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(Call to Order)

Good morning everyone. We are about to begin the program. Please find a seat and make
yourself comfortable and kindly switch your mobile phones to silent mode to avoid
interruptions. Thank you.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be your moderator for this seminar. I
I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you. We appreciate you taking time off
your busy schedules to join us today. We hope you will find the program we have lined-up for
you to be fruitful and engaging.
May I request everyone to please rise for the Invocation & National Anthem .
Let us vow our head and put ourselves in the holiness of God the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit.

Dear Almighty and ever loving God, we glorify and thank you. You have showered us with so
much blessings and your presence continuously remind us of your faithfulness and guidance.

May we humbly ask you to shower our speakers today of your greatest inspiration so that
they may share the most of their knowledge, heart and soul to their respective topics. May we
also absorb the invaluable knowledge experiences and put it into practice what we may learn
We pray that you bless all the committees in charge that they may be able to fulfil their task
responsibly, that the objectives they have set may all be achieved. Your infinite blessing
would mean the success of this seminar, may we be a living witnesses of your genuine love,
through the enactment of the knowledge acquired through this activity.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour. Amen.
To formally start the program, we are pleased to have our University President, Dr.
URDUJAH A. TEJADA, to give us a message.
Let us all give her a warm round of applause.
Dr. Urdujah, please.
Thank you Madam Pres. for that very inspiring message!

Administrative procedures and policies are part of nearly every public and private
organization. Administrative policies are a set or system of rules that govern the procedures
for managing an organization. These procedures are meant to establish efficiency,
consistency, responsibility, and accountability.
May we call on our Chief Administrative Officer, ATTY. HONORATO M. CARAG, JR.,
to discuss about the different administrative procedures of our university.
Thank you for the information Atty!
Customers are smarter than ever and looking for more value. More than just customer
service, they want a great customer experience.
So let us now welcome our first speaker, our new planning director, Sir Adelgundo A.
Agaloos, to share with us how to achieve customer service excellence.
Thank you Sir Adel for the insightful presentation.
And that ends our morning program. We may now enjoy our delicious lunch. We will resume
the program at exactly 1:00pm. Thank you everyone.
Good afternoon everyone. I take it everybody is already full and fueled with the luscious
lunch. So let us now move on to the program.
One of the leading challenges facing growing organizations such as our university is the lack
of access to their documented data. They dont have systems that allow them to search all
their documents for pertinent information. Whether the data is related to a customer or an
important project, it must be found and utilized seamlessly.
So let us now welcome our first speaker for the afternoon program, Maam Lerma
EGIPTO, talk about the importance of document management and organization skills.
Thank youMaam Lerma for that.
An effective school facility is responsive to the changing programs of educational delivery,
and at a minimum should provide a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure,
accessible, well illuminated, well ventilated, and aesthetically pleasing.
And to talk about the importance of Uniform and the rules and regulations on the use of our
facilities, let us call on Sir Kristoffer Mangussad, our BSIT Department Chair.
Thank you Sir Kristoffer.
Respect should not be accorded to your administrators and senior faculty only. It is something
that everyone you encounter deserves, whether they are faculty, students, staff, or custodians.
To talk about the significance of Respect to Junior and Senior Faculty, let us call on Maam
Iluminada Buenaobra. Maam Iluminada, please.
Thank you Maam!
People love the thought of humility. Its one of those good values we strive for; one we
May we call on Maam Norlizah T. Reyes to discuss about the importance of Humility in
the workplace. Maam Norlizah, please.
Thank you Maam Zah!
Safe working conditions help prevent injury to people and damage to computer equipment. A
safe workspace is clean, organized, and properly lighted. Everyone must understand and
follow safety procedures.
To impart knowledge on the use of Lab Equipment, may we call on, Sir George Bicera, our
Computer Science Department Chair. Sir George, please.
Thank you Sir George for that very useful talk!
Also to discuss about Instructional Equipment, let us call on Sir Manny Capili.
Sir Capili, please.
Thank you Sir!
Designing tests is an important part of assessing students understanding of course content and
their level of competency in applying what they are learning.
May we call on Dr. Mario Oli to share with us his knowledge about Test Construction,
Preparation of Grades and Table of Specifications. Dr. Oli, please.
Thank you Dr. Oli!
To give some announcement and Updates of other matters, let us call again our Dean, Dr.
Generino Siddayao.
Thank you Sir!
Now, please welcome our Department Chair for BSIT Animation, Sir Peter Paul Valdepeas
to give us his closing remarks.
Thank you sir for that wonderful remark.
I would like to thank all of you for your active participation in this seminar. I hope you find
the seminar informative and useful. I would like to request for your assistance in completing
the Evaluation Form. We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions that you may have
for us.
Well, I believed thats about everything ladies and gentlemen. We have finally come to the
end of our occasion. It has been a great day and a wonderful afternoon with all of you. Again
thank you all for your presence. God bless and good day to each and every one of you.