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Dear Parents,

Hello! Our names are Sara Hofner and Maggie Engels. We are two junior Early
Childhood Education majors at the University of Dayton, and we are so excited to have been
placed in Ms. Neals classroom as part of our Early Childhood coursework this semester! Over
the past several weeks, we have been visiting Ms. Neals classroom and assisting in day-to-day
activities once a week. In addition to helping out around the classroom, we have also been
conducting an investigation with your students on nocturnal animals.
The goal of this investigation was for the students to gain an understanding of what it
means to be nocturnal, be able to identify different nocturnal animals, and to understand how
nocturnal animals are different from us.
Throughout our investigations, we have been
sharing picture books about different nocturnal animals
with the whole class. These books highlighted different
kinds of nocturnal animals, habits of nocturnal animals,
and allowed the students to see what different nocturnal
animals look like.
We began the investigation by defining what a
nocturnal animal is and classifying different animals into
two categories: nocturnal and not nocturnal. As the
students gained understanding of what a nocturnal animal
is, we progressed into other engaging activities such as
nocturnal animal yoga and nocturnal animal crafts.
As the students became more comfortable with the idea of nocturnal animals, we began
to investigate why animals are nocturnal and how they are able to survive at night.
In order to accomplish this, students participated in activities that explored how the
senses of nocturnal animals are especially useful for them at nighttime.
The students have enjoyed getting to know about different nocturnal animals, and we
have enjoyed working with them this semester! We hope they will share with you what they
learned, and we appreciate the opportunity to have worked with your children!

-Maggie and Sara