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SEL-321-1 Phase and Ground Distance Relay

Rely on Field-Proven
Distance Protection

he SEL-321-1 Relay is SELs most popular Outstanding protection, performance, and
distance relay with thousands of units
features at a price practical for all voltage
installed worldwide. Designed for EHV, HV,
and subtransmission applications, the levels.
SEL-321-1 Relay contains all the protective
Features and Benefits
elements and control logic necessary to protect, monitor,
Four independent and reversible zones of phase and ground mho
and control any overhead line. The SEL-321-1 Relay distance protectionplus four reversible ground quadrilateral zones.
provides outstanding high-resistance fault coverage, phase Directional phase, negative-sequence, and residual overcurrent
and ground directional elements, and residual overcurrent protection.
Out-of-step blocking and tripping.
elements. The versatility of the SEL-321-1 Relay allows it
All popular pilot and nonpilot schemes.
to be used in a broad variety of applications from simple SELOGIC Control Equations for creating user-defined control schemes.
step-distance schemes to complex communications-aided Load-encroachment characteristic for unsurpassed security on heavily
single-pole tripping schemes. SEL continues its tradition loaded lines.
Six selectable setting groups for bus-tie and adaptive relaying.
of cutting-edge innovation in the SEL-321-1 Relay with
Series compensation and single-pole trip capabilities are standard.
relay-to-relay digital logic communication. Mirrored Bits Technology.

Making Electric Power Safer, More Reliable, and More Economical

Phase and Ground Distance Relay
Relay-to-Relay Digital Logic Communication SEL-321-1 Relay 1 SEL-321-1 Relay 2
T 1 0 T
Communications-Aided Tripping Schemes Made Simple R
A TMB2 = 3PT*!3PO 0 0 TMB2 = 3PT*!3PO
N .. N
Using SEL Mirrored Bits Technology S
. . ..
. S
I 0 0 I
Mirrored Bits Technology makes bidirectional relay-to-relay digital logic T T

communication simple, fast, and powerful. Bidirectional communication in R RMB1 = PT

0 1
each relay creates eight additional virtual outputs and inputs that can be C RMB2 = DT 0 0 RMB2 = DT C
E .. .. E
assigned for communications-aided protection schemes and other control I .. ... . I
. .
V 0 0 V
functions. Receive Mirrored Bits Technology (RMBs) follow the status of the E RMB8 = LP8 RMB8 = LP8 E

respective Transmit Mirrored Bits Technology (TMBs) sent from the other relay. Figure 1
Each of the relays in the scheme repeatedly sends and receives the digital logic
message while continuously monitoring and checking the signal (see Figure 1). Ordering Options
Optimizing Pilot Scheme Performance Using Mirrored Bits
Technology The SEL-321-1 Relay is available with standard terminal blocks or with plug-in
connectors. The Connectorized Relay provides robust connections and fast
SEL Mirrored Bits Technology can dramatically improve t he performance of installation and removal.
your pilot protection scheme using a high-speed digital channel. The following
Connectorized SEL-321-1 Relays Come With:
graphs illustrate total protection tripping times (time required to energize
breaker trip coils at both ends of the line) for a pilot scheme using the High-Current Interrupting Output Contacts per IEEE C37.90 Standard
SEL-321-1 Relay and SEL Mirrored Bits Technology. 10 A for L/R = 40 ms @ 125 Vdc
The first graph shows total protection tripping times (TPTTs) under 12 ms for 10 A for L/R = 20 ms @ 250 Vdc
three-phase and phase-to-phase faults at any fault location along the
protected line. The SEL-321-2 Relay version is available with all of the features of the
powerful SEL-321-1 Relay plus up to five consecutive five-second long event
The second graph shows TPTTs under 15 ms for a bolted single-line-to-ground
fault and under 25 ms for a single-line-to-ground fault with 65 ohms
secondary fault resistance. SEL Mirrored Bits Technology makes traditional pilot
communication schemes simpler, faster, less expensive, and more powerful. Additional hardware options for the SEL-321-1 and SEL-321-2 Relays
are available. Contact SEL today for more details and to learn more
TPTTs for Phase Faults about applying the advanced distance protection features offered in the

10 SEL-321-1 and SEL-321-2 Relays.

TPTT (ms)

3-Phase Faults
6 Phase-to-Phase Faults

2 MCS085.1 321flyr 990317

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TPTTs for Single-Line-to-Ground Faults


TPTT (ms)

RF - 65 Ohms Sec.
15 RF - 30 Ohms Sec.
RF - 0 Ohms Sec.

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Making Electric Power Safer, More Reliable, and More Economical