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Gas Laws Project Due Friday 5-12

Gas Laws to Include: Boyles Law Ideal Gas Law

Charless Law Combined Gas Law
Avogadros Law Daltons Law of Partial Pressures
Gay-Lussacs Law
Required Information: For each Gas law the following information needs to be
o How this gas law may be used, observed in daily life.
o A visual real world example of the law (You can use a hand drawn picture,
clipart, or picture)
o The formula for the gas law in symbol format
o List all of the variables (what do the symbols stand for) in the formula and
their units.
o An example problem with all steps worked out.

Project Format: Choose any format to demonstrate all of the criteria. Ideas can
A Poster
A Powerpoint Presentation (you can use google slides)
Childrens Book
A Youtube video

Excee Meets Approachi Does not

ds ng Include

Includes all 7 gas laws 10 8 6 0

Includes how each law is 10 8 6 0

applicable to real life.

Includes a visual (picture) 5 4 3 0

representation for each law.

Formulas of all laws are included. 5 4 3 0

Variables and units included. 5 4 3 0

An example problem for each law 5 4 3 0

is included. (7 example

Creativity 5 4 3 0

Organization and Neatness 5 4 3 0