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Cisco CallManager VoIP, Unit 3, VoIP Principles Hardware and

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1. What is PSTN?: Public Switched Telephone Network 9. What features does Computer Telephone Intergration Add?:
2. What is circut switching?: a comm method where data Authenticate Callers:: callers get screened against a database
messages are transmitted over one dedicated path for the to ensure caller is authorized to send messages.
duration of the call, through the user of a single, physical
dedicated path. Using Live Voice :: the ability to recognize human speech and
3. What is packet switching?: process by which data packets are take commands via voice interpretation.
disassembled at the originating switch into packets, routed
through a network and reassembled at the terminating switch. Voice Recognition:: the ability to recognize voice
packets can be routed independently or in series.
Interactive Voice Recognition:: the ability to give commands via
4. what are some of the vulnerabilities with circuit switching?:
Modem:: hackers attack on modems
Theft:: theft of service
Client Directory:: caller identification
Conference Manger:: the ability to make conference calls
5. what are some advantages of using packet switching involving many people.
telephony?: Shared access among multiple users - uses already
existing infrastructure (ip infrastructure and protocols) Message Collection:: the ability to record messages

Full error control and flow control Fax Messages:: the ability to accept Fax Messages
10. What is AVVID?: a concept, a documented roadmap for
Transparency for users - easy for users to user
planning, building, and expanding enterprise networks with QoS
in mind.
Speed and code conversion capabilities
how a system will work? is it scalable? how reliable?

Pricing:: cheaper to implement and maintain. 11. What is CRISS and how does it relate to AVVID?: AVVID bring
these iteams into question...
6. Some driving factors and VoIP: Facilitates Customer Requests::
easier to move devices around, easier to tailor for customer's
Speed - is it fast to deploy? in the case of VoIP... YES
Bandwidth Efficiency:: less bandwidth requirement because data
Reliability - is it reliable? YES!
is only transferred when phone is off-hook.
Interoperability - YeS
Converged Network Support:: able to work/talk to legacy
telephony implementations with relative ease
7. VoIP systems must guarantee these core VoIP requirements in
order to be considered a viable solution...: Reliable:: up to Cost reduction
95% uptime of better
12. What are the 3 AVVID components (parts of the underlining
infrastructure)?: Network Infrastructure:: cable lines, telephone
150 ms or less latency (time delay)
lines, etc
Available during power outages with an UPS
Network Clients:: phones, softphones, client software
Line-supplied power (Power over Ethernet[PoE])
Network Platform Devices:: Routers, switches, gateways,
8. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): the use of computers to firewalls, etc.
manage telephone systems. CTI refers to the computerizd
services provided CUCM application. Intelligent Network Services:: the server side software that
manages the calls(PBX software), provides QoS, etc
E.I :: Cisco Call Manager
13. how many IP phones can a Cisco Call Manager instance

in a cluster?: 1,000 IP phones

4,000 in a cluster [4 instances]

14. how many CTI in a single CUCM instance? 21. what are partition configurations?: a list of route patters, they
facilitate call routing by dividing the route plan into logical
in a cluster?: 800 22. what is Calling Search Space Configuration?: an ordered list
of partition that users can look at before users are ALLOWED
32,000 in a cluster
15. what cisco switches were used in class?: Cisco 3550 TYPES::
Cisco 3560 Long distance CSS
16. what does the Cisco IP communicator bring to the table?: Internal CSS
Mobility Emergency CSS
Local CSS
Directory Intergration
a way to limit how far out to the outside work a phone number or
User Interface phone is allowed to call
Virtual Conferece Room 23. Route Group Configuration: allows you to select the order in
Calls which gateways or trunks are utilized.
Web Collaboration
Compatibility example:: you have two long distance trunks but you want the
Versatiliy cheapest one to be the prioritized one on have the more
Configurability expensive only only be used if the first one is unavailable
Keyboard Shortcuts 24. Rout List Configuration: associates a set of route groups ina
Drag-and-Drop operations specified priority order
Greeting Cababilities 25. The following features are found under what menu
Record Call History
Help Call park
Web Installer Call pickup
17. What security features does the Cisco system have?: Image Meet-me: Call Routing Config
Authentication:: phone firmware has to be binary signed. 26. A summary or your current CUCM set up: Route Plan Report
27. A Skinny Control Protocol device that can transmist .Wav
Device Authentication::
files: Annunciator
File Authentication:: setup files must the digitally signed by the
approved server or it will be rejected

Signaling Authentication:: the system uses TLS to mitigate the

chance of packet interception.

Certificate Authority Proxy Fuction (CAPF):: the phone and

server us certificates to ensure authenticity

Phone Hardening:: phone can be locked certain settings from


Phone Config Files:: configuration files are stored and provided

by the CUCM
18. what are the 3 main ways of providing power to the phones?:
Ethernet Switch (PoE)

Power Patch Panel

AC Adapter
19. What is Multi-Level Precedence Predemption?: service that
allows for call priority placement.
20. what are the MLPP level form highest to lowest.: Executive
Flash Override
Routine (Lowest)