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Progress test 1 Version A

1 Complete each sentence with a phrasal verb in the 3 Correct one mistake with a verb tense in each of
correct form. these sentences. One sentence is correct.
0 I need somebody to . pick up a few things from the 0 My brother has been buying a new car recently.
supermarket for me. . has bought

1 That play for ages. I thought it was never 1 Her project is late because she makes so many
going to end! changes to it.
2 I have to the house after that party of 2 Its by far my favourite film. Ive been seeing it more
yours. Please be more tidy in future. than 20 times now.
3 Now we have a bit more money, we can 3 Since I started work here, we have not bought any new
the spare bedroom and make it usable. computer equipment.
4 I want to sit down and have a cup of tea. Doing the 4 I want a break from the computer. Ive used it all
gardening has me . morning.
5 and in breaking news, the government has
2 Complete each sentence with the correct form of a been announcing tax cuts for low-paid workers.
word in the box.
6 The publishing industry is having problems since
concerned critical enthusiastic mature organised
ebooks arrived, but the situation is improving.
patient polite reasonable reliable responsible
sensitive 7 Hows the holiday so far? Did you have a good time?

0 The bus will be here soon, so dont be . impatient .

8 Sara, a package has been arriving for you at home.
1 The report was highly of the managers I know youve been waiting for ages for it.
of the company.
2 She was that she would not be able to
find the address, but she neednt have worried.
3 The crowd gave the band an welcome
to the stage.
4 In my country, as in many others, it is considered
not to say please and thank you.
5 Marc is very for his age. He behaves
more like an adult a lot of the time.
6 I cant believe how the conference was.
Nobody knew where to go or what to do.
7 My watch broke and they offered to replace it even
though it was five years old, which I thought was very
of them.
8 It was really to leave the cooker on
while you went out. There might have been a fire.
9 I find Caroline can be a bit sometimes.
She never cares if she upsets someone.
10 That car of yours is always breaking down. Its completely
. You should buy a new one.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 1

4 Complete each sentence with the correct form of 6 For questions 18, read the text below and think of
make or do. the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word
1 So I said to my son, If youre bored watching TV, in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).
why dont you do some exercise? That would
a nice change. You could some of My writing day
the housework, like the beds or the
cleaning. Suddenly he was very keen to his
A young writer describes his daily routine
Most writers have (0) their own rules about how they
2 Can I an appointment with the College
Principal? Id like to a different course next work, and Im no different. My alarm goes (1)
year and I need to a decision about which at 5.00 am, I shower to wake myself up before heading
one as soon as possible.
3 If you want to well in a job interview, its
to the office five minutes away. On my way, I buy a cup
crucial to a good first impression. of coffee and Im normally ready to begin writing at 5.30.
4 A: A  re you much progress with selling your (2) than write for a fixed amount of time, I aim
B: Nobodys even any arrangements to view to produce a page of writing every day. It might take 20
it yet. I dont think the agents are much minutes, but frequently its much longer before I finally get
of an effort with it. Every time I call, they
(3) with my proper job. Im a lawyer, (4)
another excuse.
5 Im really sorry, but I cant the shopping to be honest, Ive never really enjoyed it. I see it (5)
today. Ive got too much work to . Could you a step in the right direction because (6) is so
me a huge favour and it for me?
Thanks! much wasted time around the office that I get opportunities
6 I a big mistake when I agreed to to write I wouldnt normally have. My job also gives me the
business with friends. Never again!
discipline necessary (7) writing, so I should be
5 Complete this interview by writing the verbs in grateful to it for that (8) least.
brackets in the correct form.
Interviewer: S
 o Jessica, here you are in New Zealand
a long way from home. (0) How long
have you been (be) here?
Jessica: Three weeks.
Interviewer: How long (1) you
Jessica: Six months. Im having the time of my life!
Interviewer: And what (2) (be) your best
experience since you left home?
Jessica: I think its what Im doing now. Im learning
to skydive.
Interviewer: Really? (3) you (always
like) doing dangerous things?
Jessica: Yes, I guess since I was a small child I
(4) (always want) to push myself,
and this is a great opportunity.
Interviewer: Any bad experiences since you left home?
Jessica: People warned me about crime and
illness but I (5) (be) lucky so far
nothing bad (6) (happen) to me,
and I hope it wont in the next six months.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 2
1 Complete each sentence with one word only. 3 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so
0 People buy insurance when they dont want to take that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
risks with their lives. using the word given in capitals. Do not change the
word given. You must use between two and five
1 I didnt have a what to say in my class words, including the word given.
presentation this morning, so I just made something
0 He doesnt like tennis as much as football.
2 I took football again after a long break when
He likes football more than tennis.
my friends and I decided we were getting too lazy.
3 When Im cooking, I like to have a at new 1 Food is often cheaper in supermarkets than in small
recipes. Im getting into Indian food at the moment. shops.
4 Remember I said Id get football tickets? Ive LESS
my promise and got hold two theyre like Often, food in supermarkets
gold dust! in small shops.
5 I dont know how to describe him. Hes a very hard man
to sum . 2 Im the least musical person I know.
2 Correct any mistakes with the adjectives in bold in I dont
these sentences. Three adjectives are correct. me.
0 I get really irritating with people who use mobiles in
the cinema. irritated 3 His confidence is higher than it was at the start of the
1 My brother-in-law just phoned with some excited news: NERVOUS
my sisters just had a baby! He doesnt seem
2 Remember that book you lent me? I hate to say it, but he did at the start of the course.
it was so boring I couldnt finish it.
3 I went for a walk by the river with Sally. Youll be 4 That was the most boring speech I have ever heard.
amusing to hear I managed to fall in. It was so NEVER
embarrassing! I have
4 You look a little confusing. Can I help? boring speech in my life.
5 Isnt it astonished how exhausting it can be travelling
around the city at rush hour? 5 It is easier to travel around the city by bicycle than by
6 I was disappointing by the attitude of the shop bus or car.
assistant when I took my broken computer back. ONE
Going by bicycle is
7 Do you think people are motivating mostly by money ways to travel round the city.
or is it more complicated than that?
6 My old laptop cost half the price of my new one.
My new laptop has
my old one.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 2
Mars update
4 Complete the sentences using and, but, because, How our knowledge of the Red Planet is changing fast
when, what, who, which and that. There is one
word you do not need to use. Mars, the second smallest planet in the solar system, is commonly known
as the Red Planet, thanks to the iron oxide covering its surface (this is
A: Theres a small tree in my garden, (0) but it in fact rust, the same material you see covering a piece of iron or steel
is in the wrong place (1) I need advice exposed to air and water). (1) And although Mars has a thinner
on moving it. atmosphere and its surface is covered with similar features to those on the
B: The most important point is deciding Moon, there are many other features present volcanoes, valleys, deserts
(2) to move it. (3) the and even polar ice found here on Earth.
weather is still quite warm, the tree could suffer
Among the more well-known features found on Mars is Olympus Mons,
stress if you try to move it now and (4)
one of the highest mountains in the solar system, and the Valles Marineris,
could kill it. Wait a few weeks until the autumn
one of the deepest valleys. (2) Phobos and Deimos, the two Martian
begins properly, (5) will improve your
moons, are small and strangely shaped and may be made up of the
chances of success. If you feel you need more
remains of this impact.
help, go to a professional gardener (6)
can do the work for you. Before the first spacecraft, Mariner 4, reached Mars in 1965, there was a
continuing debate about the existence of water on its surface. In the 18th
5 Complete each sentence with a word in the box. century, long, straight lines seen by telescope were said by some to be
There is one word you do not need to use. canals full of water, perhaps constructed by the planets Martian residents.
(3) Could they be continents, surrounded by seas?
competitive demanding depressing
Although the Martian canals were later found to be optical illusions,
economical entertaining incredible
visiting spacecraft found that Mars did indeed once have surface water.
popular time- consuming (4) The Mars rover Spirit detected water molecules in March 2007,
0 Dealing with all the emails I get at work is so and the Phoenix mission discovered water ice in 2008.
time-consuming I never have any time for actual There have been up to three spacecraft orbiting Mars the Mars Odyssey,
work. Express and Reconnaissance Orbiter. (5) A further two are operating
on the planets surface Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity and the
1 The audience obviously found the show Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity. Non-operational spacecraft also litter
they applauded the actors for the surface, such as the MER-A Spirit and the 2008 Phoenix lander.
ages at the end.
2 The mobile phone market is extremely
In terms of its size in the sky, only Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and the Sun
, with consumers benefitting
appear bigger to us, and are visible with the naked eye. (6) Because
from the resulting low prices.
of the effect of the Earths atmosphere, normal telescopes can only really
3 I wont be watching that film again. The ending
see the larger features of the surface like giant craters when Earth and
was so that I was miserable for
Mars are closest. No matter how powerful, Mars wont look anything like
days afterwards.
images you see in the magazines.
4 Hybrid petrol-electric cars are far more
to run than conventional petrol- A One, the giant Borealis basin in the northern half of Mars, covers 40%
driven ones. of the surface and could be the result of the planet being hit by a huge
5 Marathon running is so physically meteorite.
that the exhausted runners can B It was observations by the last of these that revealed possible flowing
lose up to 4 kg. water during the warmer months.
6 Scoring the winning goal was the most C One surprise is the strange pale yellow-pink sky, so different to the blue
feeling, said the victorious we are all used to seeing.
captain after the match.
D Its orbit around the Sun, the speed at which it spins, and the angle at
which it turns, produce seasons which are similar to our own.
6 You are going to read a magazine article about
the planet Mars. Six sentences have been E More recently, observations of light and dark shapes in the polar regions
removed from the article. Choose from the seemed to suggest land.
sentences AG the one which fits each gap F However, many new stargazers are disappointed by their first view of it
(16). There is one extra sentence which you do through a telescope.
not need to use. G Seven years ago, the analysis of highly sophisticated radar data appeared
to confirm its presence.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 3
1 Complete each sentence with the correct noun in the correct 3 Complete each sentence with the correct
form: travel, journey, trip or way. preposition.
1 Like many people, I have a long train journey to work every day. 1 The best time to make an appointment
Its the only I can get there. with the doctor is first thing in the
2 Tomorrows sightseeing has been cancelled due to lack of
morning Monday.
3 Did you see that documentary The worlds most dangerous
2 1st May, were having a party to
about truck drivers in the Andes?
4 To save money, all business will be replaced with video celebrate our anniversary. Can you come?
conferencing whenever possible. It starts 7.00 pm.
5 All passengers with onward should make their way to the
flight transfers lounge. 3 Please come and see me the end of
6 Im completely confused. Is this the right to the exit? school today.
7 We want to get return tickets to Rome. Whats your best round
price? 4 A: Are you doing anything the
8 Hello, Piotr? Im going to be late meeting you. My cars broken weekend?
down on the into town. B: Only Saturday afternoon. A
family shopping trip!
2 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so that it has a
similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do
5 Im exhausted and Im going back to my
not change the word given. You must use between two and five
words, including the word given. hotel a minute. If you like, we can
discuss this again breakfast.
1 Sam stopped playing football when he left school.
6 Dinner will be ready 15 minutes!
Sam a lot when he was at school.
7 Its so quiet round here night. I
2 I went abroad for the first time when I started this job.
NEVER cant wait to get back to the city.
I abroad before I started this job.
8 A: When are you moving house?
3 Andrea and Silvio have been close friends since university. October?
WHEN B: No, September. just six weeks
Andrea and Silvios friendship time.

4 Who told you that the schedule had changed?

How the changes to the schedule?

5 The company went out of business after months of losses.

The company went out of business because it
for months.

6 I was too late to buy any tickets for the film.

The box office all the tickets by the
time I got to the cinema.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 3

The rise of the surfer

4 For questions 18, read the text below. Use the word
given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form How surng became a global business success.
a word that fits in the gap in the same line. There is an A The only thing a surfer is really interested in is how good the
example at the beginning (0). waves are. This quest for perfection has led to the discovery
Invasion of the snails of many once-quiet beaches which nowadays find themselves
packed with tourists. Todays surfers book online and enjoy
The US state of Florida is fighting an (0) invasion INVADE their experience at surf camps places that have removed
of gigantic snails! Over 1,000 of the huge molluscs are any element of danger from travelling to remote areas, places
being trapped weekly in the area around Miami. The previously known only to a few brave pioneers. No matter
(1) African land snail, which can MASS
how far from civilisation a surf camp might be, though, a
pioneer will probably have been there first. These are people
grow to an (2) size sometimes as EXCEPTION
who will camp out in the most extreme environments,
big as a rat represents a (3) danger CONSIDER ignoring insects, snakes and natural disasters for months at a
to local plant life. Experts met last week in Gainesville, time just to enjoy the waves alone.
Florida, for the Giant African Land Snail Science
Symposium, to try and discover the most B All this began in the 1970s, driven by exciting improvements
(4) ways to eliminate the snails SUCCEED
in surfboard design. They became smaller and lighter, which
made them easier to transport. Newer and better waves
(5) . SAFE
were being tracked down around the globe by a small army
A spokesperson said investigators were attempting of determined young men and women. Naturally, some of
to learn where the snails had come from originally, them had cameras with them, and the photos they took and
though an (6) pet owner is the main RESPONSE the films they made encouraged others to follow in their
suspect. Scientists are (7) that CONCERN footsteps. The more business-minded sold pictures and stories
Florida will experience the same problems as some to magazines and the surf world exploded. Thousands of
keen young surfers boarded planes to try and find the next
Caribbean countries, where snails crossing the roads
undiscovered surfing paradise.
cause accidents and make sidewalks covered in slime
(8) to walk on. DANGER C By the 1980s, the surf package tour had arrived on the
scene. Those early surf pioneers had become tour operators
5 You are going to read an article about surfing. For
and surf camp guides, operating in the same places they
questions 110, choose from the paragraphs (AD).
had themselves discovered. The Maldives became a tourist
The paragraphs may be chosen more than once.
destination after one adventurous surfer was stuck there in
1973 while on his way to South Africa. He had found a small
Which paragraph mentions
island, where perfect waves crashed on perfect beaches
1 an important technical development? and where there were no other surfers to spoil the view. He
abandoned his South Africa trip and settled down to enjoy
2 the way peoples roles have changed? the clear blue water almost entirely on his own for years
3 difficulties encountered by surfers? afterwards.

4 problems of cultural differences? D The Maldives are now a permanent fixture on the surf
calendar, just like a host of other camps around the Indian and
5 an unexpected piece of luck? Pacific Oceans. By the new millennium, the travel market for
surfers was part of mainstream tourism. Previously isolated
6 the single-minded attitude of surfers?
communities, who just happened to live with some of the
7 the limited number of places left unsurfed? best waves on the planet, are confronted with surf boats, surf
camps and young people who are sometimes more interested
8 a change of plan? in catching the next wave than in local customs and
9 a reduction in risk? traditions. There is barely anywhere left in the world where
small but determined bands of surfers are not making the
10 the influence of the media on surfing? first steps in establishing a local surf business. Whatever their
motives though, everyone who surfs an exotic beach should
be grateful to these intrepid pioneers.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 4
1 Complete each sentence with food, dish or 2 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so that it has
meal plus a word from the box in the correct a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.
form to make an appropriate collocation. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and
There is one word in the box you do not five words, including the word given.
need to use. 1 This is the worst film Ive ever seen.
balanced convenience elaborate BAD
filling light shortage simple I have film before.
source supply
2 I should have drunk less coffee before I went to bed last night.
0 Some say an egg is the ultimate TOO
convenience food it is easy to prepare I couldnt sleep because coffee
last night.
and comes in its own packaging.
3 Sanjay wasnt at work on time for the meeting.
1 At home, I prefer cooking
like a piece of fish and some Sanjay was that he missed the
salad, nothing too complicated. I leave meeting.
with lots of
ingredients and beautiful presentation to 4 The train ticket home was too expensive.
restaurant chefs. ENOUGH
We didnt the train ticket home.
2 The main for many
5 The classroom was so crowded that we had to turn people away.
people in the world is either rice or potatoes.
There were in the classroom.
3 That was so I
could hardly move afterwards. 6 The day was so lovely that everybody went to the beach instead
of going to school.
4 Danielle only eats for SUCH
lunch. Anything too heavy and she cant stay Nobody went to school because
awake in the afternoons. a lovely day.

5 Thanks to developments in agriculture, the 3 For questions 18, read the text below and think of the word
total world is still which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap.
increasing, although there can easily be local There is an example at the beginning (0).
when bad weather Interviews: answering the unanswerable question
destroys crops. Interviews are intended to evaluate a candidates personality in order (0) to
determine their fitness for a particular position. Imagine the interviewer asks you
this question: How many petrol stations are in the USA? You almost certainly
have no idea (and, on the other (1) , the interviewer probably doesnt
either), but dont panic (2) a correct answer is probably not really
expected. It is questions such (3) this that give the interviewer an
insight (4) your problem-solving abilities, amongst other things, so be
enthusiastic, creative and enjoy the challenge. Your ability to think under pressure
and deal with difficult situations will be on show, (5) will possibly have
more impact than your beautifully written CV. So, dont rush to answer and risk
revealing your nervousness. (6) you need to do is take your time, think
it through and only (7) attempt an answer. In (8) words,
demonstrate a logical thought process. If you can, youre halfway there.
Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 4

4 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word in bold at the end of the sentence.
0 I love the huge windows in your house. They make it so light and airy . AIR
1 Thank you for such a good talk. It was both and entertaining. INFORM
2 This years autumn range includes a variety of coats and
3 Mrs Naylor is retiring today after 25 years of service to the company. EXCEPTION
4 Your essay is but, with a little more research, it could have been much better. SATISFY
5 This is one of the more parts of the city to live in, with its good transport links. ATTRACT
6 The telecoms sector is increasingly as new firms continue to enter the market. COMPETE
7 I really enjoy golf, but the nearest club is so . They rarely accept new members. EXCLUDE

5 For questions 18, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There
is an example at the beginning (0).
0 A for B to C with D on

Deanshouse Hotel
This is a hotel of two halves, with business guests treating themselves (0) a little luxury
during the week, while couples enjoy romantic weekend breaks. (1) it is only minutes away
from the busy Deansgate area, this elegant hotel is on a quiet side street, ensuring peace and
quiet. A (2) schoolhouse, the hotel has kept the theme throughout, with photographs of
old pupils on the walls and separate boys and girls staircases. The owners have also (3)
to retain many original features, but have (4) modern touches like rich, deep carpets and
large, comfortable beds to the cosy rooms, (5) everything a luxurious feel. The Oyster
Caf on the ground floor offers afternoon tea and a selection of tasty dishes. The staff are
cheerful and welcoming, although the reception desk is tiny and service can become (6) at
peak times. Room rates are not cheap, but prices (7) Sunday nights or during January and
February are (8) .

1 A Despite B However C Although D Yet

2 A past B former C finished D previous
3 A managed B succeeded C achieved D reached
4 A increased B contained C improved D added
5 A making B giving C presenting D providing
6 A quick B delayed C hasty D rushed
7 A at B by C for D in
8 A reasonable B sensible C moderate D average

Progress test 5
1 For questions 18, read the text below and think 3 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so that
of the word which best fits each gap. Use only it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the
one word in each gap. There is an example at the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use
beginning (0). between two and five words, including the word given.
Pain at the dentists 1 She cant get a job in Paris because she doesnt speak
to French.
My daughter Kezia had to go (0) the dentist
last week. The morning entirely lived up (1)
If she be able to get a job
my expectations. As usual, Kezia tried everything
in Paris.
to put (2) her visit. Mummy, I feel sick.
I pointed (3) she had tried this excuse
2 I might become rich, and then Id travel the world.
last time. Mummy, Ive lost Jemima (her doll). In
fact, Id seen her put Jemima under the bed and
Id travel the world rich.
quietly handed her (4) to Kezia. Finally,
she tried hiding in the garden. She didnt get away
3 Youll need to do plenty of reading to pass the exam.
(5) it, not in a bright pink dress. Naturally,
when the dentist got started, it all turned (6)
You wont pass the exam a
to be a huge anti-climax. He was quick with the
anaesthetic and she didnt feel anything. She even
gave a disapproving look when we heard another child
4 I dont think you should travel on your own.
screaming in protest, as if she thought Whats all the
fuss about? I bought her an ice cream to help her get
If I travel on my own.
(7) the stress, although if I look (8)
now, Im sure it was me who suffered most.
5 You can borrow my pen, but you must give it back later.
2 Correct any mistakes with the verbs in bold in
Ill you promise to give it
these sentences. Some sentences are correct.
back later.
0 For people in big cities, evening classes are a great
way to know new people. get to know 6 Its a good thing we have a map with us, otherwise wed be
1 Anton knew English quickly because some of lost.
the lessons in his school were studied in English. HAVE
Wed be lost a map with us.
2 Id really like to study economics at university.
4 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the
3 Many students know a lot of English grammar word in bold at the end of the sentence.
rules, but theres more to a language than rules. 0 What are the minimum qualications you need to get a
job in IT? QUALIFY
4 I only got to know the change of room number by 1 Have you got any of completing your
accident. assignment on time? INTEND
5 Everyone needs to assist the meeting at lunchtime. 2 Iqbal is the person for timetabling classes.
Its very important. RESPOND
6 More than 25,000 people are expected to join in 3 Im afraid we need to make a tiny to your
the city marathon this year. salary this month. ADJUST
4 In with other countries, Finnish children
have quite short school days. COMPARE
5 There seems to be some about tomorrow,
so can I remind everyone we begin at 9.00? CONFUSE

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 5

6 Our new headteacher has managed to

improve the childrens a great School farms
deal. BEHAVE
More and more British schools are now running their own farms.
7 We can get together any time next week. Do you
There are now over 100, with another 100 more in the pipeline.
have any for which day? PREFER
One example is Hutton College in the north of England, which
8 I need your before I can spend
any money on equipment. Could you sign opened its farm in 2005. Here, students deal with all aspects of
here? APPROVE raising animals and growing vegetables. The working day starts
at 7.30 am, two hours before lessons begin. Jake, 15, who used
5 You are going to read a newspaper article about to hate waking up early for school, is now happy to do so. I love
schools running their own farms. For questions looking after the animals even if I have to get up early. Jake also
15, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you thinks the responsibility has made him a better student: I dont
think fits best according to the text. misbehave any more, and I find it easier to concentrate in class
1 Before he started work on the farm, Jake now.
A was always late for school. There are 1,200 pupils attending Hutton College. Sam Connolly, a
B caused problems in his lessons. science teacher, explains that although the school farm has helped
C knew very little about farming. improve the attitudes and behaviour of many of the students,
D disliked having any responsibility. overall it has also significantly improved results in subjects such
as art, technology, maths and science. A number of school
2 What does Sam Connolly think is the farms main
qualifications, including Agriculture Science and the Certificate in
A It has made teachers lives easier in class.
Animal Care, are now based on work done at the farm.
B It has improved the students school Mr Connolly emphasises that this is a real farm. It gives the school
attendance. the opportunity to examine areas which are vital to todays
C It has boosted the schools academic food industry, including better awareness of where food comes
performance. from, animal welfare, the importance of a balanced diet and the
D It has helped increase the range of subjects need to reduce waste. Students are involved in growing fruit and
studied. vegetables which are on sale in the colleges farm shop. If I can
get children to realise how farming works in reality and what it
3 Mr Connollys ambition is for the farm to help
all means, from the farm to the dinner plate, Ill be delighted, he
A understand the whole process of food
production. All those concerned agree that the main thing with food is
B get employment in the food industry. knowing where it comes from, so students are urged to pick
C appreciate the importance of the environment. and eat produce grown in the college gardens. Eating vegetables
D know more about the business side of picked fresh from the gardens is something new for students
agriculture. often more familiar with supermarket ready-meals. Everyone
comments on the way the lettuces stay fresh a lot longer than
4 Why are students encouraged to pick and eat pre-packaged supermarket versions.
Mr Connolly says he is often amazed at some students ignorance
A to provide a healthier diet than they get at
home of farming. Even something as basic as growing a few peas and
B to teach them important new practical skills discovering how much effort you have to put in to get results
C to reinforce a key piece of knowledge can have a powerful impact on people, he says. Professor Alex
D to demonstrate the poor quality of supermarket Andrews of Hutton University agrees. His research shows farms
food can improve students self-confidence, educate them in the
importance of eating well throughout their lives, and teach them
5 Professor Andrews thinks school farms about where their dinner originally comes from. As he says, All
A have changed childrens eating habits. schools should be able to use farms to support their educational
B can help schools save money. processes, even if this involves just looking after some chickens or
C should be part of the curriculum. growing vegetables for the school kitchens.
D may have long-term health benefits.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 6
1 Complete each sentence with work or 3 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so that it has a
job plus a word or phrase in the box. similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do
You do not need all of them. not change the word given. You must use between two and five
words, including the word given.
badly paid challenging full-time
manual part-time skilled temporary 1 Can you tell me about the times of trains to Rome tomorrow?
tiring well paid INFORMATION
Id like times to Rome
0 Its the most tiring job Ive tomorrow.
ever had. Im always totally exhausted by
the end of the day. 2 While I was studying, my teacher advised me to get plenty of sleep.
1 In the UK, agricultural is often My teacher gave me my
, despite the long hours in studies, which was to get plenty of sleep.
sometimes terrible weather.
2 Juans in IT is extremely 3 It was really expensive to buy the concert tickets for tonight.
as there is so much to learn in DEAL
such a short time. Tonights concert tickets
3 A: Congratulations on your new money.
4 We expect the meeting will be very popular, so please put out extra
B: Thanks. Unfortunately its only
a one-year contract.
4 Ive always been good with my hands,
Please put out extra chairs because were
so I suppose it was inevitable Id end up
people at the meeting.
doing .
5 Being an engineer is a highly 5 The flooding severely damaged the electrical system in my apartment
. The training takes many block.
years to complete. AMOUNT
The flooding caused a huge
2 Choose the correct word in italics in to the electrical system in my apartment block.
each sentence.
0 I cant remember the last time I had so 6 If were lucky, well have good weather for the picnic on Saturday.
much fun / funny. BIT
With a will stay fine for
1 Isabel doesnt think she has any the picnic on Saturday.
possibility / occasion / opportunity of
getting the job she applied for. 4 Each of the sentences below contains one mistake with a, an or the.
2 Dont you think its fun / funny how it Find and correct the mistake.
rains every time theres a public holiday?
0 Jane has an experience working with a number of different
3 The company is marking the possibility
environmental charities.
/ occasion/opportunity of its 100th
anniversary with a party. 1 Sam is doing a research into alternative energy sources.
4 I always thought Sean was a really fun
/ funny guy, always making jokes. Its a 2 I hope well have found a solution to the problem of the global
pity hes moved away. warming soon.
5 Job possibilities / occasions / 3 Theres a huge variety of the different species in the jungle.
opportunities like this are rare. If they
want you to work in New York, say yes! 4 Do you know how many different kinds of birds there are in a world?
5 I read recently that Brazilian government is trying to stop the
destruction of their rainforest.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 6

6 Theres the fantastic nature programme on tonight. 6 There are ten more spelling mistakes in this letter of
complaint. Find and correct them.
7 The cars are responsible for most of the pollution in
cities. Dear Sir or Madam,
8 I remember seeing a whale for first time it was a opportunity
fantastic experience. I would like to take this oportunity to complain about the
9 The explorers survived on a food they found in the accomodation on my recent holiday organised by your
10 Jo studied environmental science at the university
before getting a job in Canada. 5 Firstly, there was no door on the bathroom, which, as you can

5 For questions 18, read the text below and think of imagine, caused some embarassing situations when taking a
the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word
shower. Secondly, although the apartment was confortable, it
in each gap. There is an example at the beginning
(0). was not as convenient for the beach as I beleive you claimed in

Many employees get worn out at work, (0) but what the brochure, as it was necessary to take a bus there instead
actually are the most physically and mentally demanding 10 of the five minutes walk you promised. It was impossible to
(1) out there? Police officers frequently take
comunicate with the local representative at the begining of my
part (2) dangerous high-speed chases, but do
stay because she was ill and there was nobody to replace her
they suffer (3) exhaustion than busy executives,
who may have responsibility for the income of thousands until the last five days. When she did arrive, the replacement
of staff? And how do jobs with very long working hours, representative did an excelent job of trying to find an
(4) as a lorry driver, compare?
15 alternative apartment, but was unsuccessful.
The reasons why these jobs are exhausting may differ,
but all three are at the top of the table of toughest jobs
Overall, I did not enjoy the experience your company gave me
around, according to a new study. The report rates jobs
and will not be able to recomend your company to my friends
based on a combination of working hours, stress and
physical demands to calculate the eight (5) and family as you have asked me to do.
generally demanding jobs.
So which career produces the largest (6) of I would be greatful if you could provide me with a refund of the
tired-out employees? This year, firefighter is out in front 20 cost of the apartment.
by a huge margin (7) of its mixture of extended
working hours, often in dangerous situations, and its I look foward to your reply,
responsibility for other peoples lives, not to mention
(8) physical demands involved. Anna Young

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 7
1 Complete the sentences with appropriate verbs in the correct 3 Complete each sentence with the verb in
form. More than one answer may be possible. brackets in the correct form.
1 The organisers have decided to hold the next city marathon in 0 Im bored with taking the train every day,
March instead of April. This year, 20,000 people and next so Ive decided to look for another
year, 25,000 runners are expected to in this world-famous job nearer home. (look)
1 Its no use about the result.
2 Anyone who works regularly on computers should try to
My team won and yours lost. Better luck
at least half an hours exercise per day.
next time. (argue)
3 Michele is keen to get fit and now swimming four times a
2 Im really sorry, but I was too late
week. He used to football at the weekend, but gave that
a table at the restaurant
up after a knee injury.
tonight. (reserve)
4 Though I ......... other sports as well, Ive always found the best way
3 We promised Jean Marc a lift
to relax is to fishing. I also golf for the first time
to the station. (give)
last week its a good way of networking in business.
4 Im thinking of camping this
5 When I was at school, I part in lots of competitions with
weekend. Would you like to come? (go)
other schools.
5 Not another language might
6 If you are a sporting event, however small, publicity is the
be the biggest mistake you ever make.
key to success.
6 If you want more about our
2 For questions 18, read the text below. Use the word given in
services, visit our website. (nd out)
capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits
7 at weekends is a terrible
in the gap in the same line. There is an example at the
way to spend your free time when the
beginning (0).
weathers so nice, isnt it? (study)
8 Diego is so bad at ; in
First-time sailor fact, hes a good example of how not
it. (ski; do)
Sailing always looks so relaxing, doesnt it? Out 9 Would you mind the time of
on some quiet lake without a care in the world. our appointment tomorrow? (change)
What a (0) civilised way to spend a summers CIVIL
day! I thought. As with many things that look
easy, the (1) is different. The first REAL
time I went out in my new boat I had a fairly
(2) time sailing around. There were ENJOY
a few (3) moments as I narrowly COMFORT
missed other boats, but I dont think anyone noticed
my (4) . The second time, foolishly, I EXPERIENCE
had entered a beginners sailing (5) . COMPETE
I put the boat in the water and, (6) PATIENT
to get going, I raised both sails. Unfortunately, I was
quite (7) for the strong gust of wind PREPARE
that blew my boat on its side and me into the lake.
This taught me a (8) lesson: make VALUE
sure nobody is watching when you try a new sport!

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 7

4 Complete each sentence with a word or phrase in the where wild animals, some very dangerous, live. The majority
box in the correct form. You can use the words more of the way is along muddy roads, with the further danger
than once. of flooded rivers. Occasionally the bridges he needs to cross
are under water or even swept away.
hear listen listen to look look see watch
On such days, he stays at home. On a bad day, this might
0 A: Can I help you? mean going several kilometres before he even realises he
B: Yes, I was looking for a black coat, something for cant go any further. He then has to go all the way back.
the winter. (4) He is driven on by his desire to get a good
education and has ambitions to become a doctor one day.
1 If you carefully, you can just the According to Moses, there is nothing much good about his
sound of the sea. Its just over that hill. journey to work. The romantic idea of the Olympic stars
2 I cant meet you for a coffee. I have to go and developing their skills on their school journey is misleading.
my tutor at 11.00.
3 He doesnt know anything about cars, so Mario Outrunning dangerous animals and crossing flooded rivers
needed a mechanic to at his when it broke to get to school do not really reflect the reality for most
down. students, though. Moses school can be found in one of the
4 I had a really boring weekend. I just TV for poorest parts of the country. It is very rural and lacks many
hours. Nobody called at all. of the basis facilities that many children will take for granted.
5 These problems would never have happened if youd Resources are scarce and the prospects for most children
me in the first place. growing up in these conditions can be limited. (5)
At Moses school there are currently two children who
5 You are going to read a magazine article about young have been entered for the Kenyan National Athletics
athletes in Kenya. Six sentences have been removed Championships. They hope to follow in the footsteps of the
from the article. Choose from the sentences AG schools most famous graduate, Gabriel Mburu.
the one which fits each gap (16). There is one extra
sentence which you do not need to use. As with many champions, Gabriel also ran to school. When
he thinks back, he agrees that, despite it being an important
part of his development as a runner, he would still have
The school run preferred an easier journey, given the choice. He wasnt.
He used to run two kilometres to school every morning,
How Kenyas athletics success begins with
mainly because he was always late; then at lunchtime he ran
the daily trip to school
back home and then went back to school in the afternoons,
David and Ben had a long journey, over ten kilometres on again running. (6) A champion marathon runner
foot every day, when they were at school in northern Kenya. on three continents, he is targeting a gold medal at the
(1) David looks set to become another of Kenyas next Olympics, and the Games after that, too, if all goes
famous long-distance runners, coming second in the 10,000 according to plan. If Gabriel has a golden future, it will have
metres at the recent Paris games, while his brother was third a lot to do with that daily journey to school.
in the same race.
A He doesnt give up, though.
Now, another group of students from the same school has
to make the same daily journey. They have, however, been B In the end, though, this particular distance might be the
encouraged by the success of David and Ben but with a basis for something unexpected.
difference. (2) Like David and Ben, 17-year-old C If that sounds tough enough, he has to deal with hazards
Moses also faces a ten-kilometre journey to school, and his most children never experience.
schedule would amaze many of those used to catching the D Nowadays, such distances are nothing to him.
bus or being driven to the school gates by parents. E For at least one of them, achieving sporting success is
only part of the picture.
His day starts with him preparing his own breakfast at
five oclock, before setting out on his journey, and he F This could give them an early start in becoming
aims to arrive at school by seven oclock in the morning. successful marathon runners in later life.
(3) Part of the journey takes him through a forest, G Athletics success does offer hope, though, and the
rewards can be huge for the lucky few.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 8
1 Complete each sentence with an appropriate verb 3 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so
in the correct form. More than one answer may be that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
possible. using the word given. Do not change the word given.
1 Anton applied for a job in marketing, but You must use between two and five words, including
was unsuccessful as he any relevant the word given.
experience. 1 Im really sorry I forgot your birthday, said Julia.
2 My wife decided to her job in IT in order REMEMBERING
to train as a teacher. Julia apologised
3 Many schools offer work placements in companies so birthday.
that students can work experience before
they their careers. 2 You must try that new restaurant, Emma, her friend
4 Ive been a fantastic job at a magazine. said.
It means I can my ambition to become a ADVISED
journalist. Emmas friend
5 Unemployment has reached 15%. There are now nearly the new restaurant.
two million people a job.
6 Repeated injuries forced Robin to his 3 I wasnt really sick when I took that day off school last
career as a professional footballer and he has now week, said Jackie.
decided to a career in coaching instead. ILL
7 Lisa her singing career in 2009 with the Jackie admitted she
song I missed you. the previous week.
8 My company asked me to start a new branch office in
London, but I the job as I didnt want to 4 Dont forget that your lesson will start at 9.00 instead
move abroad. Since then, Ive another job of 10.00 on Monday, our teacher told us.
much nearer home. EARLIER
The teacher reminded us that our lesson
2 Complete this blog extract about a theatre trip using on Monday.
the words in the box. One word is not used.
5 This isnt how we get to Georges house, said Tony.
acting audience play performance public KNOWING
scene spectators stage Tony accused me
the way to Georges house.
I recently attended a (0) performance of the new
(1) City Life at the Arthouse Theatre. The 6 I dont think you should drink so much coffee, said
(2) was absolutely fantastic, something I Alberto.
wasnt expecting from a cast of unknown performers LESS
and Im so glad I got the chance to see it. The theatre Alberto told me he
itself has only just reopened to the (3) coffee.
after the fire two years ago, so this represented an
excellent choice as its first production. The famous round
(4) is still there, which means the actors
have nowhere to hide as the (5) have a
360-degree view. I wont reveal the ending, but the final
(6) will leave you in shock. Book now to
avoid disappointment.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 8

4 Correct any mistakes in the sentences. Some sentences

get a few scratches over the years and, of course, a lot
are correct. More than one answer might be possible.
of actors live near the sea; sea air is not good for Oscar.
0 Despite he is very inexperienced, I believe he has great People are always asking to buy a copy of the statue,
potential for the future. Although but we have to say no; were not allowed to sell them to
1 It wasnt the best restaurant Ive been to. While it was anyone.
cheap, so we cant complain.
2 Ive been incredibly busy all year, whereas Michael has B The party organiser
done very little. All good parties are identical. A guest wants to see a few
3 Despite of all the bad luck hes had recently, Pepe is old friends and some people they would be pleased to
still one of the happiest people I know. meet. Most of my work is about making this possible. The
4 Even though leaving school without any qualifications, magazine has been holding this event since 1989, and it
he has still achieved great success in his career. has always aimed at getting people from every area the
movies, music, books, sports and politics under one
5 Although a lot of money was spent on advertising it, roof to enjoy Hollywoods most important day of the year.
the product was unsuccessful at first. However, sales We start discussing who to invite months ahead and get
improved last month. a huge number requests for invitations. It used to mean
hundreds of phone calls, but now its mostly emails. Its
5 You are going to read an article about four people impossible to fit everyone in, so we have learned to be
who are involved in the annual Oscars ceremony. For good at turning people down politely.
questions 110, choose from the person (AD). The
people may be chosen more than once. C The chef
Because many of them eat in my restaurants, I know a
Which person lot of film stars. I also know that on Oscars night theyre
going to be starving when I serve dinner, because nobody
1 understands exactly how people will be feeling? eats after breakfast, and dinner isnt until late. There
2 has to follow a certain rule? will be hundreds of chefs working in the kitchen and it
3 wants to reflect the past in their work this year? can be extremely loud, but I stay quite relaxed most of
the time; after all, these people my top chefs know
4 mentions a simple formula for success?
how to cook. We always have Oscar-themed food on the
5 is happy to trust people to do their job properly?
menu: chocolate Oscars are popular. I also like to include
6 wants some of their work to go unnoticed? ingredients linked to the films say, something typically
7 was forced to change their procedure? English if an English film has been nominated to see if
8 describes a skill they have perfected? anyone notices the connection. Normally food at these
huge parties is horrible, but we aim to be as good as any
9 takes inspiration from the award ceremony?
10 mentions the impact of technology on their work?
D The florist
This year, Im doing the flowers for a party with a 1950s
The people behind the Oscars theme. I want the flowers to mirror the music of the
time, so therell be lots of bright colours to remind
Every year, Hollywood awards its greatest prizes, the
guests of lively rock and roll music. There are 140 tables
Oscars, to the best in the movie business. We meet four
to decorate, so its a huge occasion it has to be because
of the people who make it such a special night.
Hollywood is all about big occasions. Although planning
begins months before, the flowers themselves only arrive
A The Oscar maker
two days before the Oscars night, so what can be done in
Each Oscar statue takes 30 hours to make and the whole
advance is limited. Everything has to be done quickly and
process is done by hand. We produce between 30 and 40
efficiently, but there is always a crisis - people get sick,
statues a year, then fly them to Los Angeles. They used to
there are accidents. All I have to do is make sure nobody
go by truck, but some years ago, a set was stolen from
one, so air transport seems much safer. We also offer
a maintenance service for past winners. They can easily

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 9
1 Complete each sentence with stay, spend, pass, make, 5 I expect being motivated when you work from home is
cause or have in the correct form. difficult.
1 The long, hot summer caused a lot of problems CANT
for gardeners, but it a fantastic effect on It yourself when
tourism. you work from home.
2 You too much time playing computer 6 The only way for Mr Cazorla to get here is by train
games these days. No wonder youve got a headache. because there are no flights.
3 Simon a few problems with understanding COMING
how to use his new smartphone. There are no flights, so Mr Cazorla
4 My friend wanted to leave early because the film was the train.
boring, but we and it did get better.
5 The home teams strategy it difficult for 3 Correct any mistakes in the sentences. Some
the visitors to score a goal and the match ended in a sentences are correct.
0 Congratulations on winning your first 10,000 metres
6 A truck has broken down in the town centre, which must
race. You might be very pleased.
huge traffic jams in all directions.
1 He might not be driving here tomorrow. He hasnt got
7 While waiting for her friends to arrive yesterday, Aileen
a driving licence or a driver.
the time doing some work in the garden.
2 If you dont hurry up and finish that essay, you might
8 My two daughters all their money on
have to complete it for homework.
clothes and now they want me to buy them some more.
3 As long as there are no more delays, we can be landing
in Madrid in one hour.
2 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so
4 Claudia must have taken your keys by mistake when
that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
she left. These are hers.
using the word given. Do not change the word given.
5 A: The lights are out and nobody is answering the
You must use between two and five words, including
door. There couldnt be anyone at home.
the word given.
B: There might be. Try the door one more time.
1 Were very busy today, so theres a chance Ill have to Perhaps theyre in the garden at the back.
work late.
MAY 4 For questions 18, read the text below and decide
I leave work on which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There
time as were very busy today. is an example at the beginning (0).
2 I expect thats Pete calling. Example:
MUST 0 A danger B risk C threat D possibility
That the phone.
A medical miracle?
3 It would have been easy for me to collect that dry
It can reduce your (0) of health problems, improve mental
cleaning for you.
capacity and (1) the country by helping to cut the amount
we (2) on health services. Furthermore, its simple to take,
I up that dry
works immediately, (3) no harmful ingredients and theres no
cleaning for you.
need to (4) it with a doctor before you get some. What is it?
4 Its possible that Harry went to the shops to get Exercise themiracle cure were continually trying to find, but
something for dinner tonight. which weve always had right under our noses. For some reason,
MIGHT we often forget to (5) time for this particular medicine and
Harry shopping our health suffers the (6) . However old you may be, theres
for tonights dinner. plenty of (7) that those who participate in regular physical
activity not only enjoy healthier lives, they feel happier too. If
exercise came in a pill, it would be among the most (8)
medicines invented. Does anyone really need to be told to do it?

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 9

1 A gain B advance C benefit D advantage

2 A invest B spend C pay D use
3 A contains B encloses C covers D involves
4 A consider B speak C discuss D talk
5 A prepare B do C make D build
6 A results B outcomes C conclusions D consequences
7 A support B evidence C foundation D suggestion
8 A effective B efficient C capable D helpful

5 You are going to read an article. For questions 16, choose the answer (A, B, C or D)
which you think fits best according to the text.

Secrets of the human face

Forget about your phone for a few minutes and take a look at the most successful and important
communications gadget you will ever own: your face. It is easy to overlook just how complex
and sophisticated our faces are, simply because we spend so much of our time looking out from
them, but think what the face is capable of: showing the whole range of our emotions, yet often
also hiding our feelings the list is long.
All human faces are basically the same, with the same set of features, but they send out an
incredible number of different signals to others. In addition to communications, the face is
where you see, hear, breathe and speak. Because all faces are so alike, the brain needs to be very
well organised to notice the often minor differences between other peoples faces especially
between family members who may well be almost identical minute by minute.
Research suggests that it only takes a newborn baby a few days to be able to identify faces that
are important to their lives. There appears to be an instinct to notice faces and to pay attention
to their features and appearance. But doesnt the ability to identify and to store in our memories
the faces of our closest relatives then mean that we as adults will become skilled at face
recognition where strangers are involved? In fact the opposite is true. We are often little better line 15
than babies in that respect.
A key area where face recognition lets us and others down, sometimes with very serious
consequences, is as eyewitnesses to crimes where we are asked after days, or even weeks, to
identify a face, one we may have seen for a few moments in a highly stressed situation. In these
situations, it is becoming clear that people have over the years made huge numbers of mistakes,
and punished innocent individuals primarily because people struggle to recognise the faces of
unfamiliar people. Is technology a better option?
The movie industry has created many myths about the ability of cameras to recognise people. In
fact, finding and identifying one face amongst many is hard. With current technology, the face
must be at a good angle, as well as not covered by anything, but in real life cameras are often
placed at heights where the only thing visible is the top of a head. In the right circumstances,
current technology can indeed identify almost anybody if they are on the database, but, just as
fingerprint experts wont find anything if someone wears gloves, face recognition is hopeless if
the subject is looking away.
Although we tend not to think that much about them, mainly because they are all around us,
faces attract us, whether they are familiar or not. From birth, were attracted to faces because
we learn that they send out many important social signals and give us vital information. They let
you know whether another person is listening to you or being friendly towards you, and they
sometimes tell you if the other person is someone youve already met, in order to spare either of
you any embarrassment.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 9

1 What does the writer say about our faces in the first paragraph?
A W  e are often unaware of how other people see them.
B We need to realise how important they are to communication.
C We tend to forget the variety of functions they can perform.
D We should remember how much they reflect our inner feelings.

2 According to the second paragraph, what is the difficulty we have with recognising
different faces?
A Peoples faces frequently change shape.
B There are very few differences between faces.
C Certain faces are easier to recognise than others.
D Its hard for our brains to notice all the messages faces give us.

3 the opposite is true in line 15 refers to

A the way people recognise family members.
B our inability as adults to recognise strangers.
C changes in the way we remember faces.
D how an adults memory for faces is worse than a babys.

4 What is the main reason why eyewitnesses are unreliable?

A They lack an important ability.
B People soon forget what they saw.
C There is too much pressure on them.
D The original circumstances are often unfavourable.

5 Why is camera technology similar to fingerprinting?

A They both rely on one key factor.
B They are both shown inaccurately in movies.
C They both need skilled operators to be successful.
D They are both using new technology to develop.

6 Why do we find faces attractive?

A We develop this instinct when we are born.
B They tell us more about people than conversation does.
C We find it harder to communicate without visual signals.
D They give clues about how were getting on with someone.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 3
Progress test 10
1 Complete the sentences with as or like. 3 Complete the sentences with a verb from box
0 Birds such as the swift can spend up to two A in the correct form and one or more suitable
years in the air without landing. prepositions from box B.

1 a new member of staff, youll be working with A

cater chill come come cut hang
a more experienced colleague at first. pop pick pull take wear
2 Raphael has now worked an architect for 25
years. B
against around down for in into on
3 We found the prices on holiday were about the same out out over up up up with with
they are here at home.
4 I cant stand it when my kids do things 0 Martha and Jos have come up against a lot of
leaving their clothes on the floor. problems in restoring their old house.
5 you know, we have a lot to do today, so dont
1 Successful TV soaps are still
expect to be leaving before six oclock.
millions of viewers, although its harder to
6 Lucy was regarded unreliable by her
younger viewers nowadays
manager she was always late for work.
with all the online entertainment available.
7 It does look my house, I agree, but it hasnt
got a green door, see?
2 After the film finished, I my
8 Why dont nurses earn much money
friends for about half an hour and then my mother
footballers? It seems very unfair.
came to me in the car.
2 Complete the conversation with arrive, get or reach in
3 Done! The floors are clean, the windows are
the correct form.
clean. Everythings clean. Now can we just
A: How was your trip? Did you (0) get to the airport for a minute.
in time?
B: By the time we (1) we only had 15 minutes to 4 Im just town to do a bit of
check in. shopping. Do you need anything?
A: What a nightmare!
B: Oh, that was just the beginning! We finally (2) 5 Andy is trying to lose some weight, so hes
the front of the queue, only to be told the flight had fried food and eating
already left. I didnt think we were ever going to more vegetables.
(3) there.
A: So what happened? 6 Akiko spent all morning cooking. By the
B: Well, the airline put us on a late flight and we finally time her guests arrived for lunch, she was
(4) in Florence just after midnight. We .
didnt (5) at our hotel until about two in the
morning. It wasnt much of a weekend away. In fact, I 7 If you cant finish the job, Im happy to
was glad to (6) home at the end of it. from you.

8 Arnold a brilliant plan

to save the company. He fired himself.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 10

4 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so 5 Complete the text below with the words and phrases
that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, in the box. Some of them can be used more than once.
using the word given. Do not change the word given.
althoughapart frombecausebutifin fact
You must use between two and five words, including
the word given. is probably the best way to so such that
what is more wherewhich
1 Santi didnt succeed in finishing the race.
UNABLE where
Whichfield is a music festival near London (0)
Santi the race.
you can go for three days in May to listen to music from all
2 The noise in the street kept me awake all night over the world. (1) the music, there are
yesterday. over 100 workshops for all ages.(2)
LAST you are interested, you can learn to play an instrument, paint a
I because of the noise picture or even cook something. (3)
in the street.
Whichfield is most famous for its music, there are other
attractions (4) also attract many
3 I find it impossible to work after lunch.
CONCENTRATE fans, such as comedians, circus shows and a cinema tent.
I my work after lunch. (5) last year, the cinema tent was
always full, (6) that was mainly
4 When she opened the front door, Ola immediately (7) it was raining!
smelt gas.
Whichfield is about five kilometres from the nearest town.
Ola as she opened the
front door. You can drive to the festival, (8)
please think about the environment when choosing how
5 If you have any problems, you could ask Melanie for to get there. Many fans prefer to leave their cars at home
assistance. (9) its even easier to get there
MIGHT by public transport. (10) , taking
Melanie you if you
the bus, which leaves every ten minutes during the day,
have any problems.
(11) get there.
6 Having lessons has really improved my singing.
MUCH Whichfield is a brilliant festival for all ages
I than I used to now (12) it has
Ive had some lessons. (13) a variety of things to see
(14) you are sure to enjoy yourself.
(15) , you can buy advance tickets at
a discount price, (16) youll save
money too.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 10

6 For questions 18, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D)
best fits each gap.
There is an example at the beginning (0).
0 A gained B earned C made D acquired

Reading supermarkets
In the highly competitive world of shopping, supermarkets exist solely to efficiently
separate us from our hard-(0) money. As (1) we should be aware of the
tricks used to (2) our spending. It starts at the entrance. Can you smell fresh
bread? This smell, pumped around the store, makes us feel hungry and more likely to
(3) more food. The sweets and magazines at the (4) ? These impulse buys
are placed near the exit to give stores one last chance at our cash. Regularly bought
items, (5) the other hand, tend to be spread all over the store, so we need to pass
lots of things we didnt originally want in order to find those we did. Finally, the most
profitable (6) is at eye level on the (7) ; this is no accident. The old saying
look high and low for something is worth remembering as this is where youre most
likely to find a real (8) .

1 A clients B traders C consumers D users

2 A influence B impact C importance D effect
3 A purchase B invest C achieve D consume
4 A kiosk B booth C stall D counter
5 A in B on C at D by
6 A stock B store C supply D item
7 A ledge B sill C stand D shelf
8 A deal B snip C bargain D value

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 3
Progress test 11
1 Complete each sentence with a word or phrase in the 3 For questions 16, complete the second sentence in
box in the correct form. There is one word in the box each question so that it has a similar meaning to the
you do not need to use. first sentence, using the word given in capitals. Do
not change the word given. You must use between
active balanced diet catch check-up get over two and five words, including the word given.
ill infection put on treatment workout 1 All visitors get recommended Pani Staszas restaurant
by Maciej.
0 The new gym next door means you can go for a
workout WHICH
before you go to work.
Pani Staszas is the restaurant
1 Its important to stay fit and as you get
all visitors by Maciej.
older. Sitting in a chair all day is the worst thing to do.
2 Please wash your hands to prevent the spread of
2 The teacher wanted to know who had written on the
3 Im going to be a bit late to school tomorrow as I have
to go the dentist for my annual . I dont
The teacher wanted to know
think Ill need any though as my teeth
on the whiteboard.
are in pretty good shape.
4 Paul a little weight while on holiday.
3 Massimo preferred how his mother cooked pizza.
Chips every day is not really a .
5 I a terrible cold over the winter and Im
Massimos mother cooked pizza
still it. Ive still got a bad cough.
liked best.
2 Complete the idiomatic expressions in the sentences.
4 The more reading people do, the wider their
0 During my time at university I probably rubbed vocabulary range.
shoulders with some of our future leaders. TEND
1 The restaurant is so busy these days. Were People
permanently off our feet. have the widest vocabulary range.
2 Saeed was in at the deep end on his first
day at school, teaching some very demanding classes. 5 People know my town because of its chocolate makers.
3 I felt a bit off , so I went home early. I think LIVE
it was something I had at lunch. The town
4 Somebody ate all the chocolates and we want to know famous for its chocolate makers.
who. Were determined to get to the of it.
5 You look like youre feeling under the . 6 The German company KBK Ltd has decided to open a
Youve gone very pale. Perhaps you should sit down. branch in Milan.
6 Alicia wasnt expecting to get the job and was BASED
completely taken when they offered it to KBK Ltd, ,
her. has decided to open a branch in Milan.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 11

4 For questions 18, read the text below. Use the word
or external. (2) This is backed up by science:
given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to
research has found that animals can resist poor diets much
form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.
more successfully when their environment is interesting
There is an example at the beginning (0).
and, crucially, when it changes frequently. The real enemy
Heroes of medicine is routine.
If we look for change, we usually prefer external change
At its (0) height , the disease of HIGH
to meet someone new, to win a large sum of money or
smallpox was one of the great terrors of the
to see someone else important to our lives change for the
human race. Only a lucky few were able to
better. (3) After all, how many lottery winners do
survive an attack, and a cure was
you know? The good news is that making changes doesnt
completely (1) to the KNOW
have to involve a big drama. The tiniest differences to the
(2) profession of the time. MEDICINE
daily routine will have a surprisingly big effect on our sense
This (3) to deal with lethal ABLE
of satisfaction with life.
diseases such as smallpox looked set to
continue, until, that is, the discovery of When we plan to make changes to our lives, its usual to
(4) by a simple country doctor, VACCINE feel undecided at times. We tend to put things off, as if
Edward Jenner. Jenner had noticed that one were afraid of the change. (4) Naturally, the risk
group of people never caught smallpox: is that the old you will win out and nothing will change.
those who had already caught the less The danger then is the feeling of regret. Sometimes the
serious cowpox. Although (5) CERTAIN only way forward is to force ourselves against our inner
of precisely why this was, he deliberately wishes. If it doesnt work, if we feel no better than before,
infected a young boy, James Phipps, first with then no damage will have been suffered and life can go on
cowpox, and then with smallpox, an action as before.
that would probably have been This is what an article I once read said. On a large, blank
(6) today. However, James UNDERSTAND piece of paper, draw a circle and, inside this, write down
survived and modern medicine had arrived. all the things youre happy doing, things like going for a
Probably (7) modern scientists, LIKE drive (as I wrote). Then, outside that first circle, list things
who conduct extensive trials, Jenner never you can do, but which need some effort. I included going
repeated the experiment; once was enough. for a run or cleaning the house. Put another circle round
Smallpox had (8) by 1980 and APPEAR these and note down ambitions you have, but which cause
Dr Jenner has probably saved more lives than nervousness. For me, this would include writing a book or
anyone else in history. making a speech. (5)
As time goes by, you will try things from the next circle
5 You are going to read a magazine article about and the number of things which hold any fear for you will
improving confidence. Six sentences have been decrease. You will find confidence levels rising and you will
removed from the article. Choose from the sentences hopefully feel a greater sense of achievement and, most
AG the one which fits each gap (16). There is one importantly, happiness. (6) It works for me;
extra sentence which you do not need to use. maybe it will work for you too.

A change is as good as a rest

A Remember that whatever you decide is yours alone.
In the past, we used to celebrate the arrival of spring with
B We make little excuses to do it another day.
a special clean-up of the house. All the dirt and mess of the
dark winter months would be swept up, washed away or C This same idea can also work with our inner selves.
thrown out. (1) As the years go by, we tend to fill D Such desires are normal, but they just happen to be
up with all sorts of nonsense: things weve heard or learnt, unlikely.
lots of useless knowledge. It could be time to downsize to E The key thing is to take it in stages and not to give up, or
the things that are useful. you will be taking a step backwards.
This all sounds very attractive, but people are a great F Have you ever noticed how a short holiday gives you more
deal harder to clean out then the average house. All we energy, and you feel healthier all round?
need, though, is the right motivation, whether internal
G Repeat the activity as often as you like.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 12
1 Correct any mistakes with the words in 3 For questions 14, complete the second sentence so that it has a
bold. At least one sentence is correct. similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do
0 Hi, Jon, its Paul here. Just calling to not change the word given. You must use between two and five
supervise on your progress with the words, including the word given.
project. check 1 We didnt bring a map, so were lost.
1 I need someone to keep an eye of the
We wouldnt brought a map.
dinner while I pop to the shops, OK?

2 Our prices were too high and we didnt sell many products.
2 An inspector asked to control my ticket.
We would have sold more products
3 Please make sure you keep the changing
room door shut in order to avoid any
3 We stopped going to the restaurant because the waiter was so
4 We do everything possible to prevent
accidents at our factory. Please wear hard
hats at all times to protect head injuries.
If the waiter had been more
regular customers of the restaurant.
5 New teachers are supervised by a more
experienced colleague during their first
4 Id love to travel business class sometimes, but it costs so much.
If business class werent it more.
2 Complete each sentence using the correct
forms of the verbs in brackets.
5 Not being able to play the piano well is my biggest regret.
0 If you d organised things better, BETTER
the party would have been more I wish the piano.
successful. (organise; be)
1 Anjie 6 What a shame you woke up too late to get to class.
so annoyed with Matt if he OVERSLEPT
to say he was If you missed
going to be late. (be; phone) class.
2 Mikos his driving
test if he more 4 Complete the advice with the verbs in the box in the correct
with his father. (pass; practise) form. There is one verb that you do not need to use.
3 If you online, you
that there were get keep review think try use
no trains today. (check; see)
4 I to the concert If you want to pass this exam, Id advise you (0) to review all your work
even if I about it.
regularly. You should (1) good vocabulary records and, if I were
I was too busy. (not go; know)
5 If Sue to water you, Id (2) one of my friends to test me as often as possible.
her plants, they The best idea if you want to get better at speaking would be (3)
in the hot weather. (remember; die) only English in the classroom, and make sure that you (4) to
read something in English every day, if possible. It will help a lot with those
longer texts.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 12

5 For questions 18, read the text below and think

The coelacanth
of the word which best fits each gap. Use only A The coelacanth is a deep-water sea fish, sometimes known
one word in each gap. There is an example at the as the living fossil, which has remained unchanged in
beginning (0). appearance since before dinosaurs ruled the world. It is known
to live in sea caves deep beneath the Indian Ocean, but was
Bees beat computers previously only known in fossils, the youngest of which were
When they leave their hives and discover flowers over 70 million years old. It was something of a surprise to
suitable (0) for gathering nectar from, bees scientists when one was netted by a fisherman in 1938.

(1) somehow able to calculate the quickest

B It was the 19th-century British scientist Charles Darwin who
possible way (2) these flowers and to be
first used the expression living fossil to mean any animal that
able to explain this to other bees. This is known had been able to survive unchanged since prehistory. Modern
to scientists (3) the travelling salesman scientists, however, say that this term is sometimes unhelpful
problem: how a travelling salesman can find the as people may get the impression that it refers to a dead
shortest way between all the different destinations species that scientists have somehow brought back to life.
he has to get to on his trip. Powerful computers The coelacanth is not a fossil, but a living creature, living in the
same world as us.
discover the answer (4) performing millions
of calculations, but bees achieve the same outcome CA
 fully grown coelacanth can reach 1.5 metres long. They have
using a brain (5) bigger than a grain of fins that often remind people of the legs of land animals.
sand. Being able to solve the problem is vital for bees They have backbones like those of frogs and lizards. These
because the shortest route uses the least energy and, factors, plus their extremely long existence on Earth, have
ultimately, will produce the most honey. (6) previously led some to believe that they might be connected
in some way to those first fish that made the great leap from
bees, our lives depend on complex structures
sea creatures to land-based life. Until recently, scientists were
(7) as transport routes. By understanding
unsure whether the coelacanth has remained so unchanged
how bees work (8) their routes so efficiently, because it truly was evolving slowly, or whether in fact its DNA
we may better be able to organise these vital was actually developing in just the same way, and at the same
networks. rate, as other species.

6 You are going to read an article about an unusual D When finally studied scientifically, coelacanth DNA did show
species of fish. For questions 110, choose from that it has changed no more quickly than the fishs external
the section (AE). The sections may be chosen appearance, say scientists in a new report. The coelacanth
more than once. DNA has the slowest rate of what is known as substitution
compared to most animals with similar physical features,
Which section mentions such as backbones. This may be a reflection of the fact
that they had no real need to change because they live in
1 an almost unique physical feature?
an environment that has not itself altered a great deal, and
2 a possible misinterpretation of a phrase? where the coelacanth has no natural enemies.

3 an unchanging environment?
E S cientists often discuss the way certain species have
4 an unexpected discovery? developed over the ages, but there still remain a number of
locations where the wildlife is not forced to evolve and the
5 a lack of knowledge?
coelacanths caves is one of them. They are simply highly
6 a mistaken belief? adapted to living in such an extreme situation. Why would
7 an idea that was disproved? it need to change anything about itself? Scientists carrying
out the DNA examination also learned that coelacanths were,
8 confirmation of a theory?
in fact, unlikely to be closely related to the first fish to move
9 an absence of threats? on to land. The lungfish is now thought to be the most likely
contender for this particular prize. They are related to the
10 a new candidate to fit a theory?
coelacanth, but their DNA is far more complex, say scientists.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 13
1 Complete each sentence with a word or words 3 Complete each sentence with the correct form of have or
in the box in the correct form. You can use the get and the correct form of one of the verbs in the box.
words more than once.
break cut mark redecorate repair test
area location place room space
0 Im planning to have the house redecorated before I sell it.

0 When I was a child, my favourite hiding place 1 Josh his hair tomorrow because his
was the cupboard under the stairs. mother hated his girlfriends attempt.
2 Gabby her washing machine yesterday
1 I love London because of all the green . after it flooded the kitchen.
There are so many beautiful parks to visit. 3 Have you heard about Tim? He his window
2 The trains are so busy that there is often only by some kids playing football.
standing for passengers. 4 Silvio couldnt his assignment because
3 Could Mr Walcott come to the reception , his tutor was away.
where there is someone to see him? Thank you. 5 I need to my eyes because Im having
4 Olivier doesnt like travelling by plane because trouble reading.
there isnt enough leg for him to stretch
out. 4 For questions 18, read the text below and decide which
5 You have to get to the car park early in the morning answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There is an
otherwise there wont be any parking left. example at the beginning (0).
6 The best address for a new hotel would be a central
, probably the main opposite Example:
the cathedral. 0 A attendant B companion C escort D colleague
7 The top three floors of the building are all being
used as office . As a writer, Monicas large office desk is central to her life.
8 The play in our local park is very popular It has been her constant (0) wherever she has lived,
as it has lots of things for children to climb on.
and one of the (1) when buying her current house was

2 Complete each sentence with an appropriate having enough (2) to fit it in; even so, it takes (3)
expression for expressing obligation or half of her office. At the moment, it is surrounded by old
permission in the correct form. books either written or (4) in the 1920s. She is writing a
0 I wasnt allowed to go fishing on my own until I was historical novel, and this is how she finds her (5) for the
12 because my parents said it was too dangerous. period. The walls are covered in art and the rest of the room
1 Do I fill in all this application form? is full of plants. A big bowl of fruit (6) she doesnt have
It seems very long. to (7) off to eat something. The house is so old that the
2 Youre stay until 5.00, but I might
wind and rain sometimes come in, forcing her into hiding in
let you go early as its a nice day.
3 Evan speak to the teacher after the basement. This hasnt been painted for nearly a century,
class because he had missed some of the lesson. so she feels quite at home there at (8) until her present
4 You leave your car here. It says No book is finished.
5 We book the cinema tickets in
advance. We can get them on the day.
6 My mother never me help her with
the cooking when I lived at home.
7 We go home at weekends while
we were on the training course because we had too
much to do.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 13

1 A factors B influences C features D causes

2 A place B space C area D location
3 A out B for C by D up
4 A put B located C placed D set
5 A creativity B motivation C inspiration D influence
6 A indicates B means C explains D tells
7 A break B pause C stop D rest
8 A least B best C worst D most

5 You are going to read a magazine article. For questions 16, choose the answer (A, B, C or D)
which you think fits best according to the text.

Green living
When Jimmy Wellbeck sold his car in favour of are already gaining in popularity. On the visit,
commuting by train and cycling two years ago, he learned that the kind of sustainable life he
all his friends promised to support him not was interested in was perfectly possible, without
financially, but by taking similar environmentally having to give up all the comforts of life that
friendly actions. He also cut down on eating meat, many people are used to, and that it does make a
as a personal contribution to reducing the carbon difference.
footprint produced by intensive farming, as well as
saving energy by doing things like washing clothes A number of organisations with similar objectives
at lower temperatures, taking shorter showers and to Jimmys are all involved in the Make a
growing more of his own vegetables. In that first Start scheme. The aim of Make a Start is to
year, he calculates, he and his friends have saved demonstrate just how simple and enjoyable green
over 700 kg of carbon dioxide, not to mention living, energy saving and self-sufficiency can be.
several thousand pounds in a fun and relatively They intend, in the longer term, to put people
painless way. living in the same streets, apartment blocks and
local areas in touch with each other so that they
The first few months of being car-free were the can give each other a helping hand, organise or
hardest, Jimmy explains, especially as they were get involved in community events, as well as get to
during the arrival of an extremely cold winter. know their neighbours.
Waiting for trains in the snow was when he
most missed his warm car, but slowly his new One member, Claire, who lives on a houseboat, is
habits became routine as he adjusted to his new typical of members, saying that the organisation
existence. He also greatly appreciated not having has really helped people like her who, in normal
to pay for car insurance and petrol. Jimmy and his circumstances, would never meet, to get together,
friends have now taken their ideas a step further creating a strong community feeling. People
and set up a not-for-profit company, ECOfriends. who live on boats are always keen on finding
com, which uses social media to help people to environmentally friendly solutions to problems,
help each other in making their lives greener so if one of the members discovers a greener
through sharing ideas and suggestions. There are cleaning product, for example, they can just email
now 2,500 ecofriends who have, between them, it to the Make a Start bulletin board, she says.
cut more than 300 tonnes of CO2 through their
activities. Make a Start showed Claire how to put together
a solar-powered electricity system for her boat.
Of course, there are many people who would say It provides enough energy to run her fridge and line 66
that this kind of activity doesnt make enough of so saves her money. I had no idea that it was so
a difference to be worthwhile, but such attitudes simple, she says. Even her children were able to
never make the world a better place either, claims help out and so the next generation has already
Jimmy. Some years ago, he went on a trip to started to get involved.
Germany where, he says, ideas about green living

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2
Progress test 13

1 What do we understand about Jimmy in the first paragraph?

A He wanted to save some money.
B He was interested in changing lifestyles.
C He had decided on a change of career.
D He tried to set an example to his friends.

2 Jimmy founded ECOfriends.com to

A create a support network for like-minded people.
B allow him to spread his environmental message.
C educate people in living eco-friendly lifestyles.
D help him meet other people with similar interests.

3 Jimmy believes that attitudes to green living are

A likely to change in future.
B different from country to country.
C often based on incorrect information.
D determined by peoples self-interest.

4 What is the aim of the Make a Start scheme?

A to create local green projects
B to make green living more fun
C to build political support for green ideas
D to make it easier for people to become green together

5 In what way is Claire a typical member of Make a Start?
A She lives a typical lifestyle of members.
B She is a frequent participant in online activities.
C She has been able to meet new friends through it.
D She is active in the environmental movement.

6 What does It refer to in line 66?

A reducing energy consumption
B an electrical system
C saving money
D getting children involved

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 3
Progress test 14
1 Complete the text below using the verbs in the box in 3 For questions 16, complete the second sentence so
the correct form. that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
using the word given. Do not change the word given.
celebrate commemorate dress up gather round You must use between two and five words, including
hold let off march perform play the word given.
1 We know that birds can fly enormous distances.
Every September 16th, the village where I grew up KNOWN
(0) holds its village fair. There is a local story that Birds are
this originated to (1) the first harvest after flying enormous distances.
a great famine in the 14th century (although others say it
2 People say that the invention of the computer took
is held to (2) a great battle fought nearby). place hundreds of years ago.
During the fair, the villagers (3) in traditional SAID
costumes and (4) through the streets, pulling The computer is
a cart full of food to the village hall, where there is a invented hundreds of years ago.
great feast. Afterwards, some people (5)
3 Everyone believed she was going by the end of the
in a show to entertain the whole village. The local band month.
(6) music for everyone to dance to. The day THOUGHT
ends with everyone (7) a huge bonfire to It be gone by
watch as fireworks are (8) . the end of the month.

2 Correct any mistakes with the passive in the 4 The school has made the decision to redecorate some
sentences. Some sentences are correct. of the classrooms.
0 I think my car was make in Sweden. made
It some
1 This part of Paris, which is known as the Latin Quarter, classrooms will be redecorated.
is famous for its intellectual life.
2 The juice is squeezed from the oranges and filtered 5 Many people think pizza originated in Naples.
before it packed in cartons. CONSIDERED
3 The police would like to speak to these two men, who Naples home
were caught on camera leaving the shop. of the pizza.
4 Archaeologists think the buildings may have built by
the Romans in the fifth century. 6 The newspapers have said that the negotiations have
5 Ellies photos of the school play have been posted on ended successfully.
the school website. REPORTED
6 Why didnt you lock your bike? It can have been stolen! It is a successful
end to the negotiations.
7 We bought the house last year. It had previously been
own by a Russian family.
8 I was in a film once, but my part was cut and you cant
see me anywhere on the screen.
9 Mikey has been allergic to bees ever since he has been
bit by one as a young boy.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 14

4 For questions 18, read the text below 5 Complete the text below with appropriate words. Use only one
and think of the word which best fits word in each gap.
each gap. Use only one word in each gap. Problems with a weed
There is an example at the beginning (0).
Although (0) it was first introduced to Europe as garden plant,
Oaksey Wood knotweed has since grown out of control. As (1) has no natural
enemies here, (2) makes it difficult and expensive to get rid of.
Even in a part of the country renowned Hopefully, all (3) is about to change. Now, a team of researchers
(0) for its beautiful woodland, Oaksey have identified natural pests from (4) original home that
Wood stands out, and is in fact one of (5) hope can control (6) in the UK. If (7)
get the green light, (8) will be the first use of biocontrol using
(1) largest areas of forest in the
one pest to control another in Europe. In knotweeds home country,
entire country. The wood itself is a rich Japan, where (9) is common, there are hundreds of plant-eating
habitat, including a number (2) insects which attack (10) , and discovering (11) was
plants rarely found in this part of the world, just what the team needed to hear. In Japan, (12) began to test
(3) well as a thriving population the predators, looking for any that only ate knotweed. Those that attacked
any other plants were rejected. Eventually, (13) identified two
of animal life. Deer are a common sight
possibilities. However, months of careful trials still lie ahead for the team
in the early morning, and a lucky few may before (14) can release the insects into the wild.
also glimpse a red squirrel. (4)
of the woods older residents include an 6 For questions 18, read the text below. Use the word given in
capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits
ancient oak tree, believed to (5)
in the gap in the same line. There is an example at the
up to 800 years old, along with a handful beginning (0).
of other trees over 200 years old. More
recently, a local group of green activists, Blogging with mother
(6) successfully resisted plans Whether youre a (0) blogger like me, or if BLOG
to create a golf course on part of the land, you just enjoy reading them, youll know blogs
now (7) as forest wardens, are a perfect way spend a spare moment. To my
(1) , though, I found out that they AMAZE
looking (8) the woodland as their
can actually make a (2) to health. DIFFER
ancestors once did. Oaksey has an excellent A new study indicates that mothers should, in
network of footpaths, and visitors are always (3) to visiting the gym, eating fresh ADD
welcome. vegetables and all those other good things they
do, get blogging. US-based (4) SCIENCE
studied 250 young mothers and discovered that
their (5) in blogs and blogging PARTICIPATE
(6) had a positive mental and ACT
physical impact, mainly because of the amount
of extra support they gained from the online
community of mothers they met. Researchers
emphasised that it was almost (7) POSSIBLE
to eliminate all the stresses that mothers
experience, but that the (8) that KNOW
help and advice is out there if needed can help
a new mother to feel less isolated and therefore
less stressed and less likely to fall ill.

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 2

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