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Understanding the Universe


Scientific Temperament

SO/G, BARC, Mumbai.
Understanding the Universe :

Journey of Science & Scientists

Origin of the Universe
Vastness of the Universe
Observational Parameter
Moon with Shinning Venus
Venus Phases in April-May 2004
Jupiter & its 4 Moons
Jupiter & its 4 Moons

ivaSvaacaI ]%p<aI ( Origin of the Universe )

Time starts now

saaOrmaalaocaI inaima-tI ( Origin of the Solar System ) :

Asteroid Belt : Remnants of FETHAN
Our Home Galaxy
dovayaanaI idGaI-ka ( Andromeda Galaxy ) :
Observational Parameters
Astronomy Studies


Field Observation Aspects

Required theoretical Aspects

Field Observation Aspects

What we are Looking for ?

Notable Stars
Meteor Shower
Galaxies, Dwarf Galaxies
Messier Objects, Nebulae, Star Clusters etc.
Field Observation Aspects

What are the references ?

Pole Star
Some known objects (constelln)
Planetary Position

Aids / Accessories
Star Maps
Software : Stellarium, Celestia
Binocular & Telescopes
Field Observation Aspects

Measuring Sky with Deg, Min & Seconds ?

Pole Star at 19 degree from horizon (Mum)
Full Moon /Sun 0.5 degree (30 min) Link
M44 ( Beehive cluster) 90 min
Smallest constelln (Crux) 68.45 sq deg
Biggest Constelln (Hydra) 1304 sq deg

Thumb Rules for Degree measurement :

Fist 10 deg, Raised Thumb 5 deg
Raised Thumb with little finger & Fist 19 deg
Mumbai : 19 deg Latt. & 72 deg Long.

India betn : 57 to 97 & 8 to 37 (Long /Latt)

Field Observation Aspects
Guide lines for Sky observations :
Wait & Watch (7 to 10 minutes for eyes to
Initialize sky observation from Home terrace

A, B, C, S of Sky observations?
A : Aviation Head lights
B : Migratory Birds
C : Clouds
S : Space awareness
The QUEST for
KNOWLEDGE never ends.

Santosh Takale is Senior Scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Center,

To inculcate Scientific Temper among masses, with his personal initiative, he

has delivered 2000 lectures addressing 700000 students, teachers & general
people. He has done B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering & is an expert in
NDT & Welding.

He has set up Free of cost UPSC MPSC Study Center at his home at Shirdhon,
Panvel, Raigad, MH-410221 for deserving meritorious students with intention
to provide opportunity to the deprived students of India living in remote
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He has covered every district of Maharashtra & dreams to cover every district
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The free of cost facility for young UPSC MPSC aspirants includes
Accommodation, Food (mess to be managed by students), Library, Internet
facility, Guidance lectures, Recreation facility etc. based on their performance
inn monthly / weekly exam conducted by center for resident candidates.

1. santoshatbarc@gmail.com email-id -
(7738984852/9967584554) WhatsApp

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3.' ' (Telephonic

interview) .

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410221{GPSC - 18.9266331, 73.1294258}

5. 1 3 (trial period)
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Respected Sir/Madam,

We have started free of cost UPSC/MPSC & other competitive exams

study centre with residential facility for deserving meritorious students
at my residence - Shirdhon, Panvel-Raigad, MH-410221. {GPSC -
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35 Boys & 35 Girls can be accommodated presently. 3 students have

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Free of cost facilities for deserving meritorious candidates ( 3 yrs Max);

1. Accommodation.
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Min Edu Qualif - 12th Pass. (Exceptional cases 10th)
Following is the selection procedure for our Competitive exam study

1. Please send your detailed Bio data (with intent of joining our center)
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2. We will contact you after going through your Bio data & intent of
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7. Deserving meritorious students will be decided based on results of

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All communications by email and what's app only.

Note - Running expenses incurred on deserving meritorious candidate

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Please search Santosh Takale on Google for additional details &
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Contacts Us :
Santosh Takale / Takale Charitable Trust
Ph : 7738984852 / 9967584554 / 9224681972
santoshatbarc@gmail.com / s_tacs@rediffmail.com

Address :
Hiraman Maya Takale
House-470, At & Post Shirdhon
Tal : Panvel, Dist : Raigad
Maharashtra 410206. India.
Thank You