chaplain at the hospital has conveyed a different

understanding, as he leads people to the Lord using both styles. He further suggested

that I not view my relationship with God with traditional liturgy.

He has encouraged me to understand that my present church and worship

service has to affect evangelism. Communication is a necessary tool to use without

the use of both in his profession he would fail at helping hurting souls. The wisdom I

have garnered from this has been insurmountable. So much of community is involved,

he reminds me often that his private life is the same as his spiritual life, and his goal is

to bring people to our Lord.


Initially the concept of evangelizing with worship did not seem like a natural

process. The authors refer to worship as, Loving God.7 While we love God it does

seem quite selfish not to invest our- selves with others. Spiritfilled worship is our

most powerful tool and as I can now see it is quite underutilized.

As Christians we are not fulfilling our commandment. It is worrisome that

we do not desire for more repentance, conversion and discipleship. We are missing

opportunities by not expressing our gratitude and obedience to God.

. Ibid.77
With the help of this book I have realized that we are freely offering hope of a

better life with Jesus. As the authors state, by nature Great Commission Worshippers

are missional on two levels, (1) they take the gospel to the nations, and (2) great

Commission Worshippers reach out to the needs, feed the hungry, care for the sick,

embrace the marginalized, take in orphans, love widows and accept the unwanted. 8

Application of the Book

I would like to begin my journey and share my faith with my fellow neighbors

and have a genuine conversation with them. I will listen with intent to their story and

express my joy about my life and experience with Jesus. My experience in life has

given me the luxury of discussing my experiences with many people whether I am

working or with family and friends. My volunteering has helped in achieving

confidence as well as communicating the good news of Jesus.

Action Step 1

I will continue to share my new found understanding amongst my Bible Study

group as well as my church. I will also develop a strategy to share the Gospel with at

least two neighbors who do not share my faith that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

.Ibid., 64

I will keep in mind the authors words of encouragement as they state, do not continue

to drink from the foundation of misinterpretation when it comes to feeling

underprepared to join Christ on mission as a reproducing disciple.9.

Action Step 2

I will further work on the biblical model that will allow me to provide engaging

conversation within my church community and beyond. We are establishing for the

third time an event that will assist me in overcoming any anxiety or fear that I may

have in underscoring my desire that there is a great need in a personal relationship

with Jesus.

Action Step 3

Compassion is another key to always keep in my mind, creating and making

time to articulate the gospel in the best way I know how. The main goal is to produce

worshippers and the hope is for this to be generational. Gods original plan is found in

the Book of Acts and this church flourished. There is no reason why this cannot take

shape and form today. Even with cultural changes I know people love Jesus and in our

hearts and minds have to work to infiltrate this great message.

Ibid., 69

Admittedly I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but I can see through scripture and

the assigned reading that the Christian community needs to step up their practice. A

common misunderstanding is that many people think all worship involves musical and

other forms of high emotions. This is not the case; we should be able to reproduce our

joy very naturally.


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