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Karen Villatoro-Gonzalez

July 26, 2016
Professor Connie Christensen


1. Standards:

o The second grade class will be focusing on two main expectations under the
Common Core Standards for Social Studies.

First: Demonstrate respect for each other and people in the community
where. We will also cover respect for others by introducing icebreaker.

Second: Compare communities around the world with the local

community. The lesson is based off of Arthurs World Neighborhood and
we will focus on building global and cultural awareness in our community
by using content from Page 2 Around the Block. We will also cover
Around the World from Page 6.

o Objectives:
The objective is for all of the students to have an interaction and learn
from various cultures within its community and around the world as well
as learn how to respect those differences. By the end of the lesson, the
students will be able to answer the assessment questions presented in a fun
interactive game. Students are expected to ask any questions pertaining to
this lesson which can be answered with the information on the lesson
itself. The lesson is meant to cover the learning styles of the visual,
auditory and kinesthetic learner.
2. Materials / Equipment:

o You will need to have the projector and computer on in order to access the
presentation as well as the white board, dry erase markers, binder, paper and
pencil available for all students
o Presentation via a Power Point presentation under the file name Lesson Plan
o For the lesson Respect
Start with the Ice Breaker on the Power Point
o For the lesson Around The Block
Begin with the questions on the Power Point slide
Then give each student Paper and pencil to each student for class
directory and partner interview. For the interview, please have the
Venn Diagram printed and copied for students. This can be found by
clicking the link under the references.
Watch the YouTube video Los Vecinos
Handout My Town (This can be found by clicking the link under the
references, click on Around the Block and go to page 5. Please print and
then copy for students.)
o For the lesson Around the World
Multicultural books for kids from the library for the compare and contrast
Photo opportunities activity discussion from the books
The Frenzy star handout (This can be found by clicking the link under
the references, click on Around the World and go to page 8. Please print
and then copy for students.)
o There is also a website www.surveymonkey.com being used for assessment where
students can answer questions about the lesson

3. Procedures
o The lesson begins with the power point slide 1 which you can find under file
name Lesson Plan EDU280 PP
o Please follow the Power Point along with this lesson plan in order to achieve your
o The first thing you will cover is Respect
o During the Power Point, you will be guided to instructions for the:
Class directory
A link to the YouTube videos
o When the power point indicates, you will find the links to the handouts at the end
of this lesson plan and also the name of the books recommended for use
4. Closure
o The ending of the lesson is a review of the pictures in the Power Point of some
children around the world. Some are funny pictures to keep it fun.

5. Assessment
o The students are given a quick survey on the Survey Monkey
www.surveymonkey.com to test their understanding

6. References

Website Resources

. Compare communities around the world with the local community

o ARTHURS WORLD NEIGHBORHOOD Around the Block and Around

the World

o Los Vecinos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkJ5ZiG6ZRA start at
12:00 minutes and end at 22:00

o Venn Diagram (file:///I:/CSN%20COLLEGE%20OF%20SOUTHERN
o My Town ( http://www.pbs.org/parents/arthur/lesson/world/ ) Page 5
under the Around the Block link
o The Frenzy Star ( http://www.pbs.org/parents/arthur/lesson/world/ )
Page 8 under the Around the World link

Multicultural Books
o The library has books on multicultural and diversity please grab any of
the ones pictured here and use them for the Around the World lesson
and the Photo Opportunity lesson

Assessment / Survey Website

o The survey is on www.surveymonkeycom

This was a Power Point presentation but for space limitations, I had to copy images
and paste them here: