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GRAMMAR: Section 1 v2.

Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences:

1. This new office is _____ than the last one.

2. The ___ documents on the table need to be filed.

3. The CEO placed his new certificate ____ the wall ____ his office.

4. ___ they want to stay for the party?

5. Theyre working on the project, ________?

6. My assistant says that he ___ bring us the papers.

7. There was _____ information given during the seminar.

8. The representatives ___ the agreement right now.

9. Ive had no time to finish the report. I havent done it _____.

10. You ____ file those if you dont want to.

11. My office is ______ from my house to walk. So I take the bus every morning.

12. ___ theyre the new bosses, we have to change the way we do things.

13. The car ______ to Mr Smith for years before Mrs Jones _______ it.

14. If I had been born in Spain, I ____ fluent in Spanish.

15. Our supervisor ______ into three separate parts to make it easier to manage.

16. We ____ send our grandfather a letter every week when we were younger.

17. Mr Smith _____ sick, as I didnt see him at work yesterday.

18. ____ the lighter tiles are cheerier, the darker ones are classier.

19. Mrs Jones claimed that she ____ a terrible experience with her insurance claim.

20. If I were a gentleman, I ___ the chair out for her.

21. Mr Smiths wife ____ up over his decision to quit his job.

22. Never ____ such an example of a disorganized desk.

23. The senior executives recalled _____ that information already.

24. I ____ the project by the time you get to the office.


READING: Section 2 v2.2

Directions: Section 2 has 24 questions. You have 20 minutes to complete this section. Read each text and
choose the best answer to each question. Please do not use a dictionary.
Southbank Cinemas for Monday 11 to Thursday 14 April
Hop (2011). Comedy. James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco. Monday, 6:00pm. Cinema 1.
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011). Drama. Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, John Leguizamo. Tuesday,
7:30pm. Cinema 1.
The Usual Suspects (1995). Mystery. Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri. Wednesday & Thursday,
6:00pm. Cinema 2.
Cop Out (2010). Comedy. Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott. Wednesday & Thursday, 2:00pm.
Cinema 1.
Fever Night (2009). Horror. Peter Tullio, Philip Marlatt, Melanie Wilson. Monday & Tuesday, 6:00pm. Cinema 2.
1. How many movies can be seen each day?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

2. Which movie is the oldest?

a) Hop

b) Cop Out

c) The Usual Suspects

d) Fever Night

3. Which movies are the same type?

a) Fever Night and The Usual Suspects

b) Fever Night and Cop Out

c) Hop and The Usual Suspects

d) Hop and Cop Out

4. This text is:

a) A cinema advertisement

b) A cinema schedule
c) A movie review

d) A movie email

Everything must go . . .
Superior is consolidating its operations to its site at Arundel and will therefore be holding a sale on site at
Nerang on Saturday the 21st of August starting from 8am.
A variety of items will be up for sale - from android phones to second hand iPhones. This is a clearance sale
prior to relocation therefore the directions are that everything MUST GO.
Each item for sale will be marked with a lot number for easy identification. The Sale Flyer is available from our
5. What will happen on Saturday?

a) A new phone will be introduced

b) They will sell the business

c) There will be a sale on cell phones

d) There will be flyers

6. In the second paragraph, what does the phrase clearance sale mean?

a) Second hand phones will be on sale

b) iPhones will be on sale

c) Android phones will be on sale

d) All phones will be on sale

7. Where will Superior move the business to?

a) Arundel

b) Superior

c) On 21st of August

d) Flyer

8. Where can you get more information on the sale?

a) On the website

b) At the lot number

c) At the store

d) At Superior

Selling a 1996 Ford Fairmont in pretty good condition as is. I'm only selling because I am out of work and I
need the cash. The car has 23500 km's and the engine runs very well.
There are a few things that need fixing. The switch behind the brake pedal that controls the brake lights has
come loose and needs to be replaced or reattached. And the headlights need new bulbs.
Aside from that the car is pretty much perfect, no damage to the body except a small ding on the trunk, no rust.
Has nice stereo system installed that is near new.
Asking 2500 Ono
9. According to the advertisement, what part of the car needs repairs?

a) The brakes

b) The brake lights

c) The switch for the brake lights

d) The pedal controls

10. How much does the seller want for the car?

a) $2500

b) $1996

c) Offer closest to $2500

d) $23 500

11. Which statement about the car is true?

a) It has rust

b) There is no damage to the body of the car

c) The car is perfect

d) It has a good stereo

12. Why is the seller selling the car?

a) It needs repairs

b) He is unemployed

c) It has 23500 kms

d) It is in good condition

Wilson HTM Investment group chief executive David Groth has stepped down from his position as the
company announced a reshuffle to its executive and board.
Mr Groth quit the top job, citing family reasons, and will move to Brisbane to take up the post of director of
corporate finance within the firm.
Steven Wilson, an executive chairman of the group since 2004, was appointed group managing director of the
company after Mr Groth stepped down.
"David's extensive experience will be retained and fully utilised in continuing to grow and service the needs of
our corporate finance clients," Mr Wilson said in a statement today.
Steven Skala, a non-executive director, will replace Mr Wilson as non-executive chairman of the company.
Newcomer Andrew Coppin also joins Wilson as its new head of private wealth management.
13. Who will replace David Groth?

a) Steve Wilson

b) Steven Skala

c) Andrew Coppin

d) The non-executive director

14. What position will David Groth take up?

a) Managing director

b) Executive chairman

c) Chief executive

d) Director of corporate finance

15. Why did David Groth resign?

a) To take a new position

b) For personal reasons

c) For a better position

d) For the top job

16. Will David Groth continue to work for Wilson HTM Investment?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Unknown

d) Sometimes

As if helping to save the world from the worst effects of climate change were not enough, renewable energy
may also curb workplace injuries and deaths.
That's because fossil fuels as the term suggests have to be dug or drained from underground, and mining
is one of the deadliest of industries. Oil and gas extraction account for 100 deaths each year in the US alone,
coal another 30, not to mention many more non-fatal injuries.
Carbon-sparing energy sources such as solar panels and windmills, on the other hand, are unlikely to take
such a toll on the workers who build and maintain them, argues Steven Sumner, a physician at Duke University
Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. "Extracting the fuel, generating the power and distributing the
power are more dangerous in fossil fuel energy than renewable energy."
That sounds like common sense, but there's little hard data on the health costs of producing green energy
compared with extracting fossil fuels. One study, a 2005 European Union assessment of the external costs of
different energies, found working with wind power was safer than working with coal or oil. And US Department
of Energy researchers put solar's occupational health costs in the same ballpark as nuclear, though they
ignored the potential for long-term harm from nuclear radiation and catastrophes such as meltdowns.
"We don't know very much," Sumner admits. But as green energy makes up an ever-larger chunk of global
power supplies, firmer data on workers' health should follow.
17. Which is the safest energy for workers?

a) Coal

b) Oil

c) Wind power

d) Solar power
18. What does the author say about wind power and solar panels?

a) They are dangerous for workers who build and maintain them

b) They are as dangerous as extracting fossil fuels

c) They kill fewer workers than extracting fossil fuels

d) They are as safe as nuclear power

19. In the first paragraph, the word curb means:

a) Benefit

b) Improve

c) Increase

d) Decrease

20. Whats another word for green energy?

a) Fossil fuel

b) Renewable energy

c) Wind power

d) Solar power

21. In the third paragraph, the phrase take such a toll means:

a) Cause casualties

b) Cost a lot of money

c) Require more workers

d) Take more time

22. Which statement is not true?

a) Extracting oil is more dangerous than extracting coal

b) Working with wind power is safer than oil

c) Working with wind power is safer than coal

d) Extracting oil is more dangerous than extracting gas

23. Researchers at the US Department of Energy state that the health risks of solar power are:

a) The same as nuclear power

b) Higher than nuclear power

c) Less than nuclear power

d) Cannot be compared

24. What does the author think about green energy?

a) There is a lot of data that green energy is safe for workers and the environment

b) Right now, green energy is safe for workers but not the environment

c) In the future, data will prove that green energy is safe for workers and the environment

d) Data shows that green energy is not safe for workers

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