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Crazy Coordinates Teacher: Steven Perri

School: Auburn Elementary

Date: 4-6-17

Class: KIN 355 Equipment Used: none

Grade Level: 6th
Time: 9:10am
Targeted NASPE Standard(s): 1, 3, 6, 7

Specific Objective: By the end of this lesson students will have solid knowledge of
math concepts and be equipped with math skills involving coordinate planes,
plotting points, and a number line.

Concomitant Objective: The students will stay physically active and practice their
math skills with others.

Time Procedures Followed Materials


Transition: All of the students will be sitting in chairs at

__0__ a desk

Set Induction: Ask the students: What are some of your

__1__ favorite exercises? Do you like learning math? Did you
know that you can use math in physical activities?
(explain; counting # number of reps, sets you do during

Learnable Piece: In todays lesson we are going to

__2__ review plotting points on a coordinate plane and practice
doing it with a partner.
-Review the four quadrants on a coordinate plane (ask
the students question about + and numbers)
-What is the vertical line in the middle of the graph
-Students will answer Y-axis
-What is the horizontal line in the middle of the graph
that intersects the y-axis called?
-Students will answer X-axis
-Next, ask the students what the correct way to plot a
point is. Start at x-axis and move to y-axis. (X,Y) = result
-Continue to the slides with the practice questions and
ask the students to figure it out
-Once students share the correct answer we will move
on to the activity
Transition: Move to the slide titled Partner Activity -graph paper
__2__ Preparation: -pencils/pens
-I need everyone to find a partner, it can be the person
you are sitting next to. If there is an odd number of
people we can make groups of 3 as needed
-Make sure you have a writing utensil to use
-Next, pass out enough graph papers so that each group
has one
Activity Directions: Once all of the groups are created
and they have the appropriate materials ready to go, I
will explain activity in detail
-In this activity you and your partner(s) will be graphing
points on your coordinate planes which will be given and
appear on the screen So pay attention!
-Once you and your partners decide where you think
the correct plot location is, plot it on your paper, and
together you will complete the physical activity that is
shown and do it as many times as the value of the x
coordinate and y coordinate in the given point


hands in the air if this makes sense to you! What will you
do first before you do the physical activity?

SAFETY: Spread out from your partner when you do

the physical movement so that you dont hurt each other
on accident. Also be aware of your chairs, backpacks,
and computers so that you do not hurt yourself. Give
yourself space in your area!

Activity: Tell students to stand up with their partners

__3__ beside their desks.
-Reveal the coordinate points one at a time and give
students time to graph it. Ex: (4,7)
-Students can then start the physical activity
immediately. Ex: (4 hops, 7 jumping jacks)
-Once it is obvious that most students have finished the
first point/physical activity then reveal the next one and
so on.
-Once all of the students have finished the activity have
them sit down
-Show them the answer key and tell them to check their
-Any questions???
Transition: all of the students should be in their seats at
__20__ this point so that we can move on to discussion and
checking for their understanding.
Possible Modifications: -ask the students to graph
__n/a__ another point that you make up
-ask the students to do another physical activity for that
point that you make up
-change the exercises
-choose points from other quadrants to graph
__30__ Lesson Review: -Did you and your partner get all of the
Seconds points graphed correctly?
-What is the vertical line called? What is the horizontal
line called? Does the x or y come first in the coordinate
-collect students graph papers