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GC3 THE HEALTH AND Candidates observation


Sheet number: 4 of___4__

Student name: Syed Ali B Student number: 00383010

Place inspected: Qatar Business Support Date of inspection: 15 / April / 2017

Observations Control measures Timescale

Hazards and consequences Immediate and longer term actions

18. Slip, trip, and fall due to slippery Ensure proper housekeeping Regular
staircases made out of tiles could lead
to injuries, e.g.; fracture, strains, and Ensure adequate insulation of lighting One week
Provide hand rails support One month

19. All roof doors open cause to All access points to roof locked and Immediate
unauthorized entry lead to trip, fall and remain safe
Ensure adequate signage of authorized One day
entry only
20. Good security systems to prevent
any unwanted events. Good practice should be maintained Continue

Good practice should be maintained Continue

21. Welfare facilities, sanitary, kitchens
are clean and tidy.
Installation of extra sockets One week
22. Overloaded electrical circuit
evident at the kitchen Create awareness in electrical safety One month
Risk of fatalities serious injuries and
property damage Supervision for safe use of electricity On going

23. Stationary boxes stored top of the Remove and shift to appropriate storage Immediate
cabinet which protrudes out of corner area
manual handling, injury, strain, and
sprain. Inform staff about safe storage One week

24. Blockage of rear fire exit route Remove and shift to designated storage Immediate
from storage of water coolers, room
Increase the severity of injury.
Monitor to ensure emergency route is Regular
always clear

25. Build-up of food particles inside Clean Microwave Immediate

microwave found at kitchen no:11
Contamination and causing damage to Inform staff to clean after use Immediate
Affix notice and monitor for cleanliness Regular
APPENDIX 6 (Do not include this part when submitting your report)

GC3 Marking Matrix

For each element, 0 marks should be awarded if that aspect of the report fails to meet the criteria for 1

Typical issues are listed in Table 1 and internal assessors must complete Table 1 to assist in allocating marks.

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