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1. Micromilling strategies: Optimization issues

Dimov, S. (1); Pham, D.T. (1); Ivanov, A. (1); Popov, K. (1, 3); Fansen, K. (2)
Source: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, v 218, n
7, p 731-736, July 2004; ISSN: 09544054, E-ISSN: 09544054; Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishing Ltd.
Author affiliation: (1) Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom (2)
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jilin University, Jilin, China (3) Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff
University, Queens Building, Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0YF, Wales, United Kingdom
Abstract: Micromilling is one of the technologies widely used to manufacture microstructures and tooling inserts
for microinjection moulding and hot embossing. A number of manufacturing constraints remain that limit the
application of this technology. One of these constraints is that the existing machining strategies are not appropriate
for the manufacture of features that are common in micro parts. This paper discusses an approach for optimizing
these strategies. The aim is to provide users of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) systems with tools enabling
them to generate cutter paths that take into account the specific conditions arising during micromilling. The paper
studies the advantages and disadvantages of using different machining strategies for micromilling and then verifies
their capabilities experimentally. Also, an approach is proposed for storing and re-using expert knowledge about
micromachining strategies associated with different feature types. IMechE 2004. (11 refs)
Main heading: Comminution
Controlled terms: Computer aided manufacturing - Metal molding - Micromachining - Microstructure - Optimization
Uncontrolled terms: Machining strategies - Microinjections - Micromilling - Tooling
Classification Code: 921.5 Optimization TechniquesOptimization Techniques - 913.4.2 Computer Aided
ManufacturingComputer Aided Manufacturing - 723.5 Computer ApplicationsComputer Applications - 604.2 Machining
OperationsMachining Operations - 534.2 Foundry PracticeFoundry Practice - 531.2 MetallographyMetallography - 483
Soil Mechanics and FoundationsSoil Mechanics and Foundations
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