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Nate Sherwood

717 Public Ave Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 541-905-7247 E-Mail: nathan.sherwood14@gmail.com


University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, graduating May 2019

Current GPA 3.22

Collegiate Basketball June 2015 April 2017
n Taught how to work in a team setting

n How to communication effectively

n Leadership ability

n Time management
n Ability to follow orders

Mechanical Engineering June 2016 April 2017

n Proficient at Solidworks (CAD program)

n Knowledge of electrical components (relays, circuits, breadboards, etc.)

n Capable of writing code (C-sharp)

n Extensive knowledge of engineering coursework

M.E. team project- Planter box design November 2016- April 2017
A team of 4 other mechanical engineers and me designed and programed a automated planter box
to be able to sustain life by itself. A huge factor of the project was the electrical components, and
how they were going to run. We wrote code for each individual component. We controlled a pump,
18 LED lights, and soil sensors and was all written in a loop to control each other.

We had to solder and combine each electrical components and we wired it into a breadboard and
controlled the function of each with code written in C sharp language and ran through and Arduino
programing chip.

Basketball team trip to China (International experience) Summer 2016

The basketball team here at the University of Idaho went to China over the summer of 2016, and I
got to be apart of this special occasion. We traveled through many cities of china, and took public
transportation for daily adventures. I learned a lot about visiting a foreign place and how it can be
dangerous if someone acts wrong. I also learned how to communicate without using English and to
do so effectively.
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The China experience has taught me a lot and one thing I know for sure is that I want to go abroad
again, and experience local culture and share my knowledge to help people in worse situations than

Relevant Classes
Electrical Circuits

Experimental Methods for Engineers

Solidworks- Computer Sided Design (CAD)

Physics 1 and 2

Fluid and Thermo Dynamics

Something Special About Me

For the past 3 years I have been juggling division one basketball and an Engineering major. I have
maintained a 3.22 GPA throughout the process. I spend over 10 hours a week doing homework and
go to school form 9- 12:30 and then go to basketball practice for a minimum of 3 hours total. My
days are long and the work is hard and I have learned to be diligent preserver and do things timely
and the smartest way possible I am a great problem solver and can get things done.

Zac Claus- Players Coach- zacclaus@vandals.uidaho.edu

Doctor Steele Sue- Academic Advisor suesteele@vandals.uidaho.edu

Don Verlin- Head Coach- donverlin@vandals.uidaho.edu