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Lesson Plan Template

Student-Teacher: Haifa Ali

Grade Level: KG2
Subject literacy
Strand: writing small word (smell, touch, see, hear and taste)
Learning Outcome:
Writing the small word (The five senses).

Resources (what materials/equipment Preparation (what do you need to make

will you and the students use? Be or check before class?)
specific) - Check list.
- colored papers. - Organization and put the material in
- Picture of the five senses. each center.
- picture of Popcorn. Key vocabulary
- Cups. Nose.
- Cotton. Mouth.
- Wool. Ear.
- Corn. hand.
- Colors. Eye.
- a pair of scissors. Smell.
- Glue. Touch.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small

Time: Whole Group

group activities)
- Teacher will ask students to sit in the carpet.
- Teacher will ask students about the five senses.
- Teacher will show the students the Corn seeds and she will explain how she
will used in the lesson.
- Teacher will discuss with students about the 4 activity that they will do it
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)
- Teacher will ask students to sit in different groups (Green, orange, yellow,
and blue).

- teacher will have encouraged the students that they will eat the popcorn
when they finish the activity.

- Teacher will sit with each group and explain the activity for the kids.
Time: Small Group

- Teacher will Walk during the lesson and write some notes about the students
when they work.

- Teacher will use encouragement Words during the lesson.

Time: Whole Group

- Teacher will ask student to clean up.

- Teacher will ask student to sit in the carpet.
- Teacher will ask student about the activity if the enjoy and what they learned.

- Ask some question about the five senses.