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Your responsibility towards existances shows how much you have attained to ur

authentic reality.

Individuality will not follow like a sheep. Individuality has the quality of the lion; the
lion moves alone.

Meditation is The shortcut from where you are to where you should be.

YOU ARE not to go anywhere , you have to stop going so that you can remain
where you are , so that you can remain what you are.

Each person is born with a unique individuality, and each person has a density of his
or her own, limitation is crime it is criminal.

As you feel more responsible towards small things around you, existance goes on
responding in a thousandfold way . you are not a loses.

What I am saying is not so important but what I am is more important. You have not
just to listen to my thoughts you have to drink me you have to absorb me .

You can see only through your own eyes, u can only understand only through yout
own meditation, u can experience only through the flowering of your own heart.

Life is dangeours, but that is the beauty of it . The more dead you are , the more
secure . when you are in your grave there will be no danger.

Become more and more innocent less knowledge and more child like take life as
funbecuse thats preciely wont it is.

Laungage is for non-lovers, those who are not in love. For lovers, silence is enough
language . Without saying anything they go on speaking.

All my answers are just to help you so that you dont become desperate, so that you
wait. Life gives answers, only life gives answers.

Loves makes you wise, but never knowledgeble. Knowledge makes you cunning and
clever, but never loving. Only fools desire. Wise people live and live joyously, but
without desire. Either you can desire or you can live , you cant do both.
When u are too self-concious, you become narrow, when the self-concious is not
there, your unconcious starts pouring.

What our behavior is in life decides the directions of our soul travel, the path it will
move on the new world it will explore.

Bed things dont have any beginning, but they have an end.Good things have a
beginning, but they dont have an end.

Never for any reason , let ur freedom be disturbed . whatsoever the cost, keep ur
freedom intact. That will make u real man, real woman.

An intelligent person will make his life in such a way that it will have a poetry of
spontaneity, of love of joy.

The same house for the mind is only a house for the heart it becomes a home for
the being it becomes a temple.

A man of silence he may not even do anything, but just his silence is a blessing to
the whole existence.

You never come to a point where you can say, Now we have reached the end.
There is no end and there is no beginning.

Be whole and health and holiness will follow u like a shadow.

Any thing that is given to u by birth, drop it.search for urself Be adult come to
age.Religion is not an escape from life, religion is the name of embracing life fully,
religion is a total encounter with life.

Iam not saying to destroy the mind it is d most evolved phenomenion in existance .
Im saying bware that d servent does not become mater.

Love has a chemical quality to transform pepople energies it changes the person u
love, it changes u simultaneously.

As for as truth is concerned u need a state of no mind no thought not even a ripple
in ur conciousness no disturbance just absolute silence.

Religion is not an escape from life religion is name of embracing life fully religion is
a total encounter with life.

A real person, an authentic person. Is neither superoir nor inferior. He simply is

uniqe nobody is lower than him and nobody is higher than him.

Just look at ur life Are u a free man? U r not there r thousand and one bondages
around u . you may not look at them it is very embarrassing.
Each moment is so tremendously ultimate . each moment is such that it can never
be reapeted again. It is unpredictable.

The moment you become empty of everything that was borrowed , you will become
the light of the world, a light unto urself and to others.

Love is most delicate phenamenon. There is nothing more delicete than love in
existance, hence It is most precious thing.

Compassion is to become a transforming force in existance.Transforming the ugly

into the beautiful.

Hoe long you live makes no difference. How you live hoe deeply, how intensly , how
passionatley. Every thing every thing depends on that.

It is to be remembered that truth is almost always going to b unpleasent, for the

simple reason that the whole of humanity is living in many lies.

A single moment of passionate love , of passionate living of passionate stillness, is

more valuble than the whole eternity.

If you can say yes with your total heart, you are in celebration. If you can say yes to
existance , you have arrived.

The belife system is nothing but poision to your capasity to understand. Good words
are used to hide ugly things.

Love cannt live in bondage , and a condition gives it an imprisionment . Love can
only live like tha vast sky.

Love knows no boundaries.Meditation comes out of intelligience. Buring all crap

from ypur being. Then you are pure alone just the way existance wants you to be.

Existance becomes more and more availableto you tha more you share it in your
bliss, in your joy, in your laughter, in your silences.

You need not to be somebody else. Who ever you are , you are capable of enjoying
the ultimate ecstacy.

God choose first, then you start feeling a hunger for him.. men can not choose God,
it is God who choose man.

The others are impressed by whatso ever you posses. They never impressed by you.
This whole existance is alive And this aliveness I call godliness, divinity no
personbut only a presence which is overflowing.

We all cling to the past and because we cling to the past become unaailableto the

You are born alone , and you have to accept your aloneness. The sooner you do the

The really poor people r those who have never fallen in love & never suffered, they
have not lived at all . to fall in love & to suffer is good.

We are expressions of existance, unique expressions,That gives you pride, that

gives you dignity . That gives you an intrinsic honor.

You dont have to run away from the false. You have just to see the false and the
false fall away, and what remains is the truth.

Once you have tasted a singlr moment on the way towards truth, u will never look
back on all that u had to leave . it is a great unburening a freedom.

Slence will bring u great gifts, and the most precious and the first gift is
intelligience. A clarity of vision, a deep understanding of urself.

The man who lives totally becomes unambitious .because he is so happy right now ,
he cannt conceive that there is the possibility of more.

The third eye is a poetic and symbolic expression that your two eyes have become
one , that all duality has dissappeared.

If we flow with nature in total harmony, love grows, matures, becomes more
intrgrated.and the maturing of love is the greatest gift of life.

If you have found the deathless in you, all ur fears, forever will disappear, and a
man without fear is truly and authentically dignified.

To be a disiciple maeans putting ur ego aside, to be humble, to be open, to be

vulnerable, to be respective, to be trusting and these things will kill the Ego.

To know a mature kind of love to know divine , because it brings joy , it brings
freedom, it brings blessing.

A belife system is nothing but poision to your capasity to understand. Good