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Me tke to visvalze the Faencial system a2 thyicdly zxist. Daw « diegrrn “6 displey ‘fhe Financial System Jo Malay ci Beer eeeeeeat eee Financial Syston Financial Inthe, 7 Carkion Sastor Nlon- Rank. tinaneta.! — Bak Megara Malageia — Frevidert and f Ht Balog Tndifchare funds eASion ¥X Comercial Bonkes ~ Jayurenee, Gompaniog * Faanee Gommpanhea Chcluding Tahal, ) Marchort Kanber - Developreat Finanee. Telomie Bonky Taihtitions — Others = Xovings Tibtchs ¥ Olscoust Houser Net ooa/ Lav) y Konh + Reptevertitye OfPiceg of 4 G-operitve, Getcha Foredgn Bank. (thers " hes Morksl) Hl Trurts —Guume 4 K Srims furel Board inanctal Marks Kiloras * Housheg * Catt Guan Coipoation . (casi Gomponty > fed a i Vertu, Capital Conpenley Hee & G tal fel fege Tel markt [_kpaty, Make (Forex ) >. Band Me It Mane Markel K Pbk Oob 2. Horegn Fechange Sees Ohi Marks ¥€ Pendle Vebl — Raencial , Cor Securihes ae s GDB2063 Financial System in Malaysia Group Discussion Report Discussion Group No:_> Date: T6/\ /aol¢ Leader: NCRJASMINTE ' GFULYAAY BIST) JoHARL Members LNUR NAFIGAR BIT 2.SofEA BT wooR ySH4m | 3. Med How’ Lin | MEOH ae Ron\i 4.MUHD AUF WASYHAN B. | Soha Gnavedl Fanmie 6. Mahomed Afi], Miczconn MoHD mAzcan loin Mdnd Zakr Bin Muhamed Laleli wih) TGP NS VARY SN RNABAB, wats Amit HARE 9. 20766 naga 10. 11. 12, Write the Question clearly: Why finaneiol syetem need fo be establirue! for g country? Write your answer below in point form. 1. Jo ensure smooth munnied of, transection invel vir} money 2 Jo provide dhe bacis for the conjinues resjruefuring of economy "To enable expordex anal imporiers fo receive anol mistol dunols a te faciftale inves}meny 5. Jo help developeol a*4repreneurs business 6 Frevision of Ui wictrty ~ Transformation of ni8k = GDB2063 Financial System in Malaysia x S Group Discussion Report ( Discussion Group No: 3 Date: ib/ol/2oit oo Leader: : Members LIM WAN ERN CesrHer) 21gp (pn Me 1. AINUL HANANI ABD [2. SAMANTHA SiEW VIN [3 AHMAD SVAHIR BIN HAFIDZ C1314). Tsié C2094) ZURAIDIN C3114) 4 MUAADH ALOSIMI [5 QISTINA BT MOHAMED | 6, RUSSEIN BIN (20542) 0864) MoHAMED MOHSIN Qibi3) 7. MUHANWMAD HAZ 18 ySTAFA MURAD 9. ADNAN MOHAMMAD BIN HALIM (o1MI5) ShAD 04997 AL FADHLi 20544 10. diy 2 ‘Write the Question clearly: a = Describe briefly how the financial system th Mmadaysia has devetop before 1980 . Write your answer below in point form. 1 Central of evolution > trading ~. C1dea) 2 Fst barter system happened tn the Mth Century mh Malacca. 3 The first 3 kihdS of institutions nm Malaysia were AI Commetcial bank BD) Merchant bank c)_Finance Company J * 145g — Central bank of Malaysia OFdinahce = Authonty to Issue currency (cbo) 5 145d — Bank Negain Malaysia 18 established in the same year, we had 26 banks, 6 incorporated banks of Malaysia 145], — EPF CeEmployee Provident Fund) * retirement plan A mobilizing compulsory savings SCRIBBER, 6DB2063 Financial system in Malaysia Group Discussion Report ae S Discussion Group No: 4 Date: 16. | 20/7 Leader: AIZAT AKMAL O/H (235) A monamiAag BE ODELEE & ‘Members 1. ADLSATUL ADIRA BT NOOR AOZMAN (21205) 2.LYN KAUTHAR SABRINA BT ALI SABeI_SAN/ (21030) 3. MuAMMAD NUB AIMAN BIN ROSLAN (20647) @.ANAQ! RATNA BIN 5. WAN AHMAD DANIAL 6. NIK MUHAMMAD TZAT NARONG (20760) BIN WAN AHMAD BIN MOH ZAIN} (20871) 7. HYEZAIREL BIN ZAINAL |B Wali wari: BI 9. SELVA RUSSEL (21067! AB10IN (21/0) SAIEUL BAHEL (20620) 10. il. 1. ‘Write the Question clear What vv ourency ? Har was’ supplied 2 Wher ets a currency considestel| ab w legal tender Write your answer below in point form. 1 Cwreny v & general oxctpind fom of money, including caihs ond paper notes, which ob sued by a goverment and urdu uu ar economy Used 2 a meciun oF eKdrange far goods and services, ib BU basis x The usreny was suppurcl by antral bank (Bork Negara Malaysia, eNm) 3 The warrency wos consudared a ugab undar om 19 June 1964. 7 4 Legov undur is a muduumy of payment reognised by & Wgal system, to bo Old for meting 0 franwar cblig aan. | GDB2063 Financial System in Malaysia Group Discussion Report S Discussion Group No: > Date: {& /\ /20rf tender di Sapa (\3995) | Members T yawan (20¢as) 2, puta Wowsthoder 3, Fahalan C2046) C2000) a Tham mA Yee CAS S.Rmirah Anuar C2393) |ENuY Janna (21360) 7. Fann Nar DIN Cigst) 8 Ans Loviah C2125 39/9. Sapreh—aiaasy 10. 11. 12. ‘Write the Question clearly: Descalz ihe following Wpes of mved Commodity Money , Flal money , Fiduciary money , Commerdiat Gant Morey ‘Write your answer below in point form. 1 Commdty = raw matedals 7 SUOs aS gold, (9) S The key feetture : value 13 divectly Coatter ake. ereved by he users sastem, os oeRacg, i 2 gat Maney? S The Money we Cuvrantly useck. //any money eo ceal by government to be lege! tenctev. Tre pubic have Confidence and fecth Inne money's otoilihy + See as 3. Storage weeks for purhasing Pavev. 4 Fduciacy Moneg miosted by a pecen for hig owt benefina —rekains assets for a cevtat effae = payment can ve wade M Coftmactity money / flat mney 5. * Commerciert few Mone4 — Pi NF baved areal“ TNSHTUtION “‘Thed generotes money by Prwang was and eaming oS leresp_ Theme ford Troie lbewns a 6 Commercial Bente Meney = TF also accept depots - offen fimandad Somes Suc AS pyordvaft feciities » electvonit, transfer of funds ae 6DB2063 Financial System in Malaysia Group Discussion Report Discussion Group No: & Date: 16/01 /304 : leader: Alexonder Heng Han L Members I. Ahmoa Johar Zalan| 2. Harshona Modhuehon |3. Rofl Anuor finowar 4. Irwin Ton Fai @@ |S, Avinnogh Korthik 6 Abdalioh Absleimeniem| Nombiar 7 anis Raj 8 chow Zi Jie 3. 10. i, i. Write the Question clearly: 6. Whot ore the roles ossigned to BNM when it wos first esToblished > Whoi Feles does BNM ploy now? Write your answer below in point for 1. When BNM wos firg7 ‘oblished, 1g ro/e wos to - issue currency * promote monetory ~ finoncia! stability 3. BNM's current role ~ bringing abous finehcra! System Stability = focilitetng sound 8 progressve finoncia! a a a. hording of Special Sowing rights ~ Government Bonker & FiNancla) Ad Yigg, 5 = Keeper of —imernohena) ‘eserves (6DB2063 Financial System in Malaysia ____ Group Discussion Report Discussion Group No: -} Date: 6/117 leader: SYariqaq br Pen2UAN TAIN SATOIAR Toray] Was waN bused 3. eanreunwcn AOKAMAD OAELAME Ra tne | [ao nooe svaswante a] ]S, SREANT REM RTO TE ab SIRNA Pus ar SHAPIFUL -ReBL np Too MRA 7, Nae ARIER ET VB Taienqwe aver 9, Aue Anh SWRZANA UL hewn Any foto dismin | 10. 1. 12. | Write the Question clearly: Desenbe the Acie (ordinances (Gislared before 1460 related to matou sian financial SUSTE me ‘Write your answer below in point form. 1. Corot Bank of malaga Ordinance ATS 7 obras? £0 Re erhabishment oF Bank Keqaia maloysa io 1ST T “setabisament, adranty Fomor, ona dues oF Coveney _sSVLNG autho ty ded te BNO 9 Central Bane of 2 panting Ack BFR (973 Pevide Cental bak. wud wider KORE for manoeuvre POY — Ga. TMecer MeKibitiy in ihe UCe OF pone ingtuments te Minde menerory en 3. a 5. 6. oo Shston