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Name_____________________Hour ___________ Date __________MidTerm Study Guide DP1

1. What is the 2 image formats used in class (Photoshop and Weebly)?

2. Tool to select color.

3. The area where all pieces of an image are placed upon.

4. How to you change the opacity of a layer?

5. Name all 5 adjustments you are suppose to use when editing.

6. All great photographs are __________ and ____________.

7. The rule of thirds cuts a picture into a ________________, _________________ and ______________.

8. Visual Ethnographies are told through _______________________.

9. Photography is the recording of ______________.

10. _________________ draws the viewers eye to the point of interest or to help create the illusion of
depth and or distance.

INTERPRETATION: The following multiple choice questions are in reference to the image Migrant
Mother (1936) by Dorthea Lange.

11. What crisis was the United States suffering from when this photo was taken?

12. The name of the government agency Dorothea Lange worked for when she took this photo?

13. The style of photography practiced by Dorothea Lange for most of her life is best described as:

14. Migrant Mother is a very famous image because:

15. Dorthea Lange is considered a pioneer of Photography for what reason:

Tools. Please identify what each tool is in the space on the right.

16. (A)____________
17. (B)____________
18. (C)___________
19. (D)____________
20. (E)___________
21. (F)___________
22. (G)___________
23. (H)___________
24. (I)___________
25. (J)____________
26. (K)____________
27. (L)___________

Indicate which filter is found in either the under Filter- PIXELTE or Artistic Filter
28. Color Halftone
29. Mosaic
30. Cut Out
31. Dry Brush
32. Mezzotint
33. Film Grain
34. Crystalize

35. Fresco
36. Paint Daubs
37. Plastic Wrap
38. Palette Knife
39. Pointalize
40. Neon Glow

Answer the questions:

41. How do you resize an image in Preview?

42. How do you resize in Photoshop?

43. What do you need to do to make sure that your images can be seen on the web for public viewing?

44. If a filter CANNOT be applied what do you need to do?

45. How do you hide a layer?

True and False.

___ 46. Photoshop is a photo editing program.
___ 47. PSD files can be uploaded to weebly.com.
___ 48. Upgrade weebly.
___ 49. Using gimp is a great alternative to Photoshop.
___ 50. PS is Photoshop.