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Roman Day

Dr. Colombo

UWRT 1104

13 March 2017

UWRT 1104, opening the door to writing potential and construction

Own your argument. The basis of a constructive, intelligent argument lies in

the development and crafting of an individuals thoughts. An argument can be as

simple as two individuals yelling and shouting objections and beliefs across a table,

but an academic argument is a vetted, analytical set of sources and thoughts

brought together to introduce an idea and assess validity. It is this definition of an

argument that I have come to understand through the UWRT 1104 class. I argue

that UWRT 1104 has made me a more constructive writer through analytical

processes. My thesis is simple, but the ideas and concepts I have learned and

acquired are not. The structure of an academic argument allows for the intellectual

congress of idea on the basis that both sides of a topic will be explored and

explained, but one ultimately justified. Through the idea of construction, I have

constructed the basis of an argument I did not know I was capable of.

Objective vetting. The process of vetting articles is one I have grown familiar

with through the class. As in previous writing classes I have read and perused

articles looking for quotes or bits of information that aligned with my argument and

my side of an argument alone in an attempt to persuade a future reader. It is in this

course and first half of this second semester that I learned to not only look at

articles for strictly relation to my topic but validity, despite their argument being
aligned or not with mine. Furthermore, the first word of the phrase previously used

is objective, this meaning to put my own ideas aside, for a moment, and evaluate a

source on its own validity. In my argument, specifically there are several articles

that are completely valid and justified but take opposing points. It is through this

class that I see the value in both as an opposition to a point can be its very

justification. However, this also presents challenges, as information is constantly

presented which opposes the point I intend to make. Objectivity is a point that I

struggle with in academic venue in that two published articles make clear and

sensible points that directly oppose each other.

Belief that is not belief in. Through the process of structured argument, a goal

is to better present the reader or audience with a belief that as to then lead into

reasons for a belief in said idea or argument. I would like to learn to use rhetoric

more effectively, almost manipulate it in sense. Through the last portion of the

semester I strive to learn how to use rhetoric to better word and wind my argument

so that it is objective in proposal of ideas but subjective in analysis and conclusion. I

also believe that following a structured path leads to better constructed arguments,

as is logical. The framework in place in UWRT 1104 has aided in my development as

a writer and in personal organization. I came to the realization that if a structure is

in place for a process the outcome will generally be structured. This has led to my

making of lists for daily tasks as well as loose, but detailed roadmaps as to future

career planning. I wish to further to ability and writing structure that allows for

internal debate. Furthermore, a context of writing where it is acceptable to oppose

ones own views and conclusions, as with my current proposal of greed. I have

enjoyed the proposal of different views, not in self-contradiction, but to better

enforce an idea from both sides and views. Another goal for the rest of the semester
is to learn to wrestle with ideas within a writing as I find that the struggle of drawing

conclusions from overlapping information is often lost in final drafts of writing

pieces. I would like to employ the struggle of sorting and compartmentalizing

overlapping information especially when it is presented from multiple different


UWRT 10104 has been a positive experience. As I reflect further and further

on the class I realize how much I have gained. Furthermore, most of what I hope to

gain in terms of goals is a result of what I did not previously know I was missing. In

this way UWRT 1104 has opened a doorway into more effective, constructed,

analytical, and ultimately better styles and techniques of writing. I look forward to

the second semester in hopes that assignments are as wide in application as they

were in the first half. I always enjoy the opportunity to analyze a major film as an

assignment or creatively address a topic. UWRT 1104 is a vital class for writer