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Reading/Language Arts

Objective SWBAT perform partner/group procedure in order to explain why “be
nice” is an expectation of our classroom
SWBAT identify characteristics of professionals & what colleges look for
SWBAT identify how you move forward or back on the “Viaje al éxito”
Standard(s) Procedures/expectations
Key Points Procedures/expectations
“Be Nice”: Expectations
Essential Question What does it mean to “be nice” in this class? What does it mean to be a
professional? Why do we act this why in our class?
Connection to BIG Students need to understand the expectations and what it means to be
GOAL respectful in the classroom in order to have a respectful, efficient
Assessment Exit Slip: Write at least 1 paragraph on the behavior expectations in our
classroom. What does respect look like and what does it not look like?
How will YOU demonstrate respect & professionalism in our class?
Technology used Visualizer, LCD projector
Warm-up (12 Name cards in
minutes) TW stand at door & ensure that students follow the 5 steps for entering mailboxes
class correctly
Photocopies of
TW narrate the positive things she sees. Students who do not enter student
correctly will be asked to re-enter surveys

SW enter following entering procedure Classwork

TW move students forward on the Viaje al exito (class-wide behavior

tracker) if procedure is done perfectly

Warm-up: Fill out student survey and Do Now activity(10 mins)

You have (___ minutes left) for your student survey. I expect
this to be done quickly and silently. We don’t waste time in
here. Every minute matters on the road to college. Praise
students who are doing it perfectly. Give pesos.
OPENING (I Do/We Pencils down, eyes on me. Praise if done perfectly. Redo if not.
Do) 20 min.
Teacher-directed TW take attendance (orally). SW sit in seats, answer “here,” and state if
lesson on they turned in their homework. Every time someone does not turn in HW,
reading/writing state “there are no excuses in this classroom.” If we are going to reach our
strategy or skill BIG GOAL this year we need to put our excuses away and begin working
Includes vocabulary hard. Praise those who did it perfectly.
/grammar instruction
as appropriate By the end of today:
Lesson is brief and SWBAT perform partner/group procedure in order to explain why “be
provides direction nice” is an expectation of our classroom. This is essential because we
needed for students to have a lot of work to do to get to our BIG GOAL & we need to
practice/apply during respect each other in order to reach our BIG GOAL.
the work period that
Go over agenda.
immediately follows.
Go over “Do Now” on classwork packet to review yesterday’s lesson:

CFU: What are our 3 classroom expectations? (work hard, be nice, no

CFU: What is our BIG GOAL? (person who knows can light it up)
CFU: What is SLANT? Does SLANT show respect?
CFU: How do we enter our classroom? Does that show respect?
CFU: Trash, bathroom, pencils?
CFU: Noise levels.

Now we’re going to learn about an exciting, fun part of class –

way to learn about dif countries & see how we’re doing as a
class – called “VIAJE al éxito” = trip to? Success! – As you can
see on this board is a flag of every Spanish-speaking country –
every time we do smthg good as an entire class we move
forward, if we are doing things that are keeping us from being
successful we move backwards . When we get to end of level,
we receive a small reward such as a hw pass, extra credit or
candy, when we reach the end of whole thing, big reward such
Teacher explaines HOW TO move forward, HOW TO move backward I
will always tell you throughout lesson – need 100% of class – we
succeed or fail together – I am not satisfied unless every single
1 of you are participating at your best because you can
Students look under desks – find situations & read aloud - move
forward? Move back? What get?
1. I ask everyone to repeat vocab after me – 23/25 students do it -
move??? (no)
2. I am beginning the lesson & several grps talking, but I haven’t
warned them not to – move? back (yes, because there are no warnings –
we are clear about expectations already) CFU: why important to have
100%? Why no warnings?

Guided Practice WHIP AROUND – como te llamas (Q & A on board) SW answer question
TW emphasize the importance of 100% trying it – we succeed together –
ok not to know on the first time, but not ok not to try – I or
classmates will always help you figure out answer – we work
together, we help each other, we succeed together


Group and partner work is an important part of a Spanish curriculum.
We work together because it helps us get smarter. When I assign
groups or partners, you will move quickly and silently into “group
position” (Front two people turn desks around silently, eyes to eyes
and knees to knees with person in front of you, talking volume is
“talking on task”). This should take 30 seconds. Once you have
gotten into group position, you must work together to complete the

TW model how partners get into position. TW model what not to do. TW select
one volunteer pair. Did they do it perfectly? Why or why not?
Have whole class practice. Continue with procedure until it is done correctly,
silently, and quickly.

TW model how groups get into position (just do eyes to eyes and knees to
knees w/ person behind you, only first row moves).

TW select one volunteer group. Did they do it perfectly? Why or why not?

Have whole class practice. Show them their groups (approx 4 people
depending on class size, determine this before class begins by reviewing
roster and desk set-up) Practice group procedure. Continue with procedure
until it is done correctly, silently, and quickly.
Remind students of talking volumes. Direct students to brainstorm lists of
examples/non-examples of “be nice” on classwork packet with partner (not
group!). Talking on task (5 mins)

Now that you know how to move into group position, you are going to
work with a partner to brainstorm extracurriculars, ways of standing
out to colleges, & things that look bad to colleges. I need everyone
to hold up notes with the brainstorm chart in 10 seconds – count
down – move up on class tracker if 100% hold it up under 10 seconds
When I say GO, get into group positions & begin partner work. Sw brainstorm
together, TW narrate the world she wishes to see
Time up – 10 seconds to move seat back silently– GO

Partners will present what they came up with – TW review importance of others
SILENTLY listening & tracking the speakers

Review: how do we give respect to groups when they are presenting? What do
we not do?

Groups stand up and presenter shares out some of their do/don’ts/ideas.

Independent Practice:
SW reflect on whether they want to go to college – why

Extension and Review:

- Expectations/Consequences/Behavior Chart
- Raise hand vs. Call out
- Bathroom
- Garbage
- Talking Volumes

Culture building activity -

I’m going to ask Cómo te llamas? You answer with “Me llamo…” and then tell me your
favorite sports team AND/OR favorite band/group. BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS –
looking at who is talking, silently listening

CLOSING - 5-10 Exit slip on back of warm-up – Write a random fact about yourself
Reflection on what 10 minutes before class is over: Practice exiting/entering/SLANT
was learned procedure. One student demonstrates each before whole class does.
Was it perfect? Why or why not? Whole class completes each procedure.
TW move students forward or back on Viaje al exito.

CFUs: What is due tomorrow?

Big goal? Class of? Pencils? Bathroom? Why important?

HOMEWORK All materials due tomorrow.