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Williams 1

Soren Williams

Debra Jizi

UWRT 1104

24 March 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Lowery, Wesley. "Analysis | Aren't More White People than Black People Killed by Police? Yes,

but No." The Washington Post. WP Company, 11 July 2016. Web. 27 Mar. 2017.

In the article readers are given statistical information on the amount of Caucasian

and African Americans whom are killed by law enforcement every year. The purpose of

this article is to show although it may seem as if there is many African Americans being

killed there compared to Caucasians, they are relatively close in number. The reason

behind this assumption is because there are by far more white individuals in the world

than there are black. However, the number of black individuals dying is very close to the

number of white, despite the difference in population. There have been several cases

where victims of both races were confronted with police brutality and killed, but these

cases have been overlooked by the community. Individuals have misconceptions that

violence in the black community is the main problem and they are killing themselves, not

police. This has turned out to be untrue and there is a high number of white on white

crime as well. The black community is given the image that they are violent,

untrustworthy, and simply trouble, but what brought about these opinions? The thoughts

of a white mayor? Because he is a mayor, would that cause you to see his opinion as

Williams 2

This article can be a major revelation in the community. It shows how much

crime and violence goes on in the world that is covered up or simply pushed to the side. It

brings out the opinions of individuals and uses information to prove them wrong. This

article is relevant to my inquiry because it is based on police brutality. It provides

statistical numbers on the number of individuals of both races whom are killed due to

police brutality each year. The article gives a variety of information related to racial

issues which relates to my topics and the opinions related to the crimes. If individuals

knew these numbers, maybe they would be more open minded into seeing both sides of

the spectrum and coming together to work as one instead of going against one another.

One way I tested this source for credibility is by the currency. It was published

less than a year ago meaning it consists of recent information and facts. The article is

relevant to my topic and provides information at the appropriate level. Before using this

source, I looked at an article by Huffington Post. Although it had good information, it did

not seem as credible and provide as much information as the Washington Post. The

purpose of this article is to inform individuals on things that are occurring in real life. It

contains information and even discusses opinions that are untrue but still catch the

attention and support by other individuals.