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Monthly Newsletter

25th February 2016

May I please remind parents that if your childs medical

condition changes at any point for any reason you must
inform our nurses team immediately. Parents must
complete an Emergency Care Plan and provide them
from the Deputy with any necessary medication to be kept on school site.
This is not meant to be difficult, but to ensure that we are
Principal able to provide the best care possible for every child we
have in our school. In conjunction with this please no
nuts, if you are unsure please ask.

Mr. Stephen Viner Finally we are looking forward to yet another exciting term
here at BISAK and as always I thank you for your
continued support.
Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the second half of term 2! I hope you had

an enjoyable and restful half-term break. Stephen Viner
Deputy Principal
Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to the PE
Department and all staff for organising and supporting us
at our Sports Day Event. It was a great success and well
done to Yellow House who were the overall winners of the Message
from the Head of
Secondly, I would like to thank all the Parents who Secondary
managed to attend International Day today 25th February
2016 and as always thank you for your support for this
event. I hoped you all enjoyed it as much as the pupils did.
Mr. Steve Ronson
On Tuesday 23rd February we held our annual Options
evening for year 9 pupils moving onto Key Stage 4, IGCSEs
and GCSE exams. It was extremely well attended and I
Welcome back to everyone, after our Half-Term
hope parents had the opportunity to understand more
about the challenges of Key Stage 4. Just as a reminder,
we have a number of parents evenings coming up for
Many of our students have not yet returned, as they
Primary, Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9. Please ensure you
are enjoying the benefits of BISAKs extra-curricular
check dates to have the opportunity to speak to your childs
programme of educational school trips. The Duke of
Edinburgh Award students are currently in Sri Lanka
with Mr Wragg and Miss Freitas and some of our Key
We also have our Open Day on Friday 3rd March. This is an
Stage 3 students are enjoying the annual ski trip in
opportunity for prospective pupils and parents to come and
the Alps, with Mrs Annoni and Mr Marsh. We look
visit us and to have a look around our wonderful school.
forward to seeing them again, early next week.
On Tuesday evening, we held our annual GCSE

Options evening for Year 9 students and their
parents. This was well-attended and well-received. It
was such a pleasure to see so many of our parents,
again. Our Secondary Teachers were on hand to from the Head of
advise the students and their parents about their
GCSE choices. GCSEs are taken from the beginning Primary
of Year 10 to the end of Year 11 and our students
have six optional choices of subjects to study, as well
as studying English and Maths. It is vital that our
students choose the subjects that they enjoy and Mr. Mike Bainbridge
that they do well in, as they will spend two years
specialising in those subjects. We have introduced
a new subject to the curriculum, namely Psychology. In Primary, time has whizzed by since the start of the
It has already proven to be a very popular choice and New Year and both staff and children alike have
a welcome addition to the wide range of optional continued to enthuse about how best to make
subjects that our students are able to choose from at learning as memorable and as relevant as possible.
BISAK. We always aim to give our students the best We are delighted that Michael Matthee, our new
possible opportunities and I am sure that the teacher in year 5 has been joined by his wife Jackie,
addition of this popular subject, at GCSE level, will who is teaching in year 6 and their two children who
further strengthen our reputation as the most will be attending the school. Im sure that you will join
successful British school in the region. with me in wishing them every success and happiness
here at BISAK. I have also been involved in several
On Thursday, we will hold our annual International interviews with my Deputy Headteacher, Mr Naidoo, to
Day. This is where our students have the opportunity ensure that we are doing everything possible to
to celebrate our cultural and national diversity by ensure that we have good staffing levels in Primary
dressing in their national costumes, parading with for September 2016.
their flags and sharing their culture, music and food
with the whole school. We are all looking forward to Staff have been busy writing interim reports for
that, immensely. children which includes targets for improvement
which will be shared at forthcoming parents evenings.
Next Sunday, 28 February, will be our Year 9 parents Your support with your childs learning at home is
evening, from 15.00 until 17.30. All of the Secondary always greatly appreciated and really makes a
teaching staff look forward to meeting the parents of difference. I was absolutely stunned, for example,
our Year 9 students, again, to discuss their progress with the level of parental support for the recent
and thank them all for their support. Inter-House Dinosaur Decorating Competition. The
response was amazing with such a great variety of
Kindest regards, dinosaurs including three dimensional models. I was
also included as one of the judges which was virtually

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend this

Steve Ronson years Sports Days which were an overwhelming
Head of Secondary success bringing to life our BISAK core values. I was
so impressed with the sportsmanship shown and the
level of support both from parents for their children
and from children to each other. We have some very
talented athletes in our school who were able to have
their time in the spotlight and excel. A huge thank you
to our fantastic PE department for organizing the
events on such a grand scale and to all the Secondary
school helpers who acted as great ambassadors for
the school and great role models for the children .

Finally, I set myself a challenge when I first came to

BISAK to visit the countries of the children that attend
our wonderfully diverse school to help me to
appreciate and understand better the distinctiveness
of our school. Trips so far have included Oman, Abu Message From the Registrar
Dhabi, Dubai, Sri-Lanka and most recently Egypt. A
huge thank you to the children and parents who have Dear Parents,
recommended places to visit and talked to me about
their county and their culture. I truly believe that this Should your child be leaving the school and not
is helping me to connect better with the fabulous returning for the next term, please be so kind and
children and families that we have here in BISAK. inform us via email, registrar@bisak.org.
Looking forward to visiting Jordan on my next Please keep in mind that it will take up to 10 days
adventure to prepare the necessary paperwork.

If your child is a pupil in Secondary he/she will

need to see Mrs Fowler the week before he/she is
due to leave to complete the book return.
Mike Bainbridge
Kind Regards,
Ebru Atmaca
Instrumental Music Tuition Registrar
Spring Season Concert

Our Spring Season Concert will be held on Lost Property

Wednesday 16th March 2015 at 5.30 pm in the
Upper Hall at BISAK. There will be performances from There are many sweatshirts in the lost property, in
a number of the instrumental music students, addition to water bottles and lunch boxes. Please
ensembles and choirs. All are welcome to attend. have your child check in the Lost Property areas
for any of their belongings.
Enrolment for next term
To assist us in returning property to your child
Enrolment for the programme is currently open for please LABEL ALL ITEMS in markers that do not
next term (after spring break). Tuition is available for wash off, using your childs FULL NAME and
the following instruments: piano, clarinet, flute, current form class.
saxophone and violin. The programme is open to all
students from year 3 onwards. We are particularly Thanks.
interested in developing the woodwind strand of the Julie
programme and the music department has clarinets,
flutes and saxophones available to hire and purchase
for students wishing to learn these instruments. We
would especially recommend learning a woodwind
instrument for our Secondary students due to the World Book Day
accelerated progress it is possible to make in a
relatively short period of time. Dear Parents

For enrolment and further details please email To help celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 3rd
izzyhenderson@bisak.org. March, children are invited to dress up as a character
from their favourite book.
Thank you to all instrumental students and parents
for their continued support of instrumental music at Thank you for your support
Michael Bainbridge
With best wishes,

Mrs Izzy Henderson

Instrumental Music Teacher

Maths Workshop

On Thursday, 27th January, Year 4 parents had the chance the come to school to participate in a Maths
workshop with their child. We focused on work related to time and the children visited different stations.
At one station they read analogue clocks, read 12h digital clocks, converted analogue to digital time and
showed time on a 24h clock. At another station children and parents had to read and answer questions
about timetables and the last station focused on solving problems. The parents enjoyed the morning
doing Maths with their children and the feedback we received was all very positive. A big thank you to all
the parents who joined us.

Year 9 Maths

Just before the BISAK Sports Day, some Year 9

Maths students carried out a practical task of
measuring distances and plotting scale diagrams.
They used the trundle wheel to measure distances
in the playground and then accurately plot
diagrams of various play fields.
Flour Baby Challenge

Year 8 students have just completed their

personal projects of creating, caring and
documenting the progress of their Flour
Babies. This has been an exercise in
responsibility, a long homework to
understand and appreciate how
challenging it is to have a responsibility
one hundred per cent of the time. It was
not easy, so the project was full of highs
and lows but students found it very
rewarding. This project enabled students
to consider what sort of parent they are,
measuring their own levels of
responsibility and maturity. The results
were amazing!

Students had to care for their babies from

Monday 25th to 1st February. Babies had
to be with students at all times. If they had
an event that they could not take the FB
to, babysitters were arranged. The baby
had to attend school without exception. A
crche facility and mending ER station
was manned by students throughout the

The level of commitment to the project

was fantastic. Students surpassed
expectations and have shared their
reflections of their experiences in their
presentations. Many thanks to all the
parents/guardians who supported their
extra family member for the week and
assisted in the monitoring of correct care.
FBs will be returned home soon please
feel free to cook in whatever way you
World Purple Day is on 26th March 2016. As we will be on our
Spring Holidays we will be taking part in this global event on

Students in both Primary and Secondary will be able to wear PURPLE

clothing* for this day. We request that children give a donation
(10sr) for the privilege of wearing their own clothes and all
proceeds will go to Epilepsy Action

There will also be refreshments for sale at first break so bring

some extra money for some yummy delights!

Thank you for supporting this great cause. Hopefully we can raise
awareness into this debilitating disease and additionally raise funds
into vital research.

*Please be aware students will still be representing the school, so dress smart,
no denims and respect local customs. Thank you!


Sarah A 7C/ Faizan 7A Nadine 7C (Package Designer of the Year) Farah 7C/ Karl 7C



PE Department Sports Days 2016
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! ! @%-!T!UMVVWH! ! ! @%-!T!OVQM! ! ! @%-!T!UMVVWH!
! ! A0.!T!XMY! ! ! A0.!T!XMY! ! ! A0.!T!OVQM!
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S-#!T!OVQM!! ! ! S-#!T!UMVVWH! ! ! S-#!T!ZXMM[! !
! ! ! ! ! ! !
Red House
Secondary Behaviour

Blue House
Public Speaking Comp
Primary Interhouse Athletics
French Speaking

Green House
Spanish Vocabulary

Yellow House
KS1 Dress Up
Sports Day
British International School of Al Khobar

Event Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Cole Crawford Eoghan Suter Yagiz Ozdal Eliam Gorand
70m 11.46secs 11.88secs 11.27secs 70m 11.43secs
(2015) (2015) (2015) (2015)
Cameron Imran
Ellis Routledge Imran Awaldien
Ramsay Awaldien
160m 31.12secs
27.79secs 200m 34.93 secs
(2016) (2015)
(2015) (2016)
Ali Egan Saqib Yagiz Ozdal
Layth Al Daoud Naji
320m 1min 12secs
1.08secs 1min 02secs
300m 53.77 secs
(2015) (2015)
Ellis Routledge Mathew West Eben Pretorius
Indoor Dabjan
15.20m 17.48m 800m 2mins 58 secs
Javelin (2016) (2015)
Faisal Atari Fawaz Darntuji Nadim Moussa
Medicine Shot Dabjan
5.90m 7.40m 9.80m
Ball (2016) (2016) (2016) Put 21.80m
Abdullah Mustafa Moemen
Ammar Khan
Target Zeeshan Muntaz Abdelhalim
3 Javelin
Throw 15 21
(2016) (2016) (2016)
Mohammed Moemen
Demi Adewuyi Ali Saqib
Naji Long Abdelhalim
Long Jump 1.68m 1.78m
(2015) (2016)
1.86m Jump 1.86m
(2015) (2016)
Andrew Mouad
Kareem Atari Imran Awaldien
Mackinlay Triple Membrouk
Triple Jump 2.18m 2.16m
(2015) (2015) Jump 2.32m
(2015) (2015)
Speed Ahmed Othman Eoghan Suter Kareem Atari Eliam Gorand
Bounce 44 85 58 1.25m
(2016) (2015) (2016) Jump (2015)
(30 secs)
Adam Awaldien Lee Officer Ahmed Diab
Stalk 1.12min 2min 00secs 4mins 27secs
Balance (2016) (2016) (2015)
British International School of Al Khobar

Event Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Dilara Matouk Maya Brown Sara Tassadaq
70m 12.94secs
12.90secs 12.25secs 70m 11.77m
(2016) (2016) (2015)
Deen Dabjan Hana El Fouly Komal Jafri Hala Salem
160m 31.99secs 31.26secs 28.29secs 200m 37.69 secs
(2015) (2016) (2016) (2015)
Joanne Al Niamh Johara Al
Deen Dabjan
Majozb McSorely Hagbani
320m 1 min 17secs
1.08secs 68.95secs
300m 63.90 secs
(2015) (2016) (2016)
Desire Malak
Yasmin Ourari Judy Al Mejzob
Indoor Grobbler Abdelhalim
8.55m 800m 3mins 26secs
Javelin 7.54m
(2016) (2015)
Mariam Johara Al
Jana Raslan Komal Jafri
Medicine Hindawy Shot Hagbani
6.00m 5.68m
Ball 4.73m
(2016) (2016) Put 14.31m
(2016) (2016)
Maya Brown
Hannah Yasmine
and Yasmine Suha Nadeem
Papworth Berkane Indoor
Target Throw Berkane 5.21m
7 10
4 Javelin (2016)
(2015) (2016)
Hana Shoaq Al
Farah Elsherif Karis Esley
Mackinlay Long Arakzeh
Long Jump 1.50m 1.49m
(2016) (2015)
1.57m Jump 1.68m
(2015) (2016)
Hana El Fouly Karis Esley Jenine Irshaid Federica Annoni
Triple Jump 1.60m 1.56m 1.80m 2.24m
(2015) (2015) (2015) Jump (2015)
Speed Desire
Georgia Ellis Tatiana Freitas Christine Abu
Grobbler High
Bounce 49 56 1.15m
(2016) (2016) Jump (2016)
(30 secs) (2016)
Eshal Saqib Shather Ali
Stalk McSorley
2min 00secs 2mins 06secs
Balance (2016)
8mins 24secs
British International School of Al Khobar

Event Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10/11

Ahmed Fahmi Dilan Prabagaran Dilan Prabagaran
70m 10.89secs
9.42secs 9.38secs
(2016) (2015) (2016)
Mahmoud Mohammed
Ahmed Tassadaq Salik Khan
Abouzaid Alikhan
200m 34.84secs
(2016) (2016)
(2016) (2015)
Haris Abdullah Agop Gergean Agop Gergean Waleed Syed
400m 1min 59 secs 1min 09 secs 65.76secs 62.65secs
(2015) (2015) (2016) (2016)
Aryaan Syed Sean Alger Omar Raslan Unnat Wadan
800m 3mins 04secs 2mins 47secs 2mins 45secs 2mins 56secs
(2015) (2015) (2016) (2016)
Gasser Hefny Gasser Hefny Omar Al Ramlawi
1500m 5mins 55sec 5mins 46secs 5mins 38secs
5mins 40secs
(2015) (2016) (2016)
Mahmoud Al
Jazib Khan Mohammed Din Adam Suileman
Javelin 18.80m 20.70m 19.85m
(2016) (2016) (2016)
Evren Kulul Agop Gergian Salman Sheikh
Discus 17.10m
21.20m 24.26m 17.40m
(2016) (2016) (2016)
Haris Abdullah Hassan Khan Zeyad Badawy Muneeb Al Majzob
Shot Put 7.04m 11.20m 10.40m 9.10m
(2015) (2015) (2016) (2016)
Elian Gorand Omar Raslan Salik Khan Azfer Khan
Long Jump 3.94m 4.64m 4.30m 4.70m
(2016) (2016) (2015) (2016)
Haris Abdullah Ahmed Tassadaq Amr Abedrabbo Mohammed Alikhan
Triple Jump 6.30m 8.43m 7.40m 8.14m
(2015) (2016) (2016) (2016)
Mikail Adnan Ayyan Malik Waleed Syed
High Jump 1.15m 1.40m 1.50m
(2015) (2015) (2016)
British International School of Al Khobar

Event Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10/11

Sara Tassadaq Lois Abu Sian McCreery Giselle Munday
70m 11.78secs 11.62secs 11.46secs 38.56secs
(2016) (2016) (2016) (2016)
Tebyan Osman Sina Abel Ridah Nayeemullah
200m 37.54secs
33.23secs 36.50secs
(2015) (2015) (2016)
Amani Zerarka Nooran Elkhamry Shuruq Anwar Giselle Munday
300m 56.0secs 54.22secs 59.46secs
(2015) (2015) (2015) (2016)
Nooran Elkhamry Nooran Elkhamry Tara Haddad Sina Abel
800m 3mins 17secs 3mins 11secs 3mins 19secs 3mins 16secs
(2015) (2016) (2015) (2016)
Nooran Elkhamry Nooran Elkhamry Tara Haddad Sina Abel
1500m 6mins 40secs 6mins 32secs 7mins 01secs 7mins 01secs
(2015) (2016) (2016) (2016)
Raifah Ahsen Lois Abu Cagla Yogurtcu Aia Diab
Javelin 13.30m 11.88m 11.57m 9.41m
(2016) (2016) (2016) (2016)
Federica Annoni Nooran Elkhamry Shuruq Anwar
Discus 11.70m 16.63m 10.82m
(2016) (2016) (2016)
Asma Noor-
Sara Captan Asma Noor-Azman Isabel Harlen
Shot Put 7.15m
6.25m 6.47m
(2015) (2016) (2016)
Amira Mandour Ridah Nayeemullah Ridah Nayeemullah
Long Jump 3.24m
3.45m 3.50m
(2016) (2015) (2016)
Diana Chikhali Diana Chikhali Ridah Nayeemullah Sina Abel
Triple Jump 5.42m 6.73m 6.30m 8.00m
(2015) (2016) (2015) (2016)

Cindy Grobler Martina Annoni Sina Abel Sina Abel

High Jump 1.25m 1.25m 1.20m 1.20m
(2015) (2015) (2015) (2016)

RA Lana Maarek

RB Rida Haroon

RC Isaiah Williams

1A Ahd Eldesouki

2B Yazan Abu Issa

3A Farah Elsherif Noorhan Elkhatib

3C Ayan Sheikh

4A Daniel Javanroodi

4B Taher Dawud

4C Lee Officer


RB Harrison
Grey Tala Al-Ramlawi

4B Yousef
Lucie Abusaif
Jorand Daniyal
Jamie Smith
Sheikh Mariam BenAmor


RA Sara Abduelmaati

RC Niamh Routledge Omar Dasouki

2B Mahnoor Ruheen Haania Rizwar Leya Ashmar

4B Ziyad Elkhamry Ali Saqib


4B Mohammed
Kieran Grey
Fakhoury Taher Dawud Salma Mandour

4C Nabila Ismail


4A Andrew Mackinley


PSA Maryam Abou Hechmi

PSB Nariman Anwar

RA Haniya Khan

RB Abdullah Farooqi

RC Isaiah Williams

1A Amna Kashif
Theme for the week
Looking Forward

Thought for the week

Find out what your gift is and nurture it. Katy Perry

Uniform Shop Prices Opening Times

7.30 8.00 and 12.30 1.00.
P.E. t-shirt (house colours) 50SR Wednesday:
Coloured caps 7.30 8.00 and 12.30 1.00.

Summer dress 90SR

Please note that we can
White polo shirt 60SR only accept cash payments
in the shop. It would help to
Badges 15SR bring the correct amount of
money for your puchases,
as we only hold a limited
amount of change.

To access the order form,please click on the link provided:


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