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Name: Carissa Lewis

Grade Level: 4th

School: Madison Elementary School
Date: 2/8/17
Time: 9:00-9:45
Reflection from prior lesson: Kids need drill. Kids need affirmation that
what they are doing is working. Kids need to be encouraged to persevere.
Students need things expressed very clearly, concisely, repetitively. Most
students know their multiplication tables.
Lesson goal (s) / Standards: 4.OA.B.4 Find all factor pairs for a whole
number in the range 1-100. Recognize that a whole number is a multiple of
each of its factors.
Lesson Objectives: Students will use multiplication facts to find the factors
of numbers.
Question: How can you use multiplication to find all the factors of a
Materials Needed:
Math journal
Contextual Factors/Learner Characteristics: The students often require
a lot of examples. It is best to model for them what you are expecting. Most
are confident in all their basic times tables. Most of them have a hard time
thinking abstractly about numbers.
The Lesson:
a. Introduction (10 mins) *We are just getting back from the
i. Active Background Knowledge:
1. Okay, so yesterday Mrs. Materese had a task for you
to do when her guest was here. You maybe didnt get
to finish that task, but because of my professor
coming today, Mrs. Materese will continue it with you
and investigate your thinking more another day.
Yesterday we saw the word, multiple. How would
you define that word? Do you know the difference
between multiples and factors? Today, we will be just
focusing on the idea of factors.
2. If I say to you, Find the factors of 36, what should
you do?
3. Where have we seen this word, factor before? (on
the Daily Math)
5. What is one number that is always a factor? (1)
ii. Pose a Problem:
1. Alright, so each group is getting a basket of chips,
tiles, and graph paper (hand out now). You are going
to use whatever you need to to be able to solve the
problem and explain your thinking.
2. Make out all of the possible solutions using any of the
resources. I want you to record what you are finding
in a new page of your math journal. So when you are
done, you should have a list of the factors and an
explanation of how you found all of those factors.
When you think you have all the factors, go back and
***Jordan has 12 flowers. He wants to plant them in equal
rows in his garden. What are all the different ways he can
arrange the flowers in equal rows? (6 ways)
a. How many factors did you get? How did you
solve? Talk to a partner.
b. Talk to your partner, what did they get that you
3. Lets watch a video now to help us get a better grasp
on this.
b. Content Delivery ( mins)
i. Video:
1. What does it mean to have equal groups?
2. What ways can you arrange 16? You need to think of
all the factors of 16.
3. What are factors?
4. Why are one and 16 factors of 16?
5. Is 2 times 8 the same as 8 times 2? Explain.
6. So what are all the factors of 16? 1,2, 4, 8, 16
7. How do you know there are no other factors of 16?
ii. Trial on the board/at their desks:
1. Okay, so do you feel like you can do it?
2. If I need to find all the factors of 48, what should I
a. Each number will be listed once
b. Numbers should go from lowest to highest
c. Go one number at a time at least at some point
to make sure you didnt mess anything
d. Alright, Ill give you time to work it out using
your resources. Do the same thingwrite out
the factors and an explanation in your
notebook under the one we juts did.
e. Discuss answersshould have gotten 10talk
to your partner about it and see what you
might have missed.
f. Answers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 48
3. Okay, what about 43? Ill give you a couple minutes.
c. Closure ( mins)
i. Okay, so if you were to go home tonight and tell your little
brother how to find the factors of a number, what would
you tell him? What strategies can you use to be sure
youve found all the factors?
ii. Alright, you can open your math books now to page 256.

1. It says, Use counters to help. Yes, you can use them

if you feel you need to, but I will not require it.
2. Otherwise, I just want you to list the factors in order
from smallest to greatest, using each number once.
And please check over your work. Ill take a point off
for each factor that you miss.
3. If you have time at the end and want to challenge
yourself, Ill give you up to 5 bonus points if you
create a problem with a 3 digit number and find all
its factors. So for instance, if you decide you want to
find all of the factors of 124 and you list them out, Ill
give you up to 5 points.

B. Assessments:
a. Pg. 256/257 #s: 14-32 even, 33-36.

C. Differentiated Instruction:

Multiplication chart is available for a couple of the students to use

Challenge provided for students who are catching on quickly
D. Resources
Pearson Realize Site